Rogers and TELUS Waive Wireless Overages for B.C. Wildfire Evacuees


There’s a provincial state of emergency in British Columbia as wildfires remain out of control in the province’s interior, with over 14,000 people forced to evacuate from their homes.

Wireless carriers Rogers and TELUS have announced their part to help evacuees by waiving wireless overages, in the form of minutes, text messages and data.


Image by Theo Faber

Rogers told their media publication, CityNews, wireless service is trying to be maintained in affected wildfire areas in B.C., with overages being waived until July 21. The company is also donating $25,000 to the Canadian Red Cross towards their forest fire relief fund.

TELUS tweeted out they are similarly waiving overages for wireless calls, text messages and data until July 21. The company will match all donations to the Red Cross up to $25,000, when users text FIRES to 45678, which will donate $10 to the Red Cross Canada’s fire relief fund.

Rogers and Bell customers can also text FIRE to 45678 to donate $10 towards Red Cross fire relief efforts.


  • Bill___A

    I think that is very good of them to waive these charges (and donate) but really, a lot of people will be wanting to keep in touch and stay updated, the extra data is a really big deal. It is very good of Rogers and Telus to do this. I am surprised not to see Bell mentioned as they are usually very good about these things too, but they are conspicuous by their absence in this case. However, once again, hats off to Telus, Rogers and the many other contributors. It makes a huge difference. I hope things get better very soon for all these people.

  • Tim

    I wonder how they verify and validate the afflicted. Does one have to call and let them know they’re being evacuated?

  • Chrome262

    Wow Rogers actually said data, I am shocked LOL. good job Rogers.

  • Chrome262

    they know where customers live, so they probably take off the filters and or alarms on customers based on postal codes.

  • Linda

    Im thinking they have your mailing address that lets them know you were affected..