Rogers Early Upgrade Fee Increases to $20 Per Month for Smartphones


Back in May of 2011 Rogers introduced a new early upgrade fee policy and as of today that fee has jumped back to the original $20 per month for smartphone and premium smartphone customers according to MobileSyrup, and will only affect a select number of customers.

Previously, this early upgrade fee was $13 per month for premium devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry. Essentially, if you signed a term contract prior to January 22, 2012, you will now pay $20 per month to upgrade depending on how many months you have remaining until your eligible hardware upgrade date. Let’s provide an example.

If you have a Rogers iPhone 4 (smartphone, premium smartphone category) with 8 months until your upgrade eligibility date and wanted to upgrade early to an iPhone 5, you would pay:

Months remaining until HUP: 8 months x $20.00 = $160.00
New HUP device cost: 16GB iPhone 5 (regular 3-year price) = $159.00
Total paid: $319.00 on a 3 year voice and data plan

The memo notes customers will be able to continue to upgrade as early as one month into their terms. For quick messaging devices, Rocket Stick, tablets and Smartphone Lite, the fee remains at $10 per month. Thoughts?


  • Dave

    How on Earth does that make any sense? Rogers early upgrade fees are calculated on the basis of 36 month contracts.

    That means that if you wish to upgrade after one month, it will cost you 35 x $20 = $700 to cover the $470 subsidy.

    Has Rogers reduced the 36 month upgrade period down to 24 months? If so, that would make sense. If not, Rogers is effectively stealing your money if you wish you upgrade early.

  • Brian

    It’s the normal rip off that no one should pay. What you do is get the phone you want on another provider and port your old number over which instantly cancels your contract. You get hit with large fees but if the phone you had still holds value you ebay it or kijiji it and it works out cheaper than Rogers “upgrade bullshit” done it many times as long as your phones value is around 400-500

  • f1ght3r

    Only downside to that is no carriers are offering plans with 6gb of data at the moment. I really do hate Rogers but im stuck with them as I have an older plan which has the data (6gb) I need.

  • sup

    I am really like these changes. Really made my weekend.

  • +1

  • George

    One step forward, two step backwards.

  • n8

    with the new crtc rules starting in dec it states

    “When a service provider notifies a customer that it intends to change a key contract term or condition during the commitment period, the customer may refuse the change”

    say rogers were to do this after this new rule starts. would we be able to refuse it? if we refuse it then what happens?

  • beavisaur

    I love how we all ‘sign’ contracts and enter into agreements, but anytime we would like to make changes – say change our phone for a new one – we are screwed into early cancellation fees or other bullshit. On the other hand, anytime Rogers would like to make changes – say increase fees, increase the monthly charge, change all the rules – we have no recourse at all.

  • FragilityG4

    You didn’t really think contracts were for the benefit of customers did you?

  • FragilityG4

    I think the contract remains the same or you can leave without penalty.

  • Anthony W

    When I was in Asia, everyone buys the phone full price and unlocked. If someone can’t afford a $700 phone, he will go buy a $100 to $300 phone.

    In Canada, most people ask for “free” or cheap price on phones, including high end phones. I see 12 years old kids walking in the mall holding $700 phones all the time. What’s up with that?

    I guess Canadian carriers spoil customers right from the beginning that it is like a virus to customers, including myself. LOL!

  • Anthony W

    It means starting in Dec, when you sign a new term contract, anything that is said at that contract you are reading cannot be change.

    So you can’t refuse this rule if this rule is at the contract which you sign is right there from the beginning.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  • John Linden

    Isn’t there also monthly EUF for data? Seriously, these telecommunication companies need serious punishment for messing with customers by changing terms in middle of contract.

  • eastcoast

    Everyone has the option of buying outright. Compare the cost of leasing a car vs having a loan vs buying outright. The choice is the consumers. Pay outright or be prepared to pay a higher price. As long as you know the options then the choice is yours. $700 phones are not a necessity and people are not entitled to get a new one whenever they feel like it.

  • eastcoast

    With the New CRTC rules and the rising prices of phones, the days of $0 phones will be coming to an end. Why would a company give you a free phone without assurance that they can recoup the cost and still make a profit. These are not charities.

  • Mac

    Right now if I lock in for 2 years I can get BB Q10 for 149.99 with 100 credit. Plus a $240 early hardware upgrade fee. It has been 2 year of my 3 year term, I am due for a new phone. In the past I could get a new phone Zero dollars every 24 months. CRTC changed that! Now my phone will cost me $290. Or $350 new on Kijiji with no term, why would I want to pay full price on my monthly fee if I dont get a discount? The contact does make any sense. It did in the past because I got a phone for free. Also Im going to need a cell regardless of a contract length, so I may as well get a deal. CRTC screwed Canadians!

  • PayAttention

    Upgrade eligibility date is 2 years into the contract, not 3.

  • thrthrthr

    i know right

  • Dave

    I’ve had my phone for 5yrs, it does everything your phone does, and I have no need to upgrade. You say you are due for a new phone ? Why ? that’s why Rogers and Bell make so much money and hike rates to get out of contracts. Because they know there are always going to be people who will buy their way out. Why should we get something for nothing ? If all businesses operated that way they would be out of business.