Rogers and Bell Have the Best Wireless Network in Ottawa: RootMetrics


Following mobile testing in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Québec City, and Winnipeg, RootMetrics has today published the results of its first-ever test in Ottawa, revealing a tight race between the four participating players.

“Our first-ever testing of the mobile networks in Ottawa showed excellent mobile performance across the metro area,” said Julie Dey, RootMetrics vice president. “The carriers were in a close race in nearly every category. For consumers in Ottawa, this is great news. They can rely on the carriers’ fast speeds and dependable performance.”


According to their tests, the best mobile networks are owned by the incumbents, with Rogers and Bell recording a slightly better overall score of 97.5 points than Telus’ 96.8 points on a 0–100 points scale. As a result, the Big 3 shared the Overall RootScore Award.

Videotron fell a bit behind, recording “only” 93.7 points, as its call performance dragged the overall score down, despite performing well in data (third), and text tests. In terms of network speed, Videotron beat out Telus, sharing the top spot with Bell and Rogers, but scored lower in network reliability tests.

While all four carriers provide fast networks, Bell and Rogers recorded the statistically fastest median download speeds at 27.8 Mbps and 28.4 Mbps, respectively. Bell, Rogers, and Videotron recorded statistically comparable fastest upload speeds at 17.9 Mbps, 17.8 Mbps, and 15.6 Mbps, respectively.

To test the networks of all four players, the RootMetrics team performed 16,289 call, data, and text tests across all hours of the day and night between July 23 and July 28 at 27 locations, while driving about 1,320 km (about 820 miles).


  • andrez1

    That’s great – but in certain areas around Ottawa, you simply may not get Rogers reception in your house. They say that new towers will address this in a couple of years. Funny their published coverage map does not show these gaps in service within the city limits. For the record,
    Bell works fine in the same area.

  • Eric

    Agree – I live in Centrepointe, and get lousy service (and only 3G) in my house. My friends a block away have LTE service. Same with the CHEO/Ottawa Hospital/uOttawa campus – there are areas there that are complete dead zones…

  • gmd

    …and Wind?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    It’s pretty hard for Bell, Rogers & Telus to NOT be at the top of the heap in major Canadian cities when you’re the only game in town. As for WIND well they still have a lot of work to do re: coverage before you can even remotely include them in the conversation. These results are skewed because for the average Canadian who doesn’t live in Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Quebec we have even less competition (and I use that term very loosely) so no SaskTel, MTS or Videotron for the rest of us!