Fido Launches $33 Canada-Wide Plan with 300MB Data, 250 Minutes


This evening Fido has added a new $33 per month Smart plan which offers 250 Canada-wide daytime minutes and 300 MB of data ($5/100MB overages). The plan is not eligible for any subsidies on two-year terms and is available nationwide.

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Other changes made tonight include a bump of daytime minutes to Text & Talk Standard plans. The base $27/month BYOD plan now has 300 minutes (100 before); the $35 plan doubles to 500; and the $40 plan now has 750 minutes (from 500).

Screenshot 2015 05 12 19 10 01

Last night, Fido extended their $45/1GB Smart plan indefinitely by removing mention of a specific expiry date.

If you or someone you know happens to be on one of the Text & Talk Standard plans, make sure you call in and get your extra minutes!


  • Zeke

    Hey Gary. Have you ever used Fido? If yes, was it any good?

  • Currently with Fido now. No complaints, decent coverage. Customer service reps have been helpful when I needed to talk to them on the phone.

  • hub2

    Compared to the plan my mom’s on ($34-10% BYOD + $5 visual voicemail), it drops the US and international texting (pointless, receiver would rarely be able to text back for free), drops voicemail entirely, but boosts data from 50 to 300 MB.

    Finally, a low-price plan with acceptable data allowance. If she doesn’t use voicemail much I might just switch her to this one.

  • MGSayah

    I’ve been with Fido for the past 6 years or so. I gotta admit it’s better than Bell customer service, prices are decent, but they don’t have a wide variety of phones for sale… Coverage on the other hand is pretty good, no complaints overall.

  • KBlazer07

    No problems with Fido either, had an old $25 plan (no data), which I just upgraded to the $45/1GB plan listed here previously (thanks for the heads up). (Plan is for my son who was paying $10/month extra for 100MB of data). Might drop him down to this plan though. Voice mail not used much and can use Facebook Messanger or WhatsApp for texting.