Roam Mobility SIM Swap Program Returns: Get a Free SIM Card!


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Roam Mobility has announced the Roam SIM Swap program has returned for 2013. The program was available last year as well and enables users to get a free Roam Mobility SIM card.

How? All you have to do is mail them any old US SIM card (active or expired) and they’ll send you a Roam SIM for free (standard or micro; nano SIMs available for the iPhone 5).

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The program has stayed the same this year, except this time you will receive your new Roam Mobility SIM card via Canada Post Lettermail (a stamped envelope; no tracking number), which means it might take up to 10 days for you to receive it.

How to get your free Roam Mobility SIM card? Easy. Just fill out this entry form and mail it to:

Roam Mobility SIM Swap Program
10451 Shellbridge Way, Suite 200
Richmond, BC
Canada, V6X 2X8

The company says you will receive your SIM in approximately 3 weeks. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Click here to learn more about Roam Mobility.


  • stephenontario

    Don’t do it, been with Roam for a few years, unless you are in a city it’s not going to work very well for you. I just ordered a Verizon jet pack, pay as go/pre pay. Decent pricing for data and WAY BETTER coverage than Roam/T-Mobile which it runs on…

  • I’ve used Roam mobility in Phoenix extensively, no issues with HSPA+ coverage. Of course, coverage depends on T-Mobile, where they system is piggybacking off of. Where did you use Roam in the USA that didn’t work out?

  • stephenontario

    Driving to and from Florida from Ontario, pretty much zero coverage, “ok” when we get there, even then unimpressive, great concept, to bad they can’t get hooked up with Verizon instead…

  • dke850

    What phone are you using? I just got off of a support chat with Verizon and they say the iPhone 5 will not work on prepaid… as it is a 4G. Is this your experience?

  • DaveMa

    Very nice promo, i’m sending in my AT&T sims to swap. Now, all of us can use Roam when driving to Seattle. I just bought two last month and I can give the extra two to my teens. Great coverage in Seattle.

  • stephenontario

    Jetpack is a hotspot, will work with any phone.