Freedom Mobile LTE Network Speeds Beat Rogers in Early Tests


You may recall that, in earlier tests published by PC Mag, Wind Mobile’s network failed to impress with both its download and upload speeds. But that’s history now: Wind has been acquired by Shaw, recently rebranded as Freedom Mobile and launched its own LTE network in November 2016.

In an interview with MobileSyrup, Brian O’Shaughnessy, Freedom’s executive vice-president of technology services, explains the recent period during which users experienced various issues, such as being unable to connect to LTE speeds in downtown Vancouver and Toronto. Freedom said optimizations were needed for the network to go truly live.

With the pieces of the puzzle now in place, Freedom seems to be ready to face the competition. Its internal testing shows that they are on a par with the incumbents. “We think that, based on testing our competitors and ourselves, we’re the same or better than their typical speeds”, said O’Shaughnessy, adding that beyond speed, stability is an important feature of its new network.

Although the number of devices supporting Freedom’s network is currently limited, the carrier expects to see in increase in its device portfolio soon.

So how does Freedom Mobile’s network compare to that of the incumbents? According to tests using Speed Test by Ookla, users can get 45.81 Mbps average download speed, 26.79 Mbps average upload speed and 19.42 ms average latency. This is better than Rogers, which averaged 20.17 Mbps for downloads, 11.59 Mbps for uploads and 31.71 ms for latency, says MobileSyrup.

Download speeds freedom comparison

Upload speed freedom comparison

You can read the whole report on MobileSyrup by following this link.


  • Lakh Jhajj

    Now only if they can get iPhone 8 to work on their Network and still capable of maintaining these speeds consistently , they might win me bacK.

  • FragilityG4

    Wait until they get a high user base on the network; the speeds probably won’t be as impressive.

  • YoGoerz

    I completely agree. I think AT&T and T-Mobile will push them hard enough in the US that it will need to have AWS-3 support.

  • whoa wait… Rogers average DL was only 20Mbps?
    I don’t like rogers, but I was with them for many years, and 20Mbps was on my lowest side with like 1-2 bars, consistently 50-60Mbps easy. I had an average of 25-40Mbps with Bell and Telus for the short time I was with them.

    Really makes me wonder where these tests were done. In the Surrey area, just outside Vancouver, the scores are totally opposite from whats posted above.

  • Christian

    All depends where you are located!! Usually slow….. Those are all hopefully same location I’ll hold off until proven fast everywhere not just dt Toronto

  • Christian

    Too bad I can’t use my s7 edge yet!! Even in Toronto where it shows LTE

  • Larry

    I’m on Fido (Rogers) in rural BC and routinely get 45 – 50 Mbps upload and 10 – 20 download.

  • NOHoldsBar

    That’s because there’s virtually nobody using their LTE network.

    Why even tweet about this c rap?

  • Tim

    they were done in four locations in Toronto (Bloor St. and Quebec Ave., Main St. and Danforth Ave., Finch Ave. and Yonge St., and John and King Sts.)

  • Tim

    It’s not hard to get fast speeds on an empty highway that requires little to no maintenance.

  • George legourdas

    I don’t know why rogers is so low. In suburban areas it’s 60mbs