Koodo, Virgin, Fido Launch Double Data Promos: $40/1GB, $50/2GB


Koodo, Virgin and Fido have decided to launch a simultaneous double the data promo on their $40 and $50 BYOD plans, which means both now come with 1GB and 2GB data, respectively.

These plans include 500 anytime minutes and also unlimited Canada-wide calling for evenings and weekends starting at 5pm, with all the usual extras.

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Essentially, if you’re on an older plan, call in and switch to one of these promo plans. While Virgin says these “limited time offers” are limited to new activations, Fido and Koodo users can call in today and switch to the promo plans.

Thanks to texting and VoIP calls, the $50/2GB plan looks to be a ‘warmer’ deal price-wise compared to the unlimited nationwide $56/2GB plan from a few years back, despite only having 500 daytime minutes (works out to 25 minutes per weekday).

But data overages are charged double at $5/250MB versus $10/1GB, so that’s something to think about before switching. You’ll need to decide if saving $6 per month is worth it to lose your unlimited daytime minutes, plus pay higher data overages. Of course, the moment you switch, that’s when you’ll end up using voice minutes during the day #murphyslaw.

Earlier this month, Fido launched this exact same promo, but now it has returned in what appears to be an early back-to-school (or summer) promo. Let us know if you’re going to call in and switch plans!

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  • James

    I am on a 67 Max Plan, 7 months remaining on contract. I got an iPhone when I signed up for that plan year and a half ago. Would I still qualify to this plan considering this is a BYOD? I could use the saving of $7 as everything else offered is the same (except the overage $10/1GB, but I’ve never gone over 2GB)

  • Sounds like you’re on a subsidy, so it might not be possible. But call in and see anyways?

  • Sara

    Tempting…I’m on an old plan with Koodo: $35 for 400 min and 300 MB (I know, I know). The 1GB would be great for me for only an extra $5.
    Does the 10% discount still apply for bring your own phone?

  • randyritraj

    Still enjoying my $50/month for unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited global text, 3GB data, VM/CD from Fido. These aren’t that great relative to the Black Friday and subsequent retention deals but I guess better if you weren’t able to take advantage of either of those.

  • Zapperman

    No, the 10% discount doesn’t apply. They basically switch you to the new $40 plan with 500 min and 1 GB (including the 500 MB bonus). Which don’t have the BYOD discount anymore.

  • bbousquet

    FYI: Québec BYOD prices for Fido are 35$ (100 Mb), is 38$ (750 Mb), 40$ (2 Gb), 60$ (5 Gb). Makes you wonder why they even have the 35$ plan there…