Apple Online Store Closed! New Products Coming?


Hey everyone, just a quick post. I just noticed the Apple Online Store is closed with a message that says: “We are updating the store for you and will be back shortly.” Normally Apple doesn’t shut down the online store unless some product refreshes are coming. Also, Apple normally releases new products or refreshes on Tuesdays.


So…what could be coming?
New iMacs with Blu-Ray drives?
Redesigned MacBooks?
New iPhone 3GS capacities? Maybe 64GB?
iPod Touch with Cameras?
New Tablet?

If something was to come, it is definitely in Apple’s interest to release these products well in advance of this year’s holiday shopping. Even though the economic climate is tough, people still love spending money on gadgets and toys! What do you think could be coming?


  • Dusty

    I would just like to see this rumored Tablet. Although the rumors are its released is Early 2010…
    New iPhone would be next year i'd say.
    Prob the new iMacs or Macbooks with some of those new features, you never know with Apple as they release new products whenever and money makers 😛

  • Guest

    Update: 'Twas nothing, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

    The Apple store seems to be working now… I never pay attention to the Apple store so I dunno if anything changed.