Bell, Rogers and TELUS Ad Depicts Job Losses if Verizon Comes [PIC]


The media blitz is in full swing by our wireless incumbents as today a new full page ad in the Globe and Mail has launched to depict ‘thousands of Canadian jobs’ to be lost if Verizon comes to Canada. The ad shows ‘Cameron’, a TELUS service technician with a worrisome look on his face, then the following text (which we just transcribed):

How does losing thousands of Canadian jobs in the cellphone industry help Canada? It doesn’t.

When I found out that our government is getting a giant U.S. cellphone company to come to Canada, I thought, how is this going to affect jobs? Experts are saying most of their good jobs will stay south of the border. Most of their profits too. But it gets better. Better for them. Even though this company is four times as big as all of Canada’s cellphone companies combined, they’re effectively getting a huge discount to enter Canada. The U.S. giant gets to use the existing infrastructure it took Canadians over 25 years to build and they don’t contribute a cent. So Canadian taxpayers will effectively be subsidizing the whole thing. Will there be thousands of jobs lost? Think about it.

The whole thing doesn’t sound fair for Canadians. Ottawa should do something about the loopholes. Fast.

To find out more go to

“Sweetheart deals for U.S. giants are a bad call for you.”

rogers telus bell ad high res

Interestingly enough, the website is down and not working–unfortunate timing.

So far, we’ve seen Bell take out two page ads to write letters to Canadians, Rogers tell us we don’t need a fourth carrier and TELUS take Ottawa to Federal Court over the unfair policies of the upcoming wireless spectrum, which Industry Minister James Moore has said will go forward as planned.

Major consumer groups in Canada have already publicly stated their support for Ottawa’s wireless spectrum policies, which have already been revealed to be in-line with other parts of the world, such as the UK.

Do you think Verizon will cause job losses here, or is this just more misinformation meant to scare Canadians, according to the Consumers’ Association of Canada?

Thanks @donaldpwalker!

Update: Here is a second variant of this ad featuring Rogers call centre employee, Amanda. Also is now working:



  • wstoneman

    Come on bell… Stop wasting all this money on propaganda and put it into the infrastructure.

  • It’ll be simple – when Verizon arrives, COMPETE with them. Customers won’t leave unless they’re given a good reason.

    Of course, that blunt reality is what has the big 3 screaming bloody murder – competing only means one thing – giving their customers better deals, which directly impacts their ability to make billions every year on the backs of fed up overpaying consumers.

    Hold on while I unpack my worlds tiniest violin and play them a sad song.

  • dash8311

    Leave it to a pilot to hit the nail on the head.

    Well said, my fellow colleague!

  • MrDisco3

    All I know is that big corporations NEVER puts out multiple full page ads in major markets arguing for consumers and their welfare. This is all about their profits and market share, and for that we should dismiss their concerns and welcome Verizon with open arms.

  • Corey Hoffarth

    All this whining and poor me Attitude has got me salivating at the chance to jump to Verizon. Maybe if bell/telus/Rogers actually tried to compete by lowering prices or offering comparable innovations like we see in the US I would be willing to stay. But no They decide To waste time and Money on ads That offer no truth and are intended to scare the public

  • crosseyed_mofo

    couldnt they just get jobs with verizon 🙂

  • Thatswhatyouget

    You expect us to feel bad. That’s what Canadian cell phone companies get for Taking advantage of the Canadian citizens for so long. We Close to having the highest cell phone rates in the world! I think it’s about time a big company like Verizon comes in and offers everybody some fair prices.

  • Joel

    There will be Customer Losses to ( No more Romming Charges ) as well as Job Losses

  • K3

    Cameron and Amanda don’t have last names… or twitter feeds, it’s too bad they could have posted their acting credits and landed a good sitcom.


  • They want to stay anonymous. Wonder how much they got paid.

  • one canadian

    Isnt telus owned by US?

  • FragilityG4

    Lets not stop at Verizon … Bring AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone … Bring them all! I have no sympathy for The Big Three … The legalized theft must end!

    And as Arny once said “STOP WHINING!”

  • crosseyed_mofo

    “it has been proven out that in this country it’s difficult enough, frankly, to work with three players.” ~ Nadir Mohamed

    hence this campaign right?

  • Who is your daddy, and what does he dooooooo?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    im detective john kimble!

  • K3

    That first name and photo in this day and age would amount to five minutes
    anonymity is anyone cared to know more about them.

    If they’re legit as employees and felt to fight the good fight it wouldn’t have been an issue
    at all.

    Now if they are actors- six months cell service and a personal photo with the corresponding CEO’S. ????????

  • K3

    And how many new subscribers did they boast about for this last year, something seems to not add up ,but hey he should have a hell of a great send off for the beginning of next year.


  • tawloon

    haha, canadian providers have been screwing us for so long they think they are providing us with good service at a reasonable price, they havebrainwashed themselves . bring on the competition to give them a reality check !

  • K3

    oh man, dont go there– next thing a Rogers PR will be issuing a statement “it’s now been proven Verizon wireless service has been linked to cause……”

  • Jonathan D.

    They are scared. Their days of gouging Canadians are marked…Cry me some more Telus, Rogers and Bell. I will be the first person to jump ship.

  • Screwed by cdn wireless

    Would this be like all the jobs the big three sent to over seas call centers? What a crock,all this propaganda is to protect the big three cash cow. Anybody see vodaphones new $5/day anywhere roaming deal? Pay $5 to roam in any country and you get the same plan as you have at home.
    A 2 minute phone call in the us will cost you that with Telus

  • Hannah76

    The problem isn’t that the Canadian wireless companies will have to compete with Verizon, but that their hands will be bound by the government in doing so, i.e. that Verizon will be allowed to bid on very important Canadian spectrum that the Canadian companies themselves will not be allowed to bid on.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    theyll be allowed to bid on the spectrum, they just arent allowed to aquire other companies for a select period of time

  • guy

    I can’t wait to until they get here. The Big three have been charging us way to much for a long time. They are all ripping us off and this will but into their profit margins because now they will have to compete. I will make the switch as soon as they are here, Good buy Big Three.

  • sandra

    It is a good idea to have Verizon in Canada Rogers bell and Telus need a competition they are too greedy. I am happy Verzion is coming.

  • val

    You are exactly right! The big canadian three have been squeezing us dry while enjoying a competition free market.

  • Jacquie Leeming

    I love the competition. In Arizona each winter we buy a phone, which comes with a wall charger, head set car charger, holding case and over 400 minutes of air time for $30.00. If the Canadian companies weren’t gouging us, I’d agree. However we have the most expensive cellular phones/plans in the world…Yeah to competition.

  • What phone is this and where is it from? I’d love to recommend it to my in-laws, they are also snow birds in AZ.

  • tryhere

    I’m Canadian and have been using Verizon for 7 years in Canada and the US. I quit using bell because of their extremely high prices and their customer service which I might mention is about as bad as it gets. I think its to bad bell, rogers, and telus are threatened by this. Just goes to show they don’t want you to know how much they have been ripping you off. And less we forget that this is a capitalist country not communist . I say welcome Verizon. My phone bill dropped $700 a month. As far as I’m concerned I’d be happy to see bell go bankrupt the thieves. I’ve driven across Canada and the us in remote areas my phone still works so rogers claim about small towns and stuff is a lie.

  • Bob

    Telus, rogers and bell have been making us pay some of the hoghest rates in the developed world for phone services and they are using ads and high profile marketing to try to scare us. I think its time that some competition is coming in to bring the prices down for average canadians. The executives that are running telus, bell and rogers are only worried about their paychecks, not job losses. I have lived in the united kingdom and i now work for an american company, (i live in canada) and i know that the phone rates in both of these countries are half what we pay. I think more job losses will result from the hundreds of thousands of dollars that they will end spending on advertising and lobbying than from verizon coming up.

  • tammy

    How dare they. Thousand losing there jobs in Canada. Full page ads. Thousands of people have already lost their jobs already. Bell Canada started outsourcing overseas in the 1990’s.

    Repair, Operater Services Business Office, Circuit Design, Testboard and on and on . I don’t remember full page ads when these people were losing there jobs. Bell was outsourcing due to competition from Rogers because of “cost per call”. Calls going overseas to Pakistan India Philippines Egypt These companies feeding us propaganda about we have the lowest rates. Well then why are so up in arms about Verizon coming to Canada.Maybe they can offer a much better price for the same product. Bell Rogers and Telus have not had any real competition.

    Verizon coming to Canada please bring it on. I can’t wait to change.

  • Guest

    When do you think Verizon would start offering plans if they do get on board? My contract is already up and just waiting for the iPhone 5s.

  • Roger Payne

    Gotta love how everybody thinks Verizon will come in here like a knight in shinning armor and solve all their woes.

  • wstoneman

    What a shitty website..

  • It was up, now down again. Looks like it cannot handle the bandwidth or something

  • Max Payne

    What does ‘shinning’ armor mean?


  • Roger Payne

    Means there’s no spell check for Disqus.

    Dig your handle name btw.

  • ward09

    I think it’s more that we’ve all been fucked over by the same three companies for so long that we’re willing to get behind anyone that will fuck them back.

  • ward09

    I hope the b**** from Rogers who I was speaking with today loses her job. Called the see what they would offer me to stay (I had less than 2 months on my contract), and she responded with a higher priced plan with less data and no hardware incentives. Canceled my plan on the spot. I’m now with Koodo with no contract and no tab. It feels great to be a complete free agent. I can’t wait to see how the landscape changes over the next year.

  • ????Dennis

    Well said Tammy!!!

  • Doug

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Verizon will set their prices to what the market will bear, and I’m willing to bet that their prices won’t be much different that the Big 3. Every time an American corporation comes to Canada to do business, everyone expects big things with prices and such, and every time there is disappointment. Why would Verizon be any different.

  • ????Dennis

    Hahahahaha!!!! You just made me spit out my coffee, Ward. Hang in there for 5 months bud. I’ll see you in the line at Verizon.

  • ????Dennis

    I’m sure they will at least bring flowers 😉

    Hey bud, no worries you can stay with the Big 3. They will lose so many customers that your bill will be hand delivered by the CEO. Now that’s service!!!!!

  • ????Dennis

    That’s EXACTLY it!!!!! Fuck em then throw em a token for the bus!!!

  • ward09

    LOL, thanks man! If anyone from the IPIC community wants to have a Verizon sign-up party, I’m totally down with it.

  • Target stores come to mind. The stores here just can’t touch American prices.

    But with Verizon it seems different. These guy aren’t best friends with incumbents so they really have no incentive to work together…initially that is.

  • Anthonny

    My buddy works at Rogers. As far as I know from him, they don’t outsource or my buddy would not have a job. You can call them anytime. I am pretty sure 10 out of 10 calls you will get Canadian employees living in Canada. What’s your take on that?

  • ????Dennis

    She wrote about Bell dude…

  • Johnnybegood

    Bell, Rogers and I can not even remember who the other one is (Telus), should have actually competed and likely there would not have been the necessity for another company here. Quit your whining and compete, I hope they are allowed to compete in Cable TV and land line phones as well; you three have had it too good for to long. An orchestra of tiny violins will play you a concert!

  • Azriel

    It occurs to me to find it funny that the big 3 could whine about the newcomers getting “free” access existing infrastructure. After all that is the basis of their business model, they offer deals to new customers all the time while ignoring the long time customer as a matter of course. I think it is about time they, which is to say the corporate entities that are these companies see how that feels to be an existing customer, like those of us who after all are the ones who allowed the infrastructure to be built in the first place. Using a system access fee of course since the companies themselves could never be expected to foot the bill from their precious profit.

  • Suckitrogers

    Agreed, when I heard this AD I thought it’s about time! Then I got really angry. The only reason why they continue to get away with treating customers crappy, not listening, gouging people and keeping us trapped in bogus contracts is because of our limited options. Sort of like choosing someone to run our country, which of the 3 evils are you going to choose? Poor choice, limited services and bad customer service Rogers, Bell and Telus has been laughing for years at us. Now with some competition they may actually have to work for our business and start treating us with a little respect, if this were any other business or any other industry they’d have no customers. I guess your monopoly has run out, it looks good on you Rogers! Nice attempt to guilt us into feeling bad for you. If I had a choice 10 years ago I would have left then…I can’t wait!

  • Suckitrogers

    To be clear, I could careless if my rates are the same or even slightly worse. Yep I said it, that is how much I dislike the 3 evils. Getting into a contract with any of them is like getting into an abusive relationship, put them in jail and see how they suck up to you. As soon as they are out it goes right back to the same old routine. They could careless about us it’s just they need us now so playing the ‘millions will be out of a job’ card, I think is pathetic at best. If they were really concerned for their company and their employees they would have treated people they way they should have in the beginning. Karma always pays you back, ALWAYS!

  • Roger Payne

    I see. And so you believe that Verizon will come in and squeeze you with a hug and give you a lollipop to make up for the big, bad, mean 3.

    I got news for you buddy. Verizon isn’t doing anything for you better than what you were getting before. You might find slightly better rates from all of the players as a result…but that would of course become short lived. Then you’ll find with Verizon just like the others. There’s some who hate it and others who take no issue.

    But hey, whatever makes you sleep at night. At the end of the day, I choose to buy stocks in the companies that extract so much for me. So in the end, my bill is always justified.

  • Ryan

    Who is going to run these companies? Oh that’s right they’ll have to hire people! So much for your job loss…. Maybe now you can stop gouging us and start offering REAL customer service

  • who

    I am happy happy happy happy

  • Greg

    If you haven’t switched to one of the newer independent companies like Wind, Public mobile, Mobilicity…. Then you really shouldn’t be complain about having to be with the big 3 unless you are still on contract, and even then, it’s eventually cheaper to void your contract with the amount you’ll save from the cheaper guys. Honestly, I’m quite sick of hearing it because WE are the ones that are choosing to stay with them. Having said that, I really hope Verizon is allowed to join the Canadian market as they always treat the new independent companies like they’re nothing, if you call one of them and tell them you’re going to switch to Wind if they don’t improve your package, they’ll say something like “we don’t consider them to be real competitors”, yet they claim to welcome competition, well here we go “Big 3”. Here comes your competition and you’re off crying to mommy and doing everything in your power to stop REAL competition.

  • Greg

    Exactly, they’re version of fair competition is being able to let the new companies die out or just buy them outright, not to offer competitive pricing like they would in a normal market.

  • Deke

    This is great news. Canadians have been paying WAY to much for Cel service and it’s about time we are given access to competitive pricing. THE GRAVY-TRAIN IS OVER for these companies and they are trying to protect their profit margins and market shares.

  • bob

    I recently heard an ad, probably paid for by the canadian cel phone companies, stating that Canada had lower cel phone rates than the US. If that is the case, then why are these canadian cel companies so worried about Verizon entering the market ?

  • Bob

    Rogers just announced another round of job cuts. And that’s on top of the other job cuts already made this year. These Canadian companies don’t give a crap about their employees, only profits.

  • HoratiusZappa

    >Do you think Verizon will cause job losses here

    Ask your inner Bastiat to examine all those things which are unseen, as well as those which are seen.

    Competition is expected to reduce prices to consumers, and that is all almost anyone can think to talk about. But what else does that mean? All of the following (non-exhaustively) are possible:
    1) Reduction of capital set aside for investment (including important stuff other than wireless-endless-data-forever).
    2) Reduction of dividends to shareholders (ironically, auctions which are not fully open amount to foregone federal revenue, which amounts to a subsidy from the federal government to the preferred companies, which amounts to a payment from Canadian taxpayers to the shareholders of the preferred companies – never thought I’d be paying taxes to Verizon shareholders, but that’s what it is). Not a big problem unless your mutual funds or your pension fund has money invested in Canadian telcos.

    3) Initiatives to improve efficiency (this is one trigger for job losses).
    4) Loss of market share (and a company which serves fewer customers generally requires fewer employees, so another trigger for job losses).

    (4) is most likely the definitive reason: whatever slice of the market Verizon grabs, unless it is obligated to build out its own infrastructure in Canada, the bulk of its employees can stay in the US and the Canadian incumbents will have to downsize.

    BTW, for those who actually pay attention, the last three decades in Canada have been very competitive in the telecomm business. The remainder of you seem to have forgotten about long distance rates in the old days, about the shifts in the landscape formerly occupied by the legacy provincial telcos, the cross-domain market entry of cable and phone companies, and the vast amounts of telecomm infrastructure added.

  • HoratiusZappa

    Verizon won’t be any different. It’s a big company, too. Canada has 3 companies that dominate the market; the US, with roughly 10 times the population, has 5. For some reason it can not or will not explain, the government thinks we need to have 4. For some reason people can not or will not explain, they expect Verizon to be real different – even though at least one talking head has noted that Verizon is a premium player, not a discount player. This time for sure. “Hope” is not a strong foundation on which to build decisions.

  • Escosesa

    Interesting that the ad states” Will this U.S. company virtually ignore small communities like mine and focus on big cities?” I live a mere 34 kilometers frm a center of approx. 700,000 people and the exisitng telecomms ignore my small community and the others around mine. If Verzon does the same so what Rogers, Telus, for those of us in rural centres we won’t notice a difference. The coverage maps they all show boasting of the great extent of their coverage has a caveat underneath indicating it is a representation of current & *future* coverage! Misleading advertising

  • Stacey

    What can I say pay back is a bitch.. Its about time for years now I have been pimped by Bell and raped by Rogers its time for retribution cry me a river play me tune don’t care .

  • Fed Up

    I’m sorry but the big three, and all of you posters that work for them, just don’t get it. It isn’t just about price. A lot of us just can’t stand the big three, and we want the chance to jump ship just so we don’t have to deal with them any more. If we get a price discount, that’s a bonus.

    The big three have treated Canadians as sheep to be sheared for a long time. They got most of their spectrrum for free, and then gave us one of the most expensive wireless markets in the world. It just adds insult to injury when they come to us now, wrapped in a flag, asking for support so they can maintain their high priced monopoly.

    I’ll go to Verizon, even at the same price I’m paying now, just to put a tiny pin prick in their smug, greedy arrogance.

  • Nima

    Can someone explain this “existing infrastructure” thingy to me please? Is this something that the big three have made and now the government is forcing them to share it with Verizon or what?

  • Peppy

    Sorry guys
    oh waaaaaaa….babies
    no sympathy for The Big Three….just like the automotive Big Three….you blew it
    you took every customer for granted…exploited us
    unreadable , long-term ” hostage ” contracts
    you deserve what you sow
    no pity

  • are you kidding me

    How dare they…they now want fairness when for years they have gauged and continue to gauge canadians. How dare you ask for our support now? I have been waiting for this day to come and it can’t come soon enough. If you want Canadians to support you big three monsters, then start with apologizing to us, admit what you’ve done, then learn to compete. Every time I get on the phone to your customer service and get bad service, I tell them that one day you will need us to support us so it is in your best interest right now to help me out with my request. Instead, i get, “sorry, there’s nothing we can do.” So now you our support, “Sorry, there is nothing we can do”, back at you….!!!!

  • Izzkid

    Just announced?? I searched the net, I don’t see anything within the last 7 days. Post a source Bob.

  • Izzkid

    You’re roaming on Rogers/Bell/Telus’ network. So you’re using one of theirs. Which one I don’t know. However, you are what the industry calls permanent roaming. Technically, they can shut you down (even though they won’t) as it goes against the roaming agreements with US/Canada.

  • Izzkid

    What IF a massive job losses do occur? Is it worth it? The carriers you mention don’t have to have their jobs in Canada.

  • Izzkid

    I bet it’s not an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 – Though, good price.

  • Izzkid

    Correct, Verizon would have complete access to their network. Also, they would not have to build out in the rural places. Their main focus is Southern Ontario and Quebec. So pretty much, most of my family are SOL.

  • Izzkid


  • Izzkid

    Don’t you understand, people want the premium network at a wholesale cost. Meaning, $30 unlimited everything with a free Smartphone every year.

  • FragilityG4

    What job lose? Are you buying the propaganda that these telecoms, the same ones who outsource jobs to other countries, are selling?!
    If they lose a job at Rogers/Bell/Telus … Get one at Verizon.

  • Izzkid

    Yes, but not everything, all Call Centers, Operations, Marketing, does not need to be in Canada.

  • Izzkid

    Their currently 20% cheaper, and that’s with a market share 3 times the Canadian population, They’re looking at our Monthly invoices and see $$$.

  • Izzkid

    Not anymore, It was partly owned by Verizon.

  • Nima

    This probably reflects my ignorance but I thought new companies are supposed to either pay for roaming on the existing networks or build their own. So the government is essentially forcing our big three to let Verizon use their network? That just doesn’t make sense. Where did you read this?

    I’m totally fine with not focusing on rural places though. They can focus on wherever they want as far as I’m concerned.

  • Izzkid

    Get one at Verizon, not in Canada, they don’t have to have Operations, Marketing, Call Centers here in Canada. However, they would need sales, stores and technicians to maintain the towers. For argument sake, currently (as per wiki) these telco’s employ over 100k employees. Losing half is worth it? I want better pricing and service. However, at the cost of what?

  • Badpancakes

    The second add completely ignores the fact that she can stay with a Canadian company. It’s completely irrelevant towards Verizon coming here.

  • smartitguy

    *Sniff* *waaahhhhhhhh*

    Won’t someone please think of he Share Holders?

  • FragilityG4

    You’re listening to The Stupid Threes fear mongering. People said the same about Walmart when they came in and there wasn’t any job loses. If The Stupid Three really cared about jobs they wouldn’t outsource them and they would take lesser profits during a downturn to ensure all current jobs remained (This is what most small business do because they care)
    Don’t be fooled, these guys don’t care about the jobs or us. Only the shareholders. Only the profits. If they were competitive they wouldn’t have to worry … But when Rogers is charging $70 for 250MB we’re being gouged and it has to stop.

  • Izzkid

    Again, they don’t have to have Call Centers, Operations etc here in Canada.

  • FragilityG4

    Neither do the incumbents … Bell Canada use to be an American company.

  • Izzkid

    What I’ve been told, Rogers is all Canada.

  • FragilityG4

    I would disagree … I’ve spoken to CSR’s who have admitted their centre was not in Canada.

  • Izzkid

    I disagree, Rogers Call Center’s are in Canada including their 3rd Party. – Though, I could be wrong. Is there a way we could verify this?

  • FragilityG4

    I guess you for them so I guess I can almost condone your stance.

  • go verizon

    What a scam. Thousans of canadian jobs. The ceo’s will still have their yachts and mansions. They should be alright. I’m sure verizon will hire candians as well. Competion is always a good thing I’m excited for a competitve priced plan and some great USA coverage.



  • tryhere

    Is anybody looking at the big picture here. Approximately 380,000,000 people in the US and they are the biggest cell phone service in the US. They didn’t get that by being just ok

  • tryhere

    yes and bell is roaming on Verizon towers

  • tryhere

    Verizon wants to buy wind and take over where wind ran outa money, they don’t have use of towers anymore then wind did

  • crasucks

    For Canada’s quality of life to continue we need to stop selling out resources, businesses and services to other countries.
    When we lose a Canadian company we lose all the jobs that go with it along with all the taxes those jobs paid.
    In the short term it may seem attractive to have more competition, but all your money is going across the border if the competition is not Canadian.
    Unfortunately many people are ignorant in modern society with short term thinking.
    Outside competition is ok, but the local companies should have incentives to keep local jobs.
    Outsourcing is destroying Canada and that is a fact.

    I agree that Bell, Rogers, Telus etc. can afford to lower their pricing structure and some competition will help that, but don’t think that destroying the local companies is ever going to be a good long term strategy.

    Another problem with allowing an outside company to piggyback on cell towers for free is that there is no longer any incentive for the companies putting in the infrastructure to expand and provide the competition with more coverage.

    If Verizon gets into Canada you can guarantee that the coverage growth will come to a stand still. Growing rural communities will be screwed, people in outer areas waiting for enhanced digital coverage will be out of luck.
    Next gen speeds requiring hardware upgrades will be significantly delayed as no one has an incentive to put out the money when outside competition can under cut and beat them in pricing.

    To allow a non-Canadian company to have an advantage over a Canadian company for a Canadian service should be Treason.

    And no, I do not work for a phone company or anything related, I am just not ignorant of the long term picture.

  • computer5t

    Canadians are getting ripped off because of limited
    competition. Fully open up Canada to foreign competition,
    .If Rogers and Bell don’t want to compete,let them get run over by
    larger foreign companies .Canadians will get much better and
    cheaper cell phone and internet .I don’t have the slightest sympathy
    for the Canadian telecom companies.

    It is stupid for us to think that Canadian telecom companies are
    somehow better for Canada then much larger foreign ones.If a company can
    provide Canadians better and cheaper services,I don’t care I if its
    Canadian or not

  • uhublue

    Every Sunday I go to church and pray to God that Verizon would come to Canada and save us from the eternal bondage that Rogers, Bell, and Telus have imposed on us. Activation fees, System Access Fees, Governmental Fees, Unlocking Fees, Cancellation Fees, 3-Year slave contracts. We have been gouged for too many years while these blood sucking soulless companies make billions of dollars. In the US Verizon offers 25/15/no data cap FIOS Internet, Fully Loaded HD TV, and Unlimited North American calling Home Phone all for $89 a month. How much do you pay for those services in Canada?


    1. prices won’t go lower, please verify on the verizon websites you will see that they have the same prices as us so stop your “we have highest price” shit
    2. the only unfair part is that verizon gets to use TELUS BELL and Rogers towers that they have been investing in for a long time which is a very well established network

  • kamela

    I have never been sooooooooooo fucking pissed offf by a commercial in my life. I have two words for telus,bell and expecially Rogers FUCK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. They have rape canadians long enough, why the fuck are we paying so much?????? when compared to the rest of the world WTF. For all the hours wasted on the phone trying to dispute my bills enough is enough. Not saying verizon is going to be the best it’s long shot but if they were worrying about jobs they didn’t voice there concerns before now so to hell with how it would affect them. Candians need competition.

  • hitch

    bell fired 1200 employees when there were no new competition, job outsourcing will happen regardless if there is a new player on the field or not, bell actually outsources to India and Philippines, a new provider will probably increase jobs not reduce them, they will need sales, they will rent offices throughout the country, and need to staff them, and they will hire people who were fired from bell and rogers because they have experience, this campaign is probably initiated by rogers and bell, because they want to keep milking clients for every dime they got, i still get charged for dial tone service on my bill, and cancellation fees are a joke.

  • theoldones


    Bell has cut so many jobs and sent those jobs offshore for sooo long now. Their customer service and billing departments are the worst experiences you will ever have. Their technical support is terrible.

    They are now saying they may have to cut more jobs if Verizon moves in……which they would just do anyways!

    I can’t wait for more competition.

    George Cope = baby!! WAAAAAAA! a message…

  • theoldones

    You say “they have been investing” as if you mean some great do-gooders inside these companies who have been giving the Canadian public a great gift we should be grateful for, or something like that…
    Being a good company kiss-ass, useless Bell manager?
    “We the people” paid for the infrastructure from our gouge us for everything, overpriced bills. Investing in the copper and fibe is the only way to expand and make more money!! So stop trying to make us feel sorry for you “big 3”. If you look…your opinion is very much in the minority. The ad campain was a big waste of money, you loose!!!!!!!
    Also, sorry… but Bell and Rogers Customer service, technical and billing dept’s are the worst experiences one could have.
    Hello ANY competition!!

  • Subotai

    I recently had an issue with Rogers. I was paying for a service that I wasn’t receiving and I took them to task over it. No sympathy whatsoever. I had numerous conversations with supervisors and when I would ask them to put what they were telling me on paper they flatly refused, telling me that it was corporate policy not to respond in writing to any complaints. When I asked if I could get a written copy of this policy I was informed that it too would not be possible.
    When you look at the level of service that is available in places like South Korea, it makes me sick to heart to think that these greedy bastards have the nerve to complain to the very people that they have been sucking dry for many, many years.
    To the big three all I can say is that it is my turn to have no sympathy with your predatory practices. When this campaign of yours fails miserably as it appears to be headed in that direction, it will be a victory for the people you screwed over and over and over again.
    By the way, the CCTV, the agency established by the industry to monitor itself. I filed a complaint with them over Rogers and never received a response. I called to find out what happened and they said they never received it. I then sent it by registered mail. Still nothing. The CCTV is a joke, another reason to put it to the big three.

  • I have experienced similar pain dealing with Rogers in the past. Try the CCTS for your complaints.

  • johnny

    Canadian companies that worry about losing business should stop ripping off Canadian customers then maybe Canadian consumers would be more loyal. Telus blows

  • wat

    Fun fact: telus provides worse internet than the mars rover has by about 4 or 5 mb/s.
    Last I checked, canada took up a land mass on earth, not mars.
    Mars is over 50 million km away from the nasa rover control room.
    My house is less than 70km away from the nearest telus tower.
    That’s just sad.
    That big of a company and they can’t even provide service at 70 km away.
    However underfunded nasa is capable of providing service an entire planet away?