Roam Mobility to Give Away 33% Bonus 4G LTE Data to “Make It Right”


Roam Mobility CEO and founder, Emir Aboulhosn, has just emailed customers to apologize for the ‘growing pains’ the company has experienced this summer, specifically long customer service wait times of over one hour and unanswered emails that went on for weeks.

The CEO says the company is increasing staff by over 40%, “effective immediately”, which will continue to have their customer care support team located at their head office in Richmond, BC.

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On top of this, the company is giving away 33% more 4G LTE data on all of their Talk+Text+Data plans, to make up for the poor customer experience this summer:

Starting today we’re increasing the daily MB allowance of 4G LTE service by 33% at no extra charge on all Talk+Text+Data plans* purchased until December 31st. That means you’ll get 400MB per day instead of 300MB per day.

That’s 12 GB per month of 4G LTE service – 2X more than the biggest carriers and 12X times more than the smaller carriers. It’s our small way of making up for the inconvenience you may have experienced recently.

Nice move. We’ve heard from you guys this summer as well about Roam Mobility’s lacklustre service. It’s nice to hear changes are coming for the better.

You can click here to see plans from Roam Mobility.


  • bionicmonk

    Going to US very soon – so happy I didn’t order the Roam mobility top up yesterday. Now I have an extra gig! Their service was terrible though last time I was there. I hope it has improved.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Great to see a company admitting to and apologizing for their poor customer service. I haven’t used roam before but this makes me more likely to in the future.

  • DVD_Guy

    I would be have been more impressed if they would have credited/refunded 33% of the cost to those who paid for LTE service this summer, but never got it. I’ve used Roam a few times now, last year in NYC, Las Vegas this year and NYC (during the “launch of LTE”). T-Mobile was terrible all three times (2-3 phones each time too boot!).

  • Zachelor

    Roam in Las Vegas was very Very slow. It was so slow that I had to look for public wifi everywhere.

  • Zachelor

    Depends on which city you are heading. Seattle is not too bad.

  • Al

    Reminds me of when Telus started out in BC (decades ago). Same sort of issues.

    I just ordered my KnowRoaming stickers today. We’ll see how that goes.

  • Ian

    Does anyone have good 4g speeds with Roam?

  • jfmartel

    Had great service using my iPhone 5 in New Jersey. Had 3G most of the time. Phone was excellent.

  • Tim

    They need to make their sim cards cheaper. $20?!