Roam Mobility Launches LTE Roaming Service for Visitors to Canada


Visitors to Canada now have another option for wireless service for their unlocked iPhone and other smartphones, as Vancouver-based Roam Mobility has launched the Canada Travel SIM card today.

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These SIM cards include Canadian numbers, are preloaded with plans available for 1 to 3 weeks of service, which also include unlimited talk and text, plus 4G LTE data. Other features included: unlimited global text, 500MB of 4G LTE data, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and hotspot tethering.

Canada Travel SIM Pricing is listed below (prices in USD):

  • 7 Days Talk + Text + Data: $26.95
  • 14 Days Talk + Text + Data: $37.95
  • 21 Days Talk + Text + Data: $49.95
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There are no additional fees to activate or access Roam Mobility’s network. The company has teamed up with an unnamed Canadian wireless carrier for this offering.

Emir Aboulhosn, Founder and CEO of Otono (Roam Mobility’s parent company), said in a statement “For many, staying connected in Canada means paying high fees or being constrained by small data packages or limited minutes. Roam Mobility’s Canada Travel SIM removes those restrictions and delivers the connectivity that today’s travellers need.”

Roam Mobility Canada Travel SIM cards will be available to order soon at retail partners, while will be available online today.  Click here to visit Roam Mobility to learn more.


  • hello

    forgot the most important detail. What provider will it run off?

  • We asked, they weren’t allowed to disclose that info.

  • Greezmard

    can i use our existing roam mobility card that i use in the usa? It would be perfect for when visitors are here from the usa

  • Wall Man

    Good question, my guess is probably not. Much like the USA chip has a US number, the Canadian chip will have a Canadian number. Hmm, only 500 MB of data regardless of the term is not that great.

  • Hank

    Wind? Hehe! 🙂

  • ECBomb

    Can’t be. Their coverage is too small. And Roam would be shooting themselves in the foot if they partnered with WIND lol