Rogers and Telus Match Bell’s $70 Share Plan with 10GB in Quebec


Late last month, Bell launched a promo in Quebec, offering its $65/month Share Plan with 10GB for BYOD, or $70 per month with the Canada-wide calling option.

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Fast forward to March, and now Rogers and Telus have matched Bell’s plan in Quebec, by also discounting their premium shareable plans.

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The simultaneous price match by the ‘Big 3’ is most likely a response to regional carrier Videotron, which is currently offering double the data on its Premium plans, with a 10GB plan priced at $63.95.

Quebec (along with Manitoba and Saskatchewan) gets all the fun, as recently Koodo also debuted promos in the province, with BYOD plans at $49/6GB and $56/8GB.

If you’re on share plan with Rogers, Telus or Bell, call in to make the change to this plan if it’ll work out better for you.

Thanks Raphael


  • Jesse

    Took them long enough…

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Gary We are left out again from all the fun.????

  • Bleep Bloop

    After hearing about the Videotron plan, I switched from Telus. I had the Telus $63/mo w/ 6GB data (yeah, I had to talk them down into offering me the same plan they offer Joe Blow off the street, even after 12 years with them). They weren’t willing to negotiate, so I switched to Videotron. I now pay $51/mo for 8GB data (bundled services w/ Videotron cut it down from $56/mo). I’m happy to see some competition. I hope this starts happening throughout all of Canada so everyone can benefit.

  • Jason

    Oh the tricks I would turn for that 16gb plan for $95

  • xeronine992

    I hate seeing these posts and getting excited only to see it’s for Quebec, or anywhere else that I don’t live. Is anyone ever been able to get them to offer these outside of the province without trying to trick them?

  • tc_mack

    ….and they wonder why people try to get plans from one province while living in another.

  • DVD_Guy

    Same for me; after I heard about Videotron, I switched (from an older Fido 3GB promo plan). I’m in Ottawa, so I am able to get Videotron. I was paying a total of $122/month for two phones (incl. tax), but now paying a total of $99/month for the two phones (incl tax). I am saving $23/month and getting double the data. I echo the comment that I hope rates become more competitive throughout Canada and not just by province.

  • So Young

    Same for me with Telus. After 10 years with them, I tried to negotiate to match the $51,30/7GB (after the 10% reduction for Desjardins) promo with Rogers, they refuse to even reduce my bill for 5-10$ (I had the $65/8GB plan) and now I see that they finally have some decent promo…Oh well..I’m happy with Rogers so far. VoLTE in Montreal worth the switch and save $16 per month.

  • raslucas

    But then selling MTS was still a good decision? If videotron didn’t exist Quebec wouldn’t be getting these plans.

  • john smith

    what about Ontario? are we that stupid?