Here are the Latest Newspaper Ads from Rogers, TELUS and Bell vs Verizon [PIC]


The Big Three have invested a tremendous amount of money into ad campaigns to convince you that if Verizon comes into Canada, Bell, Rogers, and Telus will be at a disadvantage in their own country. A new wave of newspaper ads that appeared in two Vancouver newspapers and a national paper once again highlight why they are making such a big deal over the forthcoming wireless auction (via News1130).

big three ad

The ad reads:

“Why are we making such a big deal over the upcoming wireless auction?

It’s not because we are afraid of competition. It’s because we actually care about wireless service in Canada.”

But they don’t stop here: Bell has published a recently conducted poll (commissioned by Bell and Telus) which suggests that 81% of Canadians don’t want to give an unfair advantage to deep-pocketed foreign companies such as Verizon.

But since the scientific polls can be skewed at will, we are conducting our own survey.

“[Canadian telecom companies] were supportive of the policy when we first announced it. It’s only because Verizon has made noises about possibly coming into Canada that the anxiety has arisen,” Industry Minister James Moore said earlier this week.

The Harper government is after creating a more competitive wireless market, and they would support any foreign telecom company — such as Verizon — by offering them the opportunity to bid for two blocks of spectrum during the forthcoming wireless auction due in January.


  • They care about the service or their customers? Because they don’t seem to care about their customers.


    all these ads only make them look more and more pathetic
    All these years of neglecting their customers… A-Holes

  • FragilityG4

    I believe this whole thing has little to do with the spectrum as much as it has to do with Verizon coming. The whole spectrum and unfair sale of it is just a way to for them to slam an attack on Verizon coming.

  • Five sixth

    That’s Garbage why wouldn’t they be afraid of them? It only makes sense that they would

  • johnnygoodface

    Telus: I give them a 5 starts for customer service, 4.5 for voice quality and zero drop call, and 3.5 for data speed. For all those reasons I wouldn’t quit them cause I’m fine with paying as long as they keep it like this. BUT, TELUS prices WILL lower if Verizon comes into play in Canada. And for that I’m fine with that.

  • Steve “dead” Jobs

    bunch of 3 fu$king idiots…at least offer free lube each month to your postpaid customers..maybe we will complain 10% less………………….

  • Hidden

    I work for telus, we don’t give two craps about Verizon! The problem is not whether Verizon is coming over the prices will drop we already know that more competition will drop the prices. Look at what people got last year compared to now. 200 mins 10 favs was the norm, now all our plans are either unlimited or nationwide calling. The real problem is that Verizon who is 3 times bigger than every Canadian carriers combined gets to come in with discounts intended for SMALL STARTUP COMPANIES! On top of that they get preferential service at the spectrum auctions. They aren’t forced to develop in urban areas AND (and thisis thebbiggest Slap in the face) they are allowed to roam off our network for free! That’s the fucking problem. Prices are not the only thing that matters here people. Would you allow a competitor to open up shop in your own store rent free, with government assistance and price breaks so that they could sell the same stuff? Of course not, there’s competition and there’s our wonderful government bending over the us at the expense of all Canadians. Then again they’ve been doing this for decades one should be used to it. Oh before you slam me with competition bs think about this. When’s the last time you saw a family owned hardware store? Or even better weren’t we promised lower prices by Walmart if we gave up zellers and other stores like that? Are you really saving money? Does that $5 less you save make you feel better knowing thousands lost their jobs pensions health & dental insurance? Think about it for a second let them come no problem but don’t let them come in our home and kiss their asses on top of it! They would never give any Canadian company or person for that matter the benefits that our government (if you want to call it that) are doing!

  • News1130 is a property owned by Rogers, btw.

  • nosnoop

    What pathetic arguments – you are just reiterating those misleading points in those stupid ads.
    Why does it matter whether Verizon is n times bigger or smaller? New entrants get priorities in spectrum auction because that’s the ONLY way to have a 4th national carrier. Otherwise the big 3 would just get the spectrum to block new entrants; or they can strategically get the spectrum in the biggest markets so that any new entrants would not be viable in the long term. So priorities given to new entrants (no matter big or small player) for spectrum auction is a MUST. The rule was set before Verizon was interested. So it is fair – any new comer can compete in the same term. And history indicates that only a big player like Verizon can survive in a long term. Otherwise, it would just follow the steps of Fido, Clearnet, and very soon Wind, Mobilicity….. to get eaten by the other bigger players in a few years time.
    As for the question of roaming – of course, that’s another MUST for new entrants to be viable. Verizon will build their own network – don’t you worry about that. That’s the only way to maximize profits in the long term. In the short term, NO ONE can build the network overnight. So roaming is a MUST for new carrier’s subscriber to have a reliable network. But roaming is expensive, and Verizon won’t get all the profit – so no way would it rely on network roaming as a long term strategy.

    This is no “rent free” or “price breaks” or “ass kissing”. So stop this stupid fear mongering like “job lost”. Any new investment would only mean a lot of new jobs. Unlike in US where Verizon is the biggest player, if it does come to Canada, it would start off as the smallest player. So yes, there will be a price war, that’s the only way it can get significant number of subscriber to switch over.

    So come on over Verizon. And stop listening to the big 3 whining. There is absolutely no truth to whatever they are saying.

  • JimR

    Perhaps if the big 3 had offered globally competitive pricing, instead of gouging all Canadians for the past 20 years, then just maybe we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation?

  • ward09

    Telecommunications in Canada isn’t a free market – it is heavily regulated. Those rules benefited the big 3 for years, keeping them protected from competition from foreign investment and keeping spectrum costs low for incumbents. They chose to play the game and not argue about fairness when the rules were heavily in their favour, so they have no credibility on the issue now.

    If you want fair play, how about spectrum licences being allocated annually based on subscribers – then there would be no game-playing with telecos “blocking” their competition. If Rogers loses customers to Verizon, then next year they lose a proportional amount of spectrum. Don’t you think the public should ultimately choose who gets the spectrum, by allowing us to vote with our dollars? Alternatively, how about an auction with no rules that would let Verizon buy ALL the spectrum? Whoever can pay the most sounds fair to me – fair for Canada right? Our tax dollars and all. Nothing set aside for the incumbents? Too bad.

    As for this concern about using the incumbents network, I’m sick of stupid, simplistic sandwich shop analogies. If restaurants were regulated by the CRTC the way phone companies are then this might be a valid comparison, but they aren’t so don’t expect us to swallow self-serving BS. Allowing new entrants the sort-term use of existing networks is part of the telecom game in Canada… consider it part of the cost of your existing spectrum licence. The only reason you don’t object to a small Canadian start up doing this is because you know there isn’t a chance in Hell that they will succeed.

    Now the stuff about jobs being lost, I’ll admit I don’t know – at least I have no facts – but I haven’t heard any facts from the big 3 either. Just fear mongering. It seems logical to me that a new and successful entrant would employ a large number of people, which is good for the economy. Based on other foreign companies that operate in Canada, it would also seem likely that they would have their own executive-level staff, but who knows. All the good Verizon jobs will stay in the US? Well I guess the board of directors would still be there, but what other jobs? I think they would need to hire everyone from sales reps to engineers to a president of Verizon Canada. But again, I just don’t know what jobs you guys are talking about.

    As an employee of one of the incumbents, I hope you can try to step out of-your shoes and see things the way a lot of your customers do. We really don’t care about all the politics and nonsense that goes on behind the scenes. We just know that we are being taken for granted by the establishment and we want major change that your people aren’t willing to give us without a push.

  • ko

    Wow that was a good one, these big 3 do have a sense of humor.

  • lol

    this is what happens when you get brainwashed

  • Glovebox

    – Why are any details of our cell plans “limited”… If I am paying $80/month for a cellphone it should be unlimited everything.

    – Rogers has the same prices as Bell and Telus with less coverage… bullshit

    – All 3 gouge when you travel outside of Canada

    – Nobody gives a shit about 200 minutes or my5… why is visual voicemail an extra $15? If you’re going to discount anything it should be data.

    – If I had a choice I would only purchase a data plan…

    Bell, Telus and Rogers are a bunch of greedy pigs with shit customer service.

    Same can be said towards these 3 companies: