Roam Mobility Promo: Get 2x Bonus 4G LTE Data for Spring Break


Spring Break is just around the corner and you’re heading to the U.S., Roam Mobility has launched a promo to make roaming on your iPhone or other unlocked smartphone more affordable.

For new and existing customers, if you top up your USA Talk+Text+Data or Data-Only Plan between February 22 to March 31, 2016, and schedule it to start before March 31, 2016, you’ll get double the 4G LTE data.

So that means instead of 500MB per day, you’ll now get 1GB of 4G LTE data per day with a Talk+Text+Data Plan for $4.95 CAD per day, and up to 10GB of 4G LTE data on their Data-Only plans at $59.95 CAD.

So that means a three-day trip to the U.S. with 1GB of data per day will cost you $14.85 CAD.

RM Blog Double Data 700x339 v2

Talk, text and data plans include unlimited nationwide U.S. talk, global text, calls back to Canada, unlimited data options, data bolt-ons and flex scheduling.

With the Canadian dollar no longer at par with the U.S. greenback, saving money on your U.S. trips is the name of the game. Despite a recent price increase, Roam Mobility is still a more affordable option versus roaming with the Big 3.

Click here to top up your Roam Mobility SIM card while the promo is still available.


  • winnertakesteve

    It’s gross that there is an international roaming plan that gives you 1gb for $5, when the standard plan here seems to be 500mb for $60.

  • David

    Well regularly, a 15 GB plan (500 MB per day – same as Roam) will cost you $165 a month on Rogers, or just $5.50 a day… That’s almost the same as Roam

  • winnertakesteve

    To me its insane that they acknowledge that a person *can* use up to 1gb within a day; that mobile usage has gotten that heavy, but they seem to be shifting the average plan to allow LESS than that for an ENIRE MONTH. On top of that, it somehow costs way more to spread 500mb of use over a month than it costs to hammer the cell towers for twice as much in one day.

    i just can’t see any defense for carrier usage and pricing models beyond insane greed. 500mb/mo cost $30 back in 2009. have they been downgrading their equipment since then???