Fido Promo Offers $40/5GB Tab Small Plan and More to Some Customers


Looks like Fido is offering some existing customers in Ontario and BC promo plans, which can be viewed once you login to and check your lines.

Here’s what’s being offered:

  • $40/5GB (Tab Small $300 off upfront phone cost); save $40/mo
  • $55/5GB (Tab Medium $500 off upfront phone cost); save $30/mo
  • $75/10GB (Tab Medium); save $55/mo
  • $85/10GB (Tab Large $700 off upfront phone cost); save $60/mo

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Fido promo plan $75 10gb

These plans include unlimited Canada-wide minutes and unlimited international SMS/MMS. Data overages are billed at $7/100MB, or $70 per gigabyte. Members on RFD have confirmed seeing them in BC and Ontario.

Compared to regular pricing, these promo plans are much cheaper than what’s available for BC, Alberta and Ontario right now on Tab Small and Tab Medium Fido Pulse Plans. The 5GB plan is normally $80 per month on Tab Small, while a 10GB Tab Medium plan is normally $130 per month. Depending on what plans are showing for you, customers can expect to save anywhere from $30 to $60 off per month.

Again, to see these offers, you need to login to your account on and check your individual lines. Let us know if you’re seeing these promos under your account.


  • babbitt

    Bummer, it’s not showing up for me. Best they are offering me is the $50 version.

  • Juan A

    Called Fido 3 times, the best they gave me on a BYO plan was 50-10%($5) disscount because I have another line. 1gb+2g loyalty+unlimited mins+unlimited txt. At the end of the day ill paying $50.85 monthly

  • Babbitt

    And was there any upfront phone discount?

  • Juan A

    Yes, there was. However I dont recall the exact amount

  • DanDan Shu

    Not on my account and I have been customer for more than 15 yrs

  • Junaid Ahmed

    It is showing in my account. I am with fido since 2 years.

  • Junaid Ahmed

    In my account it is showing mediam $55 with 5GB data. Also showing large plan but no small plan.

  • Doris

    Mine said $50.00 for small plan and $55 for medium plan. This new plan would take away my free 1000 international minutes to those 8 countries.
    Where does it show “(Tab Small $300 off upfront phone cost)”?? Thanks.

  • Babbitt

    My account says the same thing. Customer for 9 years.

  • KBlazer07

    Just got offered $60/5GB, $300 credit, and $700 off a phone ($720 off iPhone X) to come back. Need to see what it costs to break my virgin contract ….

  • Yeah, same here. 🙁