Public Mobile Promo: $40 Plan with 4GB Data, Unlimited Text and Talk [u]


Public Mobile, the prepaid carrier owned by TELUS and runs on the latter’s cellular networks, has launched a new promo today, offering a $40 plan with 4GB of data, unlimited province-wide talk and global text. It drops down to $38/month if you setup auto renew with your credit card.

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In order to get this deal, all you need to do is select a 90-day plan length, province-wide unlimited talk, global text, and the 12GB/90 days option. This works out to $120 total up-front plus tax, or once divided into three months: $40 per month with 4GB data at LTE speeds nationwide on the TELUS network.

Update: If you setup auto-pay (i.e. auto-renewal by charging your credit card every 90 days), you save $2 per month, so it works out to $38 per month. Also, with the Public Mobile loyalty program, you save $1 off per month, after the first year with them. After the second year, you save $2 off per month and so forth. Once you reach up to five years, you’ll be saving $5 off per month, so this plan effectively goes down to $33/month in year five.

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This promo is available for existing and new customers. You either need to call in and change to this plan or set it up yourself online. New customers will need a Public Mobile SIM card on hand to activate. Porting over from Rogers, Telus or Bell is really easy–here’s how to do it, step-by-step.

With Public Mobile, if you let your plan expire and is inactive for more than 90 days, your account is deactivated. So as long as you keep adding to your plan, you’ll retain this promo. But with auto-renew options, you can set it so it automatically charges your credit card.

If you don’t need unlimited Canada-wide talk, this is a decent deal. The promo expires November 20, 2016. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

Click here to learn how to port your existing number/account over to Public Mobile.

Update 2: if you’re looking for a Public Mobile referral, email me gary AT and I can provide you with my number.


  • iverge

    Last month they had the same $40 plan but with 6GB which I switched to.

  • max

    Are you happy with their service?

  • Manpreet Singh

    What do you mean by 6 GB? 18 GB data bucket for 90 days ?

  • Corey Beazer

    Any users of Public Mobile? They any good?
    I would actually contemplate giving up my Robbers 6GB Superplan for this.

    The only thing I am not liking about it is how much the Add on data costs ($30/GB), cause I do normally get pretty close to 6GB each month

  • Bob Zmuda

    Did I miss something? Did hell freeze over?

  • MrXax

    $30/GB is indeed absurd. But I’m in the same boat as you… looking to replace my 6GB plan.

  • Dejan Jankovi?

    And how is the service? Where are you located?

  • iverge

    Absolutely! I was with Fido for years and then switched to Koodo and have been with PM for a year and I don’t notice any difference in service. With my auto pay and reward credits every 90 days I’m pay $102 every 3 months. That’s $34 a month! So I’m pretty happy 🙂

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Gary, Can u confirm if unlocked iPhone 7 will work on Public mobile sim as it’s owned by Telus now.

  • Yes it will work fine.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Thanks Gary.

  • Will

    What happens at the end of the 90 day plan? Does it renew with the same plan or one that is offered at the time? Do they include voice mail and call display?

  • If you have autorenew setup, it will renew with the same plan. But if you go inactive beyond 90 days, your account closes.

    Check their site, but the extras should be included.

  • iverge

    It will auto renew and you get a auto pay credit if you provide a credit card. Yes they include voicemail and call display.

  • iverge

    6GB for the 90 days.

  • Corey Beazer

    setting up auto-renew also knocks off a couple bucks, so even less then 40/month

  • Ah, forgot about that!

  • Mike Fradette

    I’ve had Public Mobile for a year now. It’s too bad that this deal is only for “Province Wide Talk”. Would have like to see the “Fall Savings” extend to Canada-Wide Talk. Other than this deal, I’m super happy with Public Mobile.

  • Cornfed710

    I’ve been using it on Public Mobile since day one, no problem.

  • Willie S

    Gary, this is Fai Suk Suk, how’s it gong ?
    My 3 yr plan with Rogers ends next month ( just around this PM deal ends ) and am thinking of jumping over, any downside to this move that you can think of ?
    We have an unlocked iPhone 5s that we don’t need to be changing for now, so should I get my SIM card and start the porting process before the next billing cycle that starts Nov1st I believe.

  • Hey hey! Things are going well–how’s the family? Great to see you commenting here.

    Only downsides are the lack of Canada-wide minutes, but you can just pay for an add-on if you’re going to need it. There’s no roaming (yet), but you have an unlocked iPhone 5s so that doesn’t matter, you can pop in any SIM card.

    I would suggest buying out your contract if there’s only one month or less left. You may want to speak with Rogers Retentions to see what they can offer you, before you leave. You shouldn’t have a cancellation fee to pay, only the subsidy remaining, according to the CRTC Wireless Code. Good luck!

  • Lol

  • Willie S

    Family is well Gary, and how are you enjoying parenthood ?

    I don’t really need the Canada-wide minutes at all really, province-wide minutes is handy to have for sure which this promo plan also includes.
    Good idea about calling Rogers Retention, thanks for the tip.

    We have a corporate plan through my wife’s employment so we will see if Rogers is willing to match this amazing deal offered by PM. I suspect to get out is just a matter of paying off the very last billing cycle monthly fee, same as what I did what I left Telus 3 years ago when that contract ended and switched over to Rogers for a better price/plan.

    Would you say that if I don’t act on the Rogers plan right the way and once it expires sometimes next month, it just automatically goes onto a month to month plan without a contract ?
    This happened when I ended the Telus contract, and for a few months I had no contract but they just charged me the same fee each month and I stayed with the same plan until I finally switched over to Rogers.

    Any other thoughts you can offered up would be appreciated as I need to act on this pretty soon if I were to jump ship over to PM !

    Take care Gary,

  • Farids

    Can you please tell us how the reception compares to Fido? Specifically in Toronto, Thornhill, Markham and Richmond Hill? Thank you.

  • iverge

    The reception in Toronto is great, never had a problem. Mississauga either. I’m rarely in Markham, Richmond Hill or Thornhill so I can’t say.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Thanks for updating.

  • warpdrive

    I just bailed on TELUS for this (other) telus company Lol. It’ll cost me a few hundred bucks, but it’ll pay for itself in a few months. I did call Telus Retentions and the gal I talked to said there was no way they could come close to this. I have three lines so the savings will be over $100/month. The best part is when the loyalty agent told me she was going to tell her friends and family about this promotion so they can get it. Priceless. I would have never known about this if I did not read this blog every day.
    Gary you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you!

  • Cheers. Nice work on making the switch!

    Switching my wife over to this plan from Fido. Public Mobile SIM arrived today in the mail after ordering the next day after I posted about this. That was fast.

  • warpdrive

    Yep, mine showed up yesterday, love how sims are only 5$ with xpress post shipping. Only switched over my line as wanted too make sure things work out well. So far so good. Even had a question promptly answered from the PB community forums. Gone are the days of waiting on hold forever with Telus. Lol. I’ll be switching my wife and daughter over in 12 days, might as well do it just before the end of the current Telus billing cycle since loyalty told me there are no pro-rated refunds for cancellations by number migration. I believe I have about five others convinced to take the plunge on this as well, which should save me more each month when they plug my number in on the referral section. Lol.

  • Simon Wong

    Can’t beat the fact that there are rewards to lower your monthly payments as well! Wowzer. I kind of wish they have Visual Voicemail though… but not a dealbreaker.

  • Update: Okay, just signed my wife up to this plan, ported over from Fido. All done online, pretty easy. Activation stages on the web were slower than I expected but it went through.

    I’ve concluded I’m going to switch over from my legacy Fido plan of $56/2GB unlimited nationwide for this, but get the 400 International minutes add-on. That works out to $43/month after Auto-renew. While I won’t have “unlimited” nationwide calling anymore (who talks on the phone?!), the add-on minutes do carry over and do not expire, as far as I know.

    If anyone needs a Public Mobile referral, email me gary AT and I can pass on my number 😀

    Happy switching everybody!

  • NewsSniffing

    I’m thinking I’ll just use Fongo/Google Hangouts or another VOIP to make out of province calls. Have you tried calling Fido retentions to see if they’ll match? I have a $56/2GB Fido plan and a Wind Mobile $39/5GB plan that I think I’ll cancel. The only thing that was stopping me was Fido/Rogers used to advertise they have LTE on 700MHz which has better penetration in concrete buildings than Telus or Bell’s network.

  • Tom

    Hi Gary. Maybe I missed something. What does the referral do?

  • Person who refers you saves $1/month

  • I am going to call Fido retentions today and will update.

  • Anthony

    If I order the SIM card, what are the next steps once it arrives. How do I go about activating the plan and porting over from Rogers?

  • Manuel Orellana

    Actually it was 6GB for 3 months or 2gb per month, this is double the data if I’m not mistaken. Mr.Xax if you’re close to using 6GB a month this isn’t going to work you’re probably better off with Rogers.

  • Okay, just talked to Fido retentions. Fellow offered a $50/3GB plan (not a Pulse plan; $5/250MB overages), with unlimited nationwide calling, mini VM/CID/CW, unlimited international SMS/MMS. Might still be better off with PM and adding on some International minutes for my rare Canada-wide calling.

  • NewsSniffing

    Yeah, that’s not a great deal. I’ll try calling retentions today. While the increase in data should suffice the overage charges are double the $10 on the old $56 plan. I think mini VM is also a downgrade? Unlimited worldwide SMS shouldn’t even be advertised anymore as it should be standard in all phone plans given the low cost of relaying SMS. Switched my wife off Wind Mobile today, quick.

  • Yes, miniVM is a downgrade since the $56/2GB plan includes visual voicemail, which would be a $5 add-on today.

    Ditto, port from Fido was instant. No delay, popped in the PM SIM and voila.

  • Dave B

    So the $15 add on for international, is that for the 90 day period, or per month? I’d assumed the latter, but your calculations ($43/mo with auto renew) suggests the former.

  • The $15/400 minutes international add-on is a one time purchase that won’t expire and rolls over if unused. So buy it once and milk it until you need to buy it again. It’s not $15 per month or every 90 days. Lasts forever as long as your account is active.

  • Dave B

    Oh wow, that’s even better than I expected. 400 minutes would cover me for years! Thanks.

  • Update: Here’s our guide on how to port your number to Public Mobile, step by step with screenshots:

    Our port from Fido was instant. Once it said activated, popped the phone into our iPhone and everything worked right away.

  • chikaraginger

    Currently, we have two phones on Fido… $38 for 300MB of data, 250 minutes talk time + FREE Spotify Premium. The other phone is something like $30 with no data. This offer is really tempting. Any reason I should NOT go with this offer? We’ve been with FIDO forever!

  • For the same price you could have 4GB of data and unlimited province-wide talk. Public Mobile’s network (TELUS LTE) has been pretty good for us after switching from Fido. Unless you need Wi-Fi Calling or VoLTE or Visual Voicemail for iPhone…you’d be getting way more value for your money.

  • chikaraginger

    Is Wifi Calling essentially FaceTime Voice or am I thinking of something different? I wonder if they have plans with shared data?

  • daisy

    I’m trying selecting this plan online but the total comes up to 186 not 120.

  • It’s only available via the activation page now. Not on the plans page.

  • Sidney

    Will the data also roll over since it’s an add on?

  • Add-on data will rollover.

  • xxxJDxxx

    How are others finding the data speeds on PM?
    I just switched officially today and did a bunch of speed tests last night on my Rogers service. I was getting 40-50 Mbps down, but only around 1Mbps up on Rogers. So far Public Mobile seems to average 15-20 Mbps down but 4-6 Mbps up.

  • Cathy

    Hi gary do you still have the promotion?

  • pd154

    Tempting to switch from freedom but as I travel in USA quite a bit and public’s us roaming are not great , have to think about it. ( U.S. Talk ,Text, only 250mb data is $20 for 10 days vs freedoms $15 USA add on has 1 gig and is a full billing cycle) however coverage might be a bit better as freedom dropped t-mobile, now just at&t , while public has both still.

  • Si2k78

    Is this deal back yet? Can I sign up for some kind of alert to notify me when it’s back?