‘Real Fair for Canada’ Responds to Incumbent ‘Fair for Canada’ PR Campaign


Rogers, TELUS and Bell have waged a media PR war to convince Canadians to resist Verizon coming to Canada for the sake of jobs at stake, plus also want Ottawa to revise their upcoming wireless auction rules. The incumbents launched their website on top of numerous print and radio ads to promote their beliefs to the Canadian public, such as the one below:

Now, it appears some Canadians have turned the tides around to start their own site to fight back against the messages being sent by our incumbents, as noted by @mgeist:

Real Fair for Canada has recently launched and has the tagline “It’s time for ‘Robellus’ to grow up (Rogers, Bell, and Telus)”. The site says

Protecting “Robellus” against fair-play and competition is a bad call for us Canadians.

Rogers, Bell, and Telus – have virtually no incentive to treat their customers with fairness and compete with each other. At this moment they are ALL planning on raising their smart phone plan costs by 40%!

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The site links to responses we’ve seen before, such as Ben Klass’ open letter reply to Bell CEO George Cope, Peter Nowak’s ‘TELUS reality check’, Michael Geist’s ‘Getting Signals Straight in the Great Wireless War of 2013’ and also direct links to email your local MP and Prime Minister Harper to share your thoughts on the issue.

Another website also launched is the #Four4Canada tumblr, which enables users to submit their stories about their experiences with incumbents.

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What do you think about these ongoing PR campaigns by our incumbents?


  • ward09

    Whoever started these sites should be nominated for the Order of Canada.

  • John

    Good news is that Verizon must be very serious because I’ve seen a couple of Verizon network trucks in Mississauga, ON likely scouting the wind/mobilicity networks

  • lol

  • If you manage to snap a picture, email us at tips @ iphoneincanada.cathanks!

  • beavisaur

    Too bad we can’t leave comments or feedback on, a little back and forth conversation would be fantastic!

  • ward09

    The big 3 only communicate when it is on their terms. That’s why they now look so pathetic with their attempts to sway public opinion. This is the first time they are not in the driver’s seat, and they don’t know how to handle it.

  • Fraser

    Woohoo! Well said! Truth!

  • Chrome262

    Agreed, hell even if Verizon never comes, just to see the big three crap their pants and loosed what, 2 billion of stock value, priceless.

  • Chrome262

    Is it me or does Amanda, have one eye bigger then the other. Don’t get me wrong she isn’t bad looking so Rogers made sure they put a good face for the add, but has the stress of the call centre for a crappy customer service company gotten to Amanda?

  • methodical9

    I really hope they come then maybe i can get more than 1gb of data and 200 mins for $75 a month. I know i can get unlimited data with wind or another smaller provider but there network area sucks and there is no 4g where i live and im only 25 mins out of the city

  • sam

    hum… is she stupid “I’m affraid big us company wont come in my city” wheres the problem? stay with the big 3. why are you complaining about verizon? -_-

  • kuku

    Don’t laugh. People totally unworthy have gotten the award. It’s time to give it to a worthy person or persons.

  • kuku

    Nah. People who have their heads stuck in the sand would only try to spread their ignorance and cancer of the brain if allowed to post their lol

  • Rhonda Purefoy

    EVERY CANADIAN IS PRAYING VERIZON KILLS TELUS, BELL and ROGERS. This will teach the Canadian cell phone “managers” that you can’t gouge customers and keep a whole country hostage with pure greed forever. Hope Verizon just takes them out.

  • Cailyn McFadden

    Lost Jobs?? Are you kidding?? Telus, Rogers and Bell all have call centers OVERSEAS, development is in INDIA. GO Screw yourselves Bell, Telus, and Rogers. Verizon is WELCOME with Canadians.

  • omar

    Im happy too see pricing going and also see tje world is changing. Rogers, Bell, and Telus basically ripping us Canadians off for so long. Now they know they can’t anymore thats why they are telling us about being one nation and we might lose our jobs. It’s all bull. Believe or not…we are paying too much campare to US. Time for a good change

  • omar

    So true…they have their wrost service overseas in india and south america…where is us Canadians workers. Im so happy this is happening. Rogers Bell and Telus brought this upon themselves lol. Now its pay back time…actually I want all american wireless company here in canada since we are all in one boat anyway. Keep up the good post guys and I hope all these post goes to Ottawa 😀

  • Boourns

    I’m not sure why everybody is so sure Verizon will come in”way cheaper” for their rates. I’m sure that they will be maximizing profits like the other 3 and taking as much of our money as possible. Skeptical of American corporate greed.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Amen, brother!

  • garry

    robellus shoulldnt have increased their plan prices with two years term change…..increasing by 40%…every single Canadian is tired with them already and you made them more upset with price increase without any rationale..and what they are smoking..expecting us to support them to rip us off for next century….we want more competition…any good ethical company welcome competition….and a good company compete on the value it provide to its customers

  • Tex

    I agree with you, just checked Verizon prices, and their price is 100.00 bucks, for what I am paying 56.00 with present carrier. No doubt there would be a 10% Canadian surcharge on top of that.

  • Troytheboyunusual

    Verizon, on behalf of all Canadian cell phone/smart phone users, I say “Welcome”, now.. go get ’em big guy!


    trust they will

    Verizon would take over that network and expand it. It would be able to get new spectrum in the next spectrum auction What this will do is start in the creation of one North American market and it will force the Big 3 to expand into the US and other markets or cut price



    Do you think it’s a good idea for Verizon to enter the Canadian market?



    Vodafone Controls (Europe Market, Australia, India, South Africa) ROAMING FREE

    América Móvil Controls (Mexico and Whole Lanita South American Market) ROAMING FREE

    Verizon Wireless will be first time to Controls North American Market (USA, CANADA 2013) ROAMING FREE SOON

    VERIZON has largest and fastest 4G LTE network in the US.the BIG 3 IN CANADA WORST 4G LTE


    omar @sam methodical9

  • paul orr

    I hope Verizon will destroy Bell and Rogers . Nothing would make me more happier in see these companies take a fall and die . I’m just sorry for the few good workers they have , its sad that most are corrupt

  • joviss

    I certainly hope Robellus is checking Real Fair for Canadas’ site out and feeling all the love we have for them. Poor babies, being forced to play with others. How inconvenient for them to have to share the gravy train game.

  • joviss

    Conversation would be nice but that’s the last thing Robellus wants. They are only interested in your $$$$$$!. And these ads of theirs just make me want to hurl!

  • joviss

    Conversation would be nice but that’s the last thing Robellus wants. They are only interested in your $$$$$$!. And these ads of theirs just make me want to hurl!

  • joviss

    I certainly hope Robellus is checking Real Fair for Canadas’ site out and feeling all the love we have for them. Poor babies, being forced to play with others. How inconvenient for them to have to share the gravy train game.

  • joviss

    Why did this site die????

  • Stephen Slomp

    When i went over by 1 gb of data they Rogers charged me 62$ for that gig. I dont know what your talking about but that is bull!

  • Rogers

    Aren’t all the call to Rogers are answer from India these days?

  • Adam

    I do believe the general understanding is a 4th player willplace a downward pressure on prices. If it is Verizon they have the size to go national. The cake is the same size you will notice theu will be a little nicer to get your piece every month. There is not going to be a huge 30% – 50% markdown in prices because Canada is physically to large of a country with to small of a popilation for that. I say 8% – 15% drop Iin plan ratesI if VeVerizon comes