Roam Mobility Launches New USA Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Plans


Vancouver-based Roam Mobility has launched a couple new unlimited Monthly Talk+Text+Data plans, for visitors looking to roam wirelessly in the USA.

Here’s what’s new:

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Plans include unlimited nationwide talk (Includes calls back to Canada), unlimited global SMS/MMS, voicemail, call waiting and caller ID.
Both plans are valid for 30 days from their scheduled start plan, and once LTE data runs out, data moves to unlimited 2G speeds.

Previously, only Canadians could use Roam Mobility’s offerings for the U.S., but the company has since expanded their service to all international visitors to the States.

Emir Aboulhosn, Founder and CEO of Otono Networks, said in an emailed statement to iPhone in Canada, “Monthly roaming plans from domestic carriers on average cost Canadians upwards of $80 per month, giving users small data buckets plus the possibility of incurring expensive overage fees,” adding these news plans offer traveller an affordable alternative and “more flexibility” in choose the right Roam Mobility plan.

These news plans are on top of existing Daily plans and longer term Snowbird plans, for those residing in the U.S. for three months or more.

Users looking to roam in the USA require the purchase of a Roam Mobility SIM card. Next, schedule your Roam Mobility plan ahead of their travels, so once landed, all you need to do is pop in your SIM card into your unlocked iPhone (or other smartphone) and you’ll have roaming access. It’s just one alternative to roaming with Rogers, Telus or Bell (which costs about $10/day), or using a SIM card from an American carrier.

Click here to check out the new plans from Roam Mobility.


  • Karine

    Timing is perfect for my parents! Thanks for sharing.

  • bbousquet

    Had two good experiences with Roam Mobility (in 2015) and then they ninja-changed their SIM expiry policy (without notifying me) and their email customer support was unhelpful (and barely knew how to write in English). I’ll stick with Fido Roam at 5$/day (max 50$/month) for my US stays, thanks.

  • Riddlemethis

    I can’t believe they’re still around. Their data plans are the worst as is their data coverage and customer service. T Mobile gives their own customers priority on their network and as a reseller, you don’t get access to TMobile’s roaming partners.

    Anyhow. Since one needs an unlocked phone any ways, then the only logical option is to go to a Walmart in the USA and buy one of the many prepaid plans they carry.

  • Riddlemethis

    You’re parents obviously failed to teach you how to run away from bad deals and offers.

  • greeezer

    Not sure why they expired their SIM card on me. I would have occasionally used it. I have used simple mobile since, not only are their plans better, you can travel in mexico.

  • pegger1

    The Roam Mobility SIM card expires after a year without using. If you’re not going to be travelling for over a year, just buy the cheapest one day plan right before it expires. For a few bucks you extend it for another year. If you’re not going to be travelling for a few years, then it’s cheaper to let it expire and purchase a new SIM when needed.
    Roam Mobility plans can be purchased by day, Simple Mobile is monthly, so depends on your needs. But the Mexico option is obviously an advantage.

  • pegger1

    I got caught with their ninja-change as well haha. Brought it down from a year to 6 months I think it was. It’s back up to a year now though.

  • Janker

    Your parents failed to teach you basic English.

  • Bill___A

    They went a period where they were expiring them after six months. I no longer have a use for them. Even these 30 day plans, I can pay Rogers $50 extra and get a better deal for me.

  • Bill___A

    Their “six month” expiry deal made me into an ex customer. I did know about it but said to heck with it..

  • Riddlemethis

    Your parents should’ve used birth control, hence your severe cognitive impairment and lack of reading ability.

  • Janker

    Haha, where’d you copy/paste that from? It’s awesome to see how you react when someone calls out your parents right after you call out someone else’s. What’s obvious to all readers now is how insecure you are. Seriously dude, get some help. Look up Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign, they’ve probably got a number you can call. And learn the difference between “you’re” and “your.”

  • ????Dennis

    Grow up