Koodo and Virgin Also Offering 1GB Bonus Data for Black Friday [u]


Just like Fido’s Black Friday offer, Virgin and Koodo are (unsurprisingly) also offering the same 1GB bonus on select contract and BYOD plans.

Update: Koodo’s bonus data is for new activations and Tab upgrades only.

Both companies are essentially offering the following for BYOD (non SK/MB/QC):

  • $49 for 1GB + 1GB bonus data
  • $57 for 2GB + 1GB bonus data
  • $69 for 3GB + 1GB bonus data
  • $84 for 5GB + 1GB bonus data

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Screenshot 2015 11 27 08 58 08

The bonus data is also available in Quebec for BYOD (2-year pricing has bonus data too):

  • $34 for 1GB + 1GB bonus data
  • $44 for 2GB + 1GB bonus data
  • $60 for 5GB + 1GB bonus data

I’m currently on Fido’s old $56/2GB plan ($10/1GB overages), but I’m considering switching over to the $57/2GB with 1GB bonus data, despite overages at $5/250MB.

If you’re on one of these plans, make sure you call in and get your extra 1GB of data. Virgin says their promo ends on Nov. 30.

PS – Don’t forget to check out our 2015 Canadian Black Friday Apple Deals roundup while you’re waiting on the phone.


  • Z S

    Balls, new activations online.

  • Alex

    Why?? Koodo’s always offered these deals to existing customers. Why now throw down this dumb rule. Loyal customers get nothing..

  • Daniel David

    I have been with Telus for the past 10 years I am just looking to switch to either Rogers or Fido or Bell which is the best option When I am in a basement visiting a friend or something there is no service. I am in Chilliwack , vancouver area most of the time and visits to the Alberta.Please advice.

  • Maybe try Fido’s BYOD plans…

  • Corey Beazer

    The (Rogers) wifi calling ability works great for me in my basement. Great actually having reception

  • RickysCV

    Just got back from a mall Virgin kiosk. I’m on a BYOD $57 for 2gb right now. Re: this new deal–I would lose the $10 for a GB of overage and my voicemail would go from 10 to 3. Also, the extra GB of data they are offering expires in 24 months. So in two years, I’d have less than what I have now, all things considered. But the biggest kicker was, after 15 minutes of talking, they tell me that it would only apply if I upgraded to a newer phone and plan! So this ‘big’ deal would end up costing me more money from all angles. They might have gotten it wrong, I’ll phone Virgin later since it’s on till Monday, but for now I’m a bit gun-shy (albeit wiser). Anyone getting different info?

  • A reader on Twitter said Virgin reps got the memo late, regarding BYOD also being eligible for 1GB bonus data. You don’t need to upgrade to a contract plan if you’re already on BYOD…should just apply.

  • Daniel David

    Thanks Will check it out.

  • Spoonwoo

    I just called and was told this was available for upgrades only. Do you have that tweet from virgin so I can reference it?

  • Spoonwoo

    Awesome! I’ll give them another call and let you know

  • fuwifi

    Please let me know. I was told the same thing from two reps today, even after saying that FIDO was offering it for BYOD plans.

  • Evelyn

    I tried to get Virgin (Who I am currently with, in Québec) to allow me to have this deal despite the new activations clause. They wouldn’t do it, but they did offer to add 1GB extra to my plan for $2.00 instead. So my deal is now almost as good as the Black Friday deal, without the hassle of switching providers. I’m happy.

  • Spoonwoo

    Nope nothing. I tried saying I would switch to Fido as well.

  • Steve

    Just an FYI, it seems like Rogers/Fido has brought back retention plans. You can get a better deal than this (if you are off contract), just by negotiating.

  • Interesting you mention this. I was on he phone with Fido last week and the rep “encouraged” me to speak with retentions regarding my wife’s month to month plan, but I didn’t bother assuming retention a had been neutered in recent years. I had mentioned “Koodo” and “Virgin”. Will try again.