Save 50% Off Apple iPhone 6 Cases and More at Rogers Corporate Stores


If you’re looking for a sale on Apple’s official iPhone cases, Rogers corporate stores have launched a sale starting today until September 30, informs the company via email. You can get existing cases on sale for 50% off, which is a substantial discount on Apple OEM accessories.

For example, an iPhone 5c case is listed at $34.99, but the sale price is $17.49.

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You may recall Fido corporate stores launched a similar sale last week, with Apple’s iPhone 6 leather cases at $27.50 and silicone cases at $22.50. You’ll most likely see similar prices at Rogers corporate stores.

Let us know what you end up picking up in-store!


  • wongnog

    Title mentions iPhone 6 cases on sale but the example in the article is for iPhone 5c cases. What gives?

  • Couldn’t find iPhone 6 cases on the Rogers website but they should in-store. Hence, the lowly iPhone 5c graphic 0_o

  • Anthony

    Not sure about Rogers but Fido had iPhone 6/6 plus cases 50% off for sure. I bought a few yesterday and I would think Rogers would be the same. I’m actually thinking of returning two and just keeping the one because I’m nervous they won’t fit the 6S with all the rumours of it getting bigger.

  • Rogers emailed us about the 50% off sale at both Rogers/Fido corporate stores, it’s a matter of seeing what’s available in your area.

    Yeah I would also be wary of saving a case for the iPhone 6s, but it’s hard to pass up at 50% off!