Rogers/Fido, Virgin Mobile Offer $120 Credit for BYOD Activations


Earlier today we told you about Fido’s Boxing Day deal, which is offering a $60/month unlimited Canada-wide calling plan with 6GB data.

If you aren’t going to jump on that plan, Rogers, Fido and Virgin Mobile are offering activation credits for new BYOD (bring your own device) activations.

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Fido says their offer is good until December 31, 2016, and will come with a one-time $15 “Transaction Fee”. If you bring your own unlocked phone to Fido to activate, you can get a $10 credit “on or before your third invoice” for the next 12 months, while your account remains active. This credit promo cannot be stacked with the Fido Boxing Day deal plan.

Virgin Mobile is also offering the same deal as well and some RFD users are saying talking to the Retentions department can get this deal for existing customers too:

Screenshot 2016 12 26 11 05 41

Also, according to RFD, Rogers is offering something similar, with new BYOD activations on a Share Everything No Tab Plans, getting $20 off per month, for six months. Small Business Share Everything Plans are eligible.

We aren’t seeing a similar promo being offered by Koodo, yet—but we would think they would match it shortly, knowing how the ‘Big 3’ make plan changes in unison.


  • Evan

    Just got off the phone with Virgin and they honoured the $10 off/ mth on both of our lines. $20/mth savings for 1 year is a nice Boxing Day surprise. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Scott Belbin

    actually koodo has the same deal they added it the same day that fido did! but koodo does not charge a $15 fee! just the sim card fee of course! $10 off bod for 12 months!
    your welcome @iphoneincanada

  • Boom! Nice savings, cheers.

  • Thanks Scott–where are you seeing this? It’s not listed on the Koodo website (or I can’t see it)

  • SV650

    Not listed, but available if you sign up.

  • Scott Belbin

    When you sign up it if on the back end! Comes on your bill 2-3 months later!