Roam Mobility: 25% Off Daily Plans; Free Int’l Shipping; SIM Card Policy Change


Roam Mobility customers will soon see their SIM card expirations change from one year to six months, starting Monday, May 9, 2016.

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In an email detailing the changes to customers, Roam Mobility says the new policy means top ups will be required at least once every six months instead of one year, in order to keep your provided SIM and number active.

The company says if you visit the U.S. or Mexico at least once every six months, “the change should have no impact on how you use the service.”

But for those who rarely travel or don’t use their SIM cards and do not top up at least once in a six month period, their SIM and number will be deactivated and recycled back into the company’s system, a permanent change that cannot be reversed.

There is one exception, and that’s any Roam Mobility SIM card that’s been activated on a Snowbird Plan, as these unique customers will still get to keep the one year expiration period.

Roam Mobility says when SIM cards are about to expire, customers will be notified by email to extend the active period, which can be done with a simple top-up.

Shortening of the SIM card expiration policy means Roam Mobility customers need to top up more frequently if they want to keep their SIM active and phone number. It also allows Roam Mobility to recover numbers no longer being used, so they can be used again by future customers.

With the SIM card news out of the way, Roam Mobility has launched a recent promotion offering free international shipping (until May 31), plus 25% off daily plans in time for summer (until May 15). You can easily reload and schedule your plans today for your future trip, so it’s all ready to go by the time you depart.

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  • bbousquet

    I have used my RoamMobility SIM twice in 2015 (SFO and NYC) and it worked great. However, requiring top ups every 6 months, combined with the plan price increases from a short while ago makes this less attractive, especially with Fido offering Fido Roam starting this month (5$/day, maximum 10 days – and you use your monthly plan as well as keep your number).

  • Corey Beazer

    That sucks… I typically use it once a year. Could be a deal breaker for me, I really don’t wanna buy a new SIM card each trip.

  • Dr. AL

    Looks like I won’t be using roam. My sim will be deactivated next week as per their email and I don’t travel enough with two phones as my current plan with Wind is the $39 with US roaming. Only used roam for my wife’s phone. Guess we won’t use them cause I’m not buying another sim when mine deactivates.

  • Jonathan

    Effective May 9th – Roam will lose my business. They are so silly!

  • NewsSniffing

    Too bad, I will have 3 SIMS go dark. I don’t use often enough. Their customer service is horrible, never respond to emails and I don’t have time to wait 30min on hold on the phone. If you’re frequently visiting the US much cheaper to get a US SIM. Walmart pay as you go is the best. Roam could’ve recycled your US number after not using for 6 months but kept the SIM active, deactivating the SIM and making people top up is a no go.

  • MichaelYYZ

    Another cash grab. Bye-bye, Roam Mobility!

  • Screemberry

    I just went to their web site and they are advertising their plans in US dollars. That just got even more expensive. I generally just want data, T-Mobile is looking more attractive now.

  • Salinger

    Still showing CAD for me, no change.

  • Screemberry

    I see the issue. There is both a .ca and a .com website for roam mobility. .ca shows USD and .com shows CAD.