Rogers vs Bell vs Telus vs MTS vs SaskTel vs Videotron: iPhone 6 Contracts Compared for 2GB, 4GB Plans [CHART]


Today was the iPhone 6 launch in Canada and if you’re still on the fence deciding on what to get for a contract, we’ve compared shareable 2GB and 4GB plans from Rogers, Telus and Bell for new users. Update: New chart added reflects prices from MTS, SaskTel and Videotron too.

The comparisons are into three segments of the country, as price plans differ in various regions:

  • Alberta, BC, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I and Newfoundland
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Activation fees, unlock fees and bring your own device (BYO) discounts are reflected. The comparisons take into account bringing your own unlocked iPhone 6 with the BYOD discount versus the same plan but on a 2-year subsidized iPhone 6 contract.

The best ‘deal’ is highlight in yellow, which looks to be signing a contract, if you’re new to the iPhone and want at least a 2GB or 4GB data plan.

Check out the chart below (Update Sept. 24–added revised chart with MTS, SaskTel and Videotron; also note Bell’s page was showing 2GB for $40, when it’s supposed to be $30)

For a larger image, click here.

Don’t forget to check out our numbers on whether it’s better to buy an unlocked iPhone 6 or sign up for one on contract, depending on your existing monthly plan.

Update Sept. 19: We have added a revised chart based on your feedback. Thanks folks!

1. Bell Quebec figures have been modified
2. A note has been added to explain that the Telus Quebec plans only include provincial wide calling.

This comparison table was done by Gregory Fine, an avid iPhone user based in Montreal. His day job is as a supervising producer, making TV series for various major networks. Gregory can be reached at


  • Jason Bjerke

    Ok, I have heard Wind isn’t that good outside of Metro van, anyone in Richmond willing to say how they are. Mostly stick around the metro van area. Tempting for $40/month for unlimited text talk and data. I currently have 2 phone on a bell bus plan with 12gb shared data and 1100 shared minutes, unlimited text. Extra $20/moth for better service?? On the fence, as I would be using unlocked 4s for a few months before splurging on the 6plus

  • Nathan


    I live in Quebec and some prices in this chart are not right.
    the Bell 85 $ Plan is 6GB and the Telus Plan is only province-wide calling.

    Anyway, I thought the prices in Quebec were bad until I saw what other provinces pay (except Saskatchewan and Manitoba). The prices are kinda ok now.

  • Eric

    I can’t find Bell 2gb in Ontario for $90. For a new customer the voice needs to be $60 and 2gb is $40.

  • Pete

    Your iPhone 4s won’t work on Wind since it doesn’t support their AWS bands. Take a look at Wind’s website for their iPhone compatibility. They support some iPhone 5’s, and all 5s or newer.

  • T33BS

    And will wind only run 3G network or will LTE work? If anyone has experience of using Wind Mobile in Victoria, please chime in!!!

  • Anthony P

    I had Wind for 2 months starting in June. Well I paid one month only and they gave me another month free because of network issue. I have had network problem since the first day. I am always near Metro town area during the day and downtown at night. Unlimited data is not really unlimited. Read the fine print. Try it if you like but I would not go back even if it is free. I wasn’t even able to use it when they gave it to me for free that second month. I am back to Fido for good. I would pay $30 more on coverage and speed any time any day after the nightmare that I had.

  • lumberframe

    I got the best plan 5gb of data, canadawide calling , texting (pic and video) all for $65.00 month to month. FIDO ROCKS.

  • Error:

    Bell Quebec – 4 Go (no 2 Go) 80$

    2 Go = 75$
    4 Go = 80$

  • Gregory Fine

    What province are you in?

  • Gregory Fine

    I just chatted with Bell. They confirmed that the correct price is $30 for the 2GB plan.On Bell’s website, If you go to Rate Plans/Personal Shareable, you will see a base price of $60 for ALL plus devices (this includes the iPhone 6). Scroll down further and you’ll see 2GB for $30. The problem is that if you choose to buy an iPhone 6 and then pick a plan it will show 2GB of data for $40. As mentioned though this is an error. Hope this helps.

  • khangt1

    Don’t forget that you can’t use iMessage on Wind, even if they offer nano SIMs 🙁

  • Thanks for your feedback. Chart updated:

    1. Bell Quebec figures have been modified

    2. A note has been added to explain that the Telus Quebec plans only include provincial wide calling.

  • leafstom

    Exactly the information I? was looking for. Thanks again Gary!

  • RocketanCC

    That’s why my wife and I have to buy our phones outright from now on so we don’t lose our old plans. $62 a month for voice, unlimited picture and video messaging and 6 gigs each of shareable data that we share with our 2 kids on our family plan. All from Bell. The same plan now would be about double.

  • Cheers 🙂

  • seaottr

    None of those are restrictions. That’s the way all carriers work. Rogers just makes it easier for customers to see/understand than the other carriers. No service provide offers coverage EVERYWHERE in Canada, therefore “Coverage not available in all areas” applies to all. Domestic roaming rates apply with all service providers as well (if you are outside of your local calling area, your service provider charges long distance for incoming calls or outgoing calls to a different area code from the one you are currently in). International long distance, text to landline (if the service provider even offers it) and roaming charges are also applicable to all service providers. Everything in these “small details” are applicable.

  • pmarcovi

    You can easily use iMessage with your Apple ID.

    There is also a way to “activate” the phone number, somewhat complicated but doable. Search in Apple support communities.

  • Riddlemethis

    where’s the $30 or $35/6GB data option?

  • Dragoslav Zuber

    I AGREE 100% I live in southern ontario and i cannot use my phone anywhere thats not a downtown area. It is so slow and when i go inside any department store, gym, warehouse, indoor pool, and basement i get switched to wind away. Switching to rogers will be the best thing i ever do. winds network is so slow its a pain to watch videos or browse the web. not to mention how it’ll affect iMessage and FaceTime not only on your iPhone, but on your iPad and mac (if you have and use them).

  • MetaMan

    As I remember a Rogers customer retention agent offered me a way to keep my old plan last time I upgraded. Later they caved and made it even simpler. The initial solution was order the new iPhone under a new cheap plan, transfer to the phone over to the old plan then cancel the new plan within the 30 day cancellation period. Technically the phone is still attached to a plan/contract so it still meets the criteria for a subsidy by bypasses the normal upgrade policy trying to get customers off Grandfathered plans. I really want to keep my 6G plan. Sharing sounds great (spousal cell, iPad, etc.), but not at these prices. Faster speed sounds great also but Rogers seems determined to make broadband wireless unrealistic. What good is 150 GB 4G and streaming if your data is used up in the 1st few days of your billing cycle. Well what good is it for the customer.

    Wireless carriers remain one of the highest gross margin industries in the Canadian market place (60%+, venture capital numbers) and will seemingly stop at nothing to gouge another pound of flesh out their customers. The industry runs circles around the CRTC which seem like hapless pawn in controlling these defacto “Cartels” running rampant in our country, meanwhile the Ottawa politico have their palms deep inside the industries lobby’s pocket with the tacit understanding that the status quo will be maintained at any cost. Telecommunications is a strategic technology critical for Canada’s competitiveness in the Global market place yet Ottawa doesn’t seem to follow through and the carriers don’t care, though they sure quick to whine with straw man arguments whenever some new attempt is made to regulate them towards competitiveness. The US has the NRA, Canada has the CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association).


  • Marina Weissman

    I have the same thing but includes US unlimited calling and its a 2 year plan

  • My 1/2 cents

    It doesn’t really matter for many people in BC, at least. The carriers have you by the gonads.

    I did the math. It is NOT cheaper to buy the device outright. I have a legacy corporate plan right now. Should I keep my existing legacy plan which includes 6GB of data plus unlimited evening and weekends, plus text messaging (not MMS). My total cost including tax over 2 years for the iphone 6 is $2184.

    Now, should I ditch my legacy plan which I would have to and go for the newer plan with the same features but with only 3 GB of data (not 6 GB) it would be an extra $10/month plus tax. Should I pick up the same iPhone 6 that’s being sold today (Xmas 2014) for $90 including tax on a two year renewal or new contract I would pay $481.20 more over the 24 months!.

  • jake

    can you tell me how can i get this plan. I have corporate
    my E-mail:

  • johnhenry3

    You are very smart in doing that. I am with Bell and get the same thing because I signed up for a plan that had not a 3-6 month promotion last January, it was one of the first full roaming in Canada(at the time) with 2 gigs data for a reasonable price, $65+tax. The same plan now is at $85+tax even bringing your own device, and the dollar value equivalent today only gives you 500MB. Bring your own always is the way to go and bang on, shareable is best for a family. These companies are gouging us through the nose and is the most expensive plans in the world almost for cell phone and internet for any country(Western world).

    My problem is Bell will not give me a bundle on my services or put them on the same bill and I try every month which would minus $10/mo. They lie to me always because Mobility is separate and say it takes 2 billing cycles to kick in, this has happened countless times over the last year. I moved home phone to cell and they even sent me Christmas and Birthday cards to come back to Bell, well I am still with them I just went to Bell Mobility. Tried switching to Rogers and they are more expensive no matter what plans I try though all they offer is hockey or NHL instead. Let me tell you though Rogers and all others internet is way slower from all private studies, Bell still gets the number one rating in all private testing in Canada. Keep your plans you have and if they ever try to screw you call the loyalty department, that is what I do and I get a kick down for the hassles I get from them. So tired of Bell ripping me off but they do give the best quality of service but always changing the terms on me, as I say tried to switch and not much better anywhere else out there, like $40 more for the same thing, well plus NHL, LOL

  • johnhenry3

    Call them, I was quoted $85 when changing things but my plan I locked into was $65 last January(free CA roaming/2GB) so I do not change a thing EVER on my cell phone. Bring your own device is the way to go man and saves money every month, you can get them down for a new customer if you say you are switching from elsewhere. Good luck but this is months old so hope you made it work.

  • johnhenry3

    CRTC is the people at Rogers and Bell running it, they work like Haliburton and the Senate or Government in the US in and out like a revolving door. In November the CRTC decided(Bell or Rogers exec, I forget which one in charge) said internet across the board in Canada was too cheap so they added a 5-$10 mandatory monthly charge on each and everyone of our bills, look at your bill before and after. Then the companies claim it was the CRTC. I work with the CRTC and SOCAN and many agencies and they are ruining everything for Canadians and fair practice as well as content distribution and competition in the marketplace. I want to start a group called Fair Internet and Communications Services, The FICS(pronounced Fix) or something like that, it is worth it for the consumer to get involved and fight these people.

  • bonvivantmike

    Hi – I too would like to know how you got this plan.

  • bonvivantmike

    Hello Marina – Could you please let me know more about your plan? My old 3-year plan is up this month.