Fido Giving 1GB Data Free to Select Customers in Latest Text Message Campaign


Fido is texting select customers notifying them of an offer for 1GB free data per month, for up to 9 months, according to those receiving the message on RFD. The text message reads:

Hi, it’s Fido: treat yourself-on us! For a limited time, get an extra 1GB of data per month at no extra cost, just like that! Reply YES by 20-Aug-17 to activate your gift for you. Enjoy it as long as you have your current plan or until your next phone upgrade for up to 6 months (non-transferable). Questions?

This targeted offer appears to be showing up for those who signed up for Fido’s $60 plan with 6GB from Boxing Day. The free 1GB data, once accepted, will start on the next billing cycle.

Last fall, Fido gave customers 1GB free data during their 20th anniversary promo, while in the past similar targeted ‘gifts’ have also appeared for customers as well.

Back in July, a new free data initiative called Data Bytes launched, which offers Pulse Plan customers 5 hours of free data per month.

Let us know if you received this text message and if you accepted it.


  • Cody Woodward

    So 2 days ago I switched to the $75 10 GB pulse plan and asked for it to be instantly activated (making my older $60 for 6GB plan finished that night instead of at the end of the billing cycle which will insure prorated charges). The next day about 24 hours later I got this text for 1 bonus GB for 6 months and accepted it. So I’m hoping that now means I’ll receive 11GB/month for 6 months

  • Jeremy Blackwell


  • Jason

    Got my text yesterday 🙂 I called Fido to confirm it was legit.

  • Nice

  • Free data is the best data

  • Chantelle

    Fido email me to offer $65/6GB, but no, won’t take it. I’m paying $55/(3GB + 2GB bonus) now & don’t normally use half lol

  • SKS

    I got the text but I was for 2GB instead of 1.

    That may be because I’ve gone over the 6GB lately….

  • Elaine Leung

    Haven’t got anything yet! I hope i do!