Rogers Promos: BYOD Discount Increases, Student Offers, Double Data on Select Plans


Starting tomorrow, Rogers will introduce a few promotions, such as the increase of its Bring Your Own Device discount to $20 (instead of just 10% off), reports MobileSyrup, which will be applied to month-to-month Share Ready Talk and Text & Wireless Internet plans, matching what TELUS and Bell have offered with their recently updated two-year term pricing, as shown below (TELUS):

Screen Shot 2013 08 15 at 2 15 44 PM

Other promotions by Rogers include the following:

  • Students activating on two-year Smart Picks plans will get $5 off per month from August 16 to September 30
  • Double the data on select plans for back to school: $50, $60 and $75 Smart Pick plans get double the data (now 400MB, 500MB, 2GB); $85 and $105 Share Plans get double the data (now 2GB and 6GB).

If you signed up with one of these plans recently, be sure to call in and switch to one of these promos.


  • Chrome262

    More data is good. But 105 for 6 gig? I love this illusion of completion.

  • kev

    Is the BYOD discount across all plans? So the $75 plan would be $55?

  • rob0302

    $105 for 6 gigs of Data??? This is a promo deal? My data plan is from 2 years ago, $30 for 6 gigs. if these companies are serious about keeping Verizon out of Canada they
    should probably start by getting the consumers on their side.. Looks to me like the prices are going up instead of down..

  • djepsilon

    This might be a dumb question, but I am assuming the big 3 will “make” you switch to one of their new 2-year plans if you get a subsidized phone right? You can’t get the discounted phone and just lock in for two years at your current price plan can you? (I’m guessing no one has tried yet since the new plans are pretty atrocious!)