New Rogers CEO Guy Laurence Now in Charge as Nadir Mohamed Retires


Nadir mohamed rogers ceo

After leading Canada’s No. 1 wireless carrier for 13 years, the current CEO, Nadir Mohamed, is retiring today. He will be replaced by Guy Laurence, a 52-year-old British telecom executive, reports the Globe and Mail.

Nadir Mohamed joined the Rogers family back in 2000 and was named CEO shortly after Ted Rogers’s death on Dec. 2, 2008. Since then, the carrier has had its share of challenges, but it managed to stay on top of the wireless market, with Mohamed’s latest deal being the recently closed Rogers-NHL $5.2 billion agreement.

“It’s hard to believe thirteen years have passed and I’ll be retiring from Rogers this weekend. As I reflect on my time here, I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it,” Mohamed said in a release.

“Together we have accomplished many great things and I will take so many incredible memories with me. I leave knowing we are in great shape and the future is bright.”

But recent reports show that Rogers is losing ground, as it has lost some of its wireless market share, so every eye will be on Guy Laurence from now on, who has earned the reputation of a shakeup specialist as IDC Europe’s vice president of mobility, John Delaney points out.

As the latest reports have highlighted, the number of consumer complaints has been on the rise at Rogers. And Laurence seems to be just the right guy to solve this, as he handled similar situations with professionalism while working at Vodafone UK.

“Guy’s reputation is kind of as a shakeup specialist,” says Mr. Delaney, who has met Mr. Laurence and visited Vodafone’s office numerous times. “If someone needs being taken by the scruff of the neck a little bit, Guy was your man.”

With Nadir Mohamed retiring, another era ends at Rogers. It remains to be seen whether Guy Laurence will manage to stop the carrier from losing its top position and continue the “Ted factor.”


  • MleB1

    As sent to Mr Lawrence on Sunday –

    Dear Mr Lawrence,

    Congratulations on your posting as CEO at Rogers and good luck. You’ll need it.

    While I’m guessing that at your first meeting with the Board (and, quite possibly, the Rogers family), in discussions that included their Internet, Wireless and Cable services, they mentioned such usual industry expectations as churn – though they may not have touched upon the reality that the Company loses more of its customers annually than (and to) it’s competition.

    I’m also going to suggest to you that, further to that, the Board may not have mentioned to you the extended history of customer dissatisfaction that Rogers has managed to generate in regards to those services. Rogers reputation for poor service, dodgy contracts, lack of competitive pricing and terrible customer support is legion.

    You may have joined Vodafone UK and affected a turnaround there when it was suffering from customer ennui towards the company. Here, Rogers has a customer (and former customer) base whose feelings towards the company are far more…visceral. You need only Google ‘hate Rogers’ (or Rogers Robbers) to pull up over 34 million results, and many of them direct the viewer to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Forum sites further expanding on the theme. Or you might wish to check out, as an example, CBC-TV’s ‘Marketplace’ (like the Beeb’s ‘Watchdog’) – the April 6, 2012 edition, at the 44:25 mark –

    And yes, that’s me.

    For my part, I used to have all three services offered by Rogers – and did have for some years – before I finally gave up. First on Cable (switching to the limited but free over-the-air Digital) and Internet (settling on TekSavvy) services. I still have Wireless as a Business customer, but with that ‘contract’ lapsing at the end of February, I have begun to seriously look around at my options. Including calling Rogers – but have yet to be able to connect to a business customer service clerk.

    Any success I have had with Rogers as a customer in the past has been a result of contact directly with the Executive Floor at the Company, via email or phone calls to your predecessor or Rob Bruce (President – Communications) and their staff. But a Rogers customer should not need to contact the Executive Floor to get adequate service.

    I trust the recent acquisition of NHL broadcast rights will further water down the Company’s interest or support of its cable, internet and wireless services, even as those three channels will be vital make this long term purchase viable. Rogers has never been good at keeping all of its balls in the air at once.

    Like I said, good luck.

    Thanking you for your attention to this matter, I remain,

    Yours sincerely,

  • 1His_Nibs1

    “Together we have accomplished many great things and I will take so many incredible memories with me.” You mean “I will take so many incredible millions with me” as in your $18.5 million retirement package don’t you?

  • Brian W Pietrzyk

    As a long time Rogers customer I shake my head in disbelief they kept this guy in there for 8 years. Rogers customer support took a major nose dive on Nadirs watch! Good riddens!

  • James

    Guy Laurence email is So maybe you can wish him luck personally.
    Good Luck

  • bh

    that email address does not work… any idea on the correct one for Guy? thanks

  • Kuzia

    What do ya know, Nadir “retired” most probably was told by the family to go, but with pockets and bank accounts full of cash with bribes from TATA why would he worry about ever getting another job?
    Having worked in Rogers’ IT I can see where the actual root of the problem is – all the systems are outdated and there is no redeemable talent there to actually make the improvements, just a mass of TATA consultants that can neither speak proper English or know anything and they are multiplying with alarming speed. Try to get anything done if the Help Desk in Bangalore is staffed with complete morons.
    Customer service can only work with what they are given and the apps that they have are old, confusing and constantly fail on them.
    The current members of the Rogers family aren’t very bright as they allowed this crook to destroy one of the best, truly Canadian Companies that we had here, Ted must be turning in his grave now!
    Not much hope for the Vodafone guy either, he’ll just keep outsourcing until the company is broken down and sold. Those CIO/CFO/CEO’ they are not there to improve yours or mine service, they are there to appease the shareholders and stuff their pockets with case from TATA’s, iGates and other schemers.