Rogers’ Early TV Ratings for NHL, Maple Leafs are Down


Maple Leafs and NHL TV ratings dropped 30% in the first seven weeks of the season (from October 7 through November 21), according to Numeris, the company that compiles broadcast ratings, reports the Globe and Mail.


As quantified by Numeris, the average audience for Leafs games was 863,825 viewers for the 16 games broadcasted on the CBC, Sportsnet, or City networks. That’s down significantly from the 1,226,265 recorded for the same period a year ago. One major influencing factor is that the Leafs are in rebuilding mode and were in last place in the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division by Thursday night.

For Rogers, this is bad news, because you may recall that the company has agreed to shell out $5.2 billion to own the NHL’s Canadian national broadcast rights, and a drop in viewership cuts into the ad revenue. This is the second year in a row this has happened, as revenue didn’t quite meet expectations in the first year either.

Going further, the Eastern games on Saturday’s Hockey Night in Canada also recorded a 19% drop in viewership – down to 1,771,500 from 2,184,000 a year ago. Also, Rogers Hometown Hockey, the carrier’s bet that Canadians will watch hockey in the weekends, is showing disappointing viewership numbers: During the seven weeks so far of this season, it has attracted only on average 475,271 viewers compared to 664,000 a year ago.


  • loserseeker

    Go complain about your Hydro or Insurance or something else for once. f’n loser.

  • CH

    1) Toronto has been “rebuilding” for 40+ years. This decade is no different
    2) I subscribe to the nhl package but 3/4 times I can’t find a senators game so no, I am not watching. Rogers originally said that every single senators game was going to be in that app. They aren’t. I call and complain and they tell me that the one that particular evening isn’t televised but the rest of the season is. Until 2 days later. Rinse repeat.

  • Bringonthenite

    We have Centre Ice and some games are still blocked! Games are also on too many channels. Love hockey on Sunday though.
    Centre Ice and GCL should be one package. Hope Rogers can straighten out this mess before it gets worse and we suffer more.

  • andrez1

    I have this option as part of me Rogers internet package. Every time I want to watch a Senators game it is blacked out. Local games I sort of understand, but they were playing in Florida the other day and it was still blacked out.

    Based on this experience, I certainly wouldn’t give them money for the subscription.

  • Tim

    I use a DNS service and pay the NHL directly for Gamcenter Live. No need for Rogers or shitty blackouts.

  • speedracer99

    Why does Rogers keeps showing Leafs as the feature game on CBC Hockey Night, instead of a real team that actually wins like the Habs? Oh yeah they own the leafs and think that everyone wants to watch the leafs.