Rogers Q2 2016 Sees Postpaid Net Wireless Subscribers Jump 170%


Rogers was the first incumbent to report its second quarter earnings and surprised analysts with its stunning wireless performance: the carrier has reported a spike of 170% in wireless subscriber additions for the three month period which ended on June 30 (via Financial Post).

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Revenue and operating profit for the quarter was $3.45 billion and $1.34 billion respectively, mostly in line with expectations. However, the surprise element was the 65,000 postpaid net additions Rogers reported. This is 41,000 more Rogers has added during the same period a year prior.

As highlighted in the press release announcing the earnings, wireless revenue increased 5% in the second quarter and 4% year-to-date, thanks to the larger subscriber base, and continued adoption of Rogers Share Everything plans.

Blended ARPU (average revenue per user) a key metric in a carrier’s performance, was $60.18, up $0.17 compared to the same quarter a year prior.

Rogers also reported 12,000 new customer signups for Internet services, the most new customers in the past eight years. Nearly 40% of residential internet customers chose the 10 Mbps or higher internet speeds, according to Rogers CEO Guy Laurence.

Following the cuts in the media segment, Rogers has reported now a 6% increase in revenue for Q2 and a 2% increase year to date, as sports-related revenue increased driven by Sportsnet and the success of the Toronto Blue Jays. This increase in revenue was partially offset by lower advertising revenues across radio, publishing, and broadcast TV, the release reads.


  • GaDgEtMoN

    I think your posted title is incorrect. I read that their Prepaid Wireless Subscribers jumped by 170%. If it was their Post Paid Subscribers increase as your title suggests, that would be huge.

  • Ashley Mann

    Lets toss in some reality to this story. Dont be fooled by a “170% increase” headline. Canadas big 4, Rogers Bell Telus and the CRTC have everything extremely well controlled. Rogers goes up and comes down. Then its bell’s turn, then Telus. Its all controled. They work together. Canada really only has one telecom. Dont be an idiot.

  • From the Rogers press release:

    “For the fourth quarter in a row, we significantly increased postpaid net additions year on year. This quarter, we saw an increase of over 170 percent, or 41,000, to 65,000 net additions.”

  • GaDgEtMoN

    Since you put it like that… (red faced) Sorry!!

  • Chris Kim

    Actually, I agree with GaDgEtMoN. The key distinction here is that the postpaid subscriber NET ADDITIONS increased 170% (ie. how many net NEW subscribers they got increased by 170%). The title is worded to say that the number of postpaid subscribers increased 170% (which I agree, would be astronomical if their entire subscriber base increased 170%).

    Not a big deal, but just as long as we’re quibbling… 😛

  • It’s all good

  • Clarified! 🙂

  • definingsound