Share your iPhone 6 LTE Speedtests from Rogers, Telus and Bell Here


With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now supporting extra LTE frequencies such as Band 7 (2600MHz), some of you have already shared some insane download speeds with us. Earlier today, PC Mag confirmed in their tests Rogers and Bell have some of the fastest LTE networks nationwide.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models support 16 bands (overall 20 total LTE bands are supported with various models worldwide) as listed below for Canadian and American users:

Screenshot 2014 09 22 16 01 14

Compared to the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, this year we see the addition of LTE bands 7, 18, 20, 25, 26, 28 and 29 (A1549, A1522 models) thanks to the Qualcomm MDM9625M LTE modem, which now brings download speeds up to 150Mbps.

Like we did with the iPhone 5, now is the time to share your iPhone 6 LTE speedtests from Rogers, Telus and Bell with your fellow mobile enthusiasts. Here’s how to share your results:

1. Download in the App Store

Speedtest net

2. Share your results in the following format so it’s easy to read:

  • Location: (i.e. Victoria)
  • Network: (i.e. Telus)
  • Download: (i.e. 22.59Mbps)
  • Upload: (i.e. 6.54Mpbs)

Which network will take the crown for the fastest LTE network in Canada? Let’s find out ourselves! Feel free to share your screenshots in the comments as well. Of course, as more iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users jump onto LTE networks (think of former iPhone 4/4S users), in particular Band 7 (2600MHz), expect speeds to drop.


  • Dwsim

    Brampton Ontario
    Download 78.74
    Upload 36.84

  • Montreal, Qc….
    Download: 61.17 Mbps
    Upload: 22.47 Mbps

  • ben

    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Network: Fido ( Rogers)
    Download: 77.57 Mbps
    Upload: 37.38 Mbps

  • Tim

    Fido (tablet plan)
    21mbps up
    10 Mbps down

    Was more on my nexus 5

  • We’ll still show you love here lol 🙂

  • Jesse

    Edmonton, AB
    Download: 7.80 – And yes thats DOWNLOAD ON LTE
    Upload: 17.76

  • Ho™

    Down: 76.3 Mbps
    Up: 11.5 Mbps

  • Sherwood Patrick

    Hvavent got my iPhone6 yet but on iPhone5s in Vancouver via speedtest on Rogers I just got 57.78 Mbps down and 18.50 Mbps up. I could blow thru my data cap in notime. LOL
    (I was fortunate to get Rogers 6g for $30 back in the day and don’t want to lose it)

  • pegger1


  • Chris Zhu

    Rogers (indoor – 2 bars)
    Down: 46.04 mbps
    Up: 2.00 mbps

    wow this is amazing

  • magaleng

    Iphone 6
    Download: 29.38 mbps
    Upload: 3.29 mbps

  • Phil

    I have an iPhone 5 and this is what I got on August 31 at 12:56 PM.
    Boucherville, Qc
    Download: 84.10 Mpbs
    Upload: 25.23 Mbps
    Imagine with an iPhone 6!

  • Duffsurly

    2 bars on LTE @ Irish Times
    IPhone 6
    Down 40.7 MBPS
    UP 6.89 MBPS

  • garbun0629

    Mississauga (heartland area)
    Down: 73.05 Mbps
    Up: 25.39 Mpbs

  • Daniel

    Burlington, Ontario
    Down: 106.44 Mbps
    Up: 27.40

  • Darlene

    iPhone 6
    Bell 4 bars
    Down – 17.14 Mbps
    Up -25.72 Mbps

  • Steve

    Rogers LTE
    Down: 34.49
    Up: 5.31

  • Alex A

    Down: 102.93 Mbps
    Up: 35.69 Mbps

  • Olivier

    Québec city
    Down: 101,5 Mbps
    Up: 35 Mbps

  • Tim

    I’m wondering if it’s because of the tablet plan…though I got around 30-40mbps before the iphone 6. Not sad entirely, as the difference is hardly noticeable in terms of practical use, but a little annoying 😉

  • Mike

    Location: Toronto
    Network: Bell
    Download: 69.87 Mbps
    Upload: 38.59 Mbps

  • cdnchinaman

    133 download
    36 upload
    Pickering, Ontario

    Full service on Rogers LTE with 6 Plus. Awesome! 😉

  • Chris

    While I don’t have an iPhone 6, my iPhone 5S on Sept 5th got…
    Sydney, NS
    Download: 76.82 Mbps
    Upload: 18:94 Mbps

    Currently average about 55 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up.

  • cdnchinaman

    Location: Pickering
    Network: Rogers
    Download: 133Mbps
    Upload: 36Mbps

    Awesome!!! 😉

  • Salinger

    iPhone 6 Plus
    Location: Toronto (downtown)
    Network: TELUS
    Down: 86.31
    Up: 35.39


    Newmarket (just north of Toronto)
    Rogers aka Robbers
    Down: 70.10mbs
    Up: 7.60mbs

  • Tim

    Nevermind, switched servers (to telus from a fido account ironically)

    54mbps down
    18 mbps up

  • Tim

    Where in Montreal out of curiosity/what server is the app using?

  • Kael

    iPhone 6
    Location: Vancouver (Joyce/Callingwood area)
    Network: Fido
    Download: 125.37
    Upload: 19.01

  • GetAholdofme

    Iphone 6
    down 132
    Up 34

  • mh

    Down: 11.51 Mbps
    Up: 4.52 Mbps

    Hope the soon to arrive 6+ will get better results.

  • djepsilon

    iPhone 6
    Calgary, AB
    Down: 24.10 Mbps
    Up: 18.99 Mbps


  • Wall Man

    Location: Vancouver (Joyce/Callingwood area)

    Phone: Moto Razr HD
    Network: Fido
    Download: 68.65 Mbps
    Upload: 28.26 Mbps

    Phone: 5s
    Network: Telus
    Download: 69.10 Mbps
    Upload: 26.54 Mbps

    Phone: 5s inside office building same area
    Network: Telus
    Download: 24.08 Mbps
    Upload: 1.20 Mbps

  • Guest

    Is this helpful?

  • Alex A

    It says hosted by Telus… Is that what you mean by server?

  • tomm

    iphone 6:
    Download: 70.05 Mbps
    Upload: 32.37 Mbps

  • Russell Porter

    These LTE Speeds are nuts. I usually only get around 5mb on LTE on my work cell (Z10).

  • Benoît Proulx

    Location: Gatineau (QC)
    Network: Koodo (Telus)
    Download: 55.02 Mbps
    Upload: 15.83 Mbps
    Ping: 48 ms

  • bionicmonk

    Down: 109.3
    Up: 40.49

  • ftheroux

    That’s what I get with my iPhone 5 right now in Montreal. Hopefully it will be better when I get my iPhone 6 later today.

  • ftheroux

    Getting 83-85 Mbps on the download with my iPhone 6. No change on the upload. I should note that I am on Rogers.

  • ddddddddwwwww

    Location – Brampton
    Download – 132.77
    Upload – 56.75

  • NoOneCares

    Location: Newmarket, ON
    Network: Rogers
    Download: 112.32 Mbps
    Upload: 19.31 Mbps
    iPhone 6+

  • Guest

    iPhone 6
    Location: Quebec City (Charny/Lévis)
    Network: Rogers
    Download: 110
    Upload: 44


  • iPhone 6
    Location: Charny (Quebec)
    Network: Rogers
    Download: 110
    Upload: 44

    insane speeds

  • Josh

    How do u get such high download speeds. Im only getting 9

  • Justin

    Location : Vancouver Telus
    Download : 16494.0
    Upload: 4731.2

  • Santoku

    iPhone 6
    LTE Band: 7
    Location: Sakatoon, SK
    Network: Fido
    Download: 17.5Mbps (mean; max. 44Mbps, min. 5Mbps)
    Upload: 9Mbps (mean; max. 21Mbps, min. 3Mbps)

    I tested in each area around town over at least five different servers east and west of Saskatoon (e.g., Vancouver, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Hanna, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Chicago). The maximum’s around here occurred with 4-bars at the strongest signal points, on test servers with the lowest latencies. The minimums were the opposite. The average would be a representation of what one would get over the course of a day moving from point to point.

    Fido/Rogers has the absolute WORST presence in the country in Saskatchewan, so this is kind of a worst case scenario 😉 Unfortunately I live on the periphery of the LTE signal, and it is common to bounce down to 3G. At work, I can get 3-bars of LTE.

  • Ryan Shanks

    iPhone 6 plus
    Location: Toronto (Ryerson U)
    Network: Fido / Rogers
    Download: 94.83mbps
    Upload: 20.83mbps

  • Faisal Hamim

    Choose Rogers!