Roam Mobility Promo: 25% Off USA Roaming Plans for New Customers


If you’re heading to the U.S. for Spring Break, your unlocked smartphone has a couple ways to use roaming data: roam with your Canadian carrier and pay expensive rates, pop in a local SIM card, or use Roam Mobility, which allows you to setup your plan in Canada so it’s ready when you enter America.

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Vancouver-based Roam Mobility has launched a new promo today, offering 25% off for new customers that subscribe to unlimited USA roaming plans before April 10, 2015. The discount will apply for a max of 7 days, on the following plans:

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New users will require a Roam Mobility SIM card ($9.95 and free shipping in Canada) for their unlocked iPhone or other smartphone. Roam Mobility’s U.S. network piggybacks on T-Mobile, so it’s best to check coverage in the cities you’ll be visiting to ensure the best experience.

Click here to sign up for Roam Mobility and learn more about their offer.


  • Al

    Nowhere on their website do I see this offer. You just have links to their main page.

  • They emailed us this information.

  • Al

    Well… Nothing on the website so it must just be plain old false advertising… a.k.a… a lie. Too bad you didn’t confirm the claim before publishing it.

  • Mike

    It is on the website. Hover over the “PRODUCTS” tab and you’ll see SPECIAL OFFERS in red on the right hand side. It’s there.

  • Al did you skip your coffee this morning?

  • Al

    That’s hilarious…. They just rush added it. And the wording is wrong! “Top up”?… Nope.

  • Al

    Nope. Just sprinkled in a spoonful of cynicism.

    Incidentally, this promotion is ridiculously pathetic. It should read… “Save anywhere from $3.50 to $7.00”. That will barely buy me my cup of cynicism… I mean, coffee.

  • No one is holding a gun to your head to jump on this plan. So if you don’t like it, suck it up and put on your big girl pants and accept it’s not for you 🙂

  • Al

    Or, since this is a free country (and you often ask for opinions), I can point out how rediculous this promo is and how you are clearly in bed with roam mobility since you constantly promote them and ignore their completion. Just like you do with 1Password.

  • Paul

    My wife and I just got back from ten days in Florida. We used Roam Mobility for the first time. We received 25% off for the first 7 days. I changed the settings before we left. As soon as we crossed the border at Detroit we were on Roam Mobility. The service was as advertised. We would use Roam Mobility again.