Chatr Promo Plans: $50 for Unlimited Nationwide Calling and 6GB Data


Rogers-owned Chatr has some promotional plans right now, offering three plans priced from $40 to $50, with unlimited nationwide calling and international text, along with voicemail.

Basically these plans are getting bonus data thrown in. Here’s what’s available:

  • $40/month: 2GB at 3G speed (1GB bonus)
  • $45/month: 3GB at 3G speed (1GB bonus)
  • $50/month: 6GB at 3G speed (2GB bonus)

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Again, data is on the Rogers 3G network, so speeds will be much slower compared to LTE. Chatr caps your 3G download speeds to a paltry 3Mbps, while there is no access to Rogers’ enhanced network coverage. So if you’re traveling on BC highways, other networks such as Public Mobile may be a better option.

[via RFD]


  • Kris

    3G speeds… no thanks!

  • So Young

    its pricey to just have 3G capped speeds…

  • NOHoldsBar

    I recall when Roam Mobility first debuted with 2G speeds…and guess who [here] was promoting them?

    A few delusional or paid employees by Roam Mobility were saying that 2G speeds were perfectly fine. 3G is now barely tolerable due to the amount of data being pushed at any given time.

  • Mohamed

    3g speeds actually work good it’s the 2g that’s bad I can watch HD YouTube videos in 1080p without it freezing it’s actually good

  • Heretic

    3 g is still acceptable. Most people don’t even notice their speed anyways. Some will hate it though yes, but very few.

  • bbousquet

    Fido just followed suit at 49$ for 6GB in QC

  • raslucas

    I wish Rogers had kept Mobilicity around the way Telus did with Public. Chatr may be 3G only, but how cool would it be to have a carrier that’s LTE only? I guess just avoid Kerrisdale is Vancouver eh?

  • TwitchyPuppy

    If you’re in their Home zone, you actually have unlimited 3G speeds. But their Home zone isn’t really any bigger than Freedom Mobile’s one.