MTS Launching iPhone 4 “In The Coming Months”


Customers using MTS service in Canada may be surprised to hear that the company is planning to launch the iPhone 4 soon.

MTS has already publicly announced that their HSPA+ network is going live on March 31, 2011. This network is the required infrastructure to support the iPhone 4.

“MTS will launch iPhone 4 in Canada in the coming months. iPhone 4 is the most innovative phone in the world, featuring Apple’s stunning Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone and FaceTime, which makes video calling a reality.”

The MTS homepage has also been updated to show that the iPhone 4 is coming soon.

It is interesting however that MTS is choosing to launch the iPhone 4 instead of placing focus on the next iPhone. Although the carrier may be looking to support both devices.



  • Jdutch

    WOOOT! except that I jumped ship for Fido two and a half years ago…

  • SgtAdam

    That’s quite a shock they’re getting it, but now MTS customers will be happy. All thanks to their Rogers deal.

  • Joker Eh

    Who is MTS?

  • Flaxx

    I was wondering the same thing. It turns out they’re a GSM provider in Manitoba.

  • Roxxorz

    Actually they are a CDMA network that is switching over to GSM as MTS and Roger’s collaborated to make a better network in the province. Which basically means that people who live outside of Winnipeg will finally get 3G.

  • Terrier_k

    Hmmmm as we not in the centre of the universe (Toronto) suspected ignorance abounds ! my Q is
    did u think MTS was Montario Telecom ,Malberta Telecom or Mitish Columbia Telecom ?

  • Terrier_k

    Further to my earlier comment, I wonder if anyone can guess where the iPhone4 launch by SaskTel will be
    if MTS is so cryptic ! ; )~