Roam Mobility’s New $39.95 ‘Snowbird Plan’: Unlimited Talk/Text, 1GB Data in USA


Roam Mobility this morning has launched a new ‘Snowbird Plan’ targeting the roughly 1 million Canadians who winter down in the USA or spend extensive amounts of time south of the border.

Here’s what you get for $39.95 per month when you’re travelling down in the USA:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 1GB of data
  • Free long distance calls back to Canada
  • Voicemail, caller ID
  • 3 month package minimum required, at $119.85
Emir Aboulhosn, founder and CEO of Roam Mobility says “This is the best wireless deal in North America, and we’re proud to offer it exclusively to Canadians,” and went on to add “For Canadian Snowbirds enjoying warm weather in Florida, California and Arizona, there simply is not a cheaper and more convenient way to stay connected in the U.S. using a solution made by Canadians for Canadians”
Roam Mobility customers who want to use the service just need to purchase a Roam Mobility SIM card for their unlocked phone (various SIM cards are available to support the iPhone). Starting in December, SIM cards will be available for purchase at Glentel’s Wireless Wave and Tbooth locations, on top of existing 1000 other retailers.

Just yesterday Roam Mobility launched their Black Friday sale, offering 50% off select plans for this weekend only.


  • Olley

    and 20 dollars for a sim card, why??

  • Chrome262

    I have used Roam a few times, and it really depends where you are going, If you are staying in a big city, then it is great, if you are moving around from one big city to another the in-between is horrible. It was so bad in the washington dc area (great in baltimore and great in Washington DC but horrible in between, which is where my parents live) I bought a T-mobile card instead, which was 10 bucks and 30 dollars after that for the 10 days unlimited data. So, if you are hanging out in say, miami, then yes, good call. and good deal.