Koodo, Fido Launch $43, $53 Plans with 1GB and 2GB Data for Quebec


If you’re a Koodo or Fido customer in Quebec, both companies have reintroduced unlimited nationwide talk and text plans with 1GB and 2GB data in the province, for $43 and $53 respectively. For Koodo below, additional data is charged at $5/250MB.

Screenshot 2015 08 10 08 53 28

Fido has the same plans available, but their data overages are charged at $10/500MB.

Screenshot 2015 08 10 09 16 40

Both companies are offering these plans as available for BYOD month-to-month and on contract.

Previously, when Koodo, Fido and Virgin offered this same plan last year, it was $45 per month. Now, it appears to be $2 cheaper for each plan, so you’re ‘saving’. As of writing, Virgin Mobile does not offer these plans (yet).

If have generous amounts of available Wi-Fi during your day, 1GB or 2GB of data should treat you fine. Let us know if you’re going to jump on these.


  • Widohmaker

    I find it strange that government regulators don’t think it curious that the major wireless providers seem to launch identical rates at the same time. To any layman it becomes so obvious that there is collusion and price fixing. So much for comptition in Canada. No wonder our economy is so stagnant and dependant on natural resources. There is no political will to really shake things up and encourage investment and entrepreneurship.

  • Thierry Marques

    If only I could get these rates in AB…!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    In addition to what you’ve stated why the government doesn’t outlaw this practice as collusion or discrimination is beyound me. I find it highly offensive that as someone not living in those provinces I’m not “eligible” for those plans which I consider being discriminated against. I would be interested to know if this is a class actionable lawsuit & would gladly participate in one if found to be the case. Pun not intended. I’m REALLY FED UP with this shit!!!!!

  • Cyrus Wu

    If only they would just take my stupid Ottawa ID for an Québec plan.

  • Correction

    I don’t understand. They (including Virgin) have been offering $43 plan in Quebec for months already. It’s not something new.

  • zaikatanox

    These plans are actually not the great for Quebec. I’m from Ontario, and I’m paying 55 dollars for a 2 GB plan (a normal promo plan, I wish I had one of those grandfathered 30 dollar 6 GB plans or something), which is not that different as the 2 GB plan above.