Roam Mobility Reaches 400+ Locations in Canada; Nano-SIM Coming in May


Vancouver-based Roam Mobility offers Canadians traveling to the USA an affordable way to roam worry free on their network (based on T-Mobile’s network coverage), as opposed to paying expensive plans from their Canadian wireless carriers.

Just 15 months after their launch the company announced today their retail presence has exceeded 400+ retail locations in Canada, after rapid growth and a partnership with 76 London Drugs stores in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Also, for unlocked iPhone 5 users, the company has noted a Roam Mobility nano SIM card will be available starting in May. The company sent us a render of their upcoming nano SIM:

Roam mobility nano sim

Emir Aboulhosn, founder and SVP Business Development of Roam Mobility said “the response from retailers and consumers has been incredible,” as they saw the potential in their product right away. Aboulhosn went on to add:

“The market was really crying out for a simple, low cost and Tier 1 solution to the problem of outrageous roaming fees for Canadians travelling across the border,”

Roam Mobility’s retail strategy aggressively targeted airports, duty-free stores, inflight retail and traditional stores such as Future Shop, Shaw and Pipestone Travel. Airport retailer LS Travel (including iStore Boutique, Relay, and Virgin Books and Electronics) plus select flights on Allegiant Airlines also carries the company’s products.

Expansion into the US market with their Ready SIM, launched last fall, has also helped Roam Mobility secure a deal with The Marshall Retail Group (MRG), to further add further presence at 14 specialty retailers in Las Vegas.

Last month, Roam Mobility introduced a new referral program where you and a friend can benefit if the other signs up under you. We will soon have an upcoming review of a recent Roam Mobility experience from @anthonykay. Stay tuned.


  • James

    oh wow.. thanks for the info…

  • Speaking from experience and talking data only as I have their Liberty hotspot, it works good in most city’s, if you are on the road expecting great service you will be disappointed. Driving to Florida you can expect to go hours at a time with no connection, slower than dial up if you happen to get it to work, less than 3G speeds in City’s, some small town have service, most don’t…

  • I ordered a sim from them, cut it down, and put it in my iPhone 5. Worked beautifully in Las Vegas. I got 3G data with lots of bars all over the strip and downtown. I’d deffinitely recomend them.

  • Yeah I used the Liberty Hotspot in Phoenix last summer. Worked great, had 4G speeds but the battery life would die fairly quickly in about 4-5 hours, depending on usage. But plugged in, it was great.

  • Nice. It is always easier to get it setup in Canada prior to a trip.

  • I used this in Palm Springs a few weeks ago, and it worked well. Bought the regular sim card and got it cut to nano sim size for iPhone 5 by some random guy off Craigslist for $5. Can’t beat the price, about $4 per day for unlimited talk/text within USA and back to Canada plus 100 MB of data.

  • Matt

    I’m heading to Hawaii for my honeymoon and need a sim for my iphone 5. Thanks iphone in canada and roam mobility.