Fido Launches $45/4GB Promo Plan to Match Virgin Mobile, Public Mobile [u]


Telus-owned Public Mobile recently launched a $45 promo plan (after AutoPay) with 4GB of data and unlimited province-wide calling and global text. This plan was matched by Bell-owned Virgin Mobile yesterday in Alberta, and now Rogers-owned Fido has matched it as well—but their plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling instead of provincial (updated).

Screenshot 2017 09 23 13 38 15

This Fido promo is only available in Alberta, and that is reflected on the company’s website:

Screenshot 2017 09 23 13 38 31

Interestingly enough, Telus’ flanker brand Koodo has not matched its own offer yet.

Again, if you were on a plan with less data, call in and make the switch.


  • xxxJDxxx

    It would be nice if you mentioned the provincial exclusions in the title of the article.

  • Si2k78

    What is happening in Alberta? Public available for those in Ontario. Same price.

  • Riddlemethis

    Fake news lol

  • YY

    Can Fido existing customer get this deal then?

  • Hello Moto ?????????

    Then they’ll increase the rates by $5 to $50/month like they did to people that got the previous Fido $40 for 4GB deal.

  • sarge

    Where does it say province wide calling only? I see “THIS PLAN INCLUDES
    Canada-wide calling3
    UNLIMITED Canada-wide calling evenings and weekends from 5 pm” which is very vague on what’s included

  • Olley

    well they bump my 4gig 40 dollar plan to 45 now so I gave them a call this morning and got 5 dollars off in the next 6 months as a good will gesture. oh well.

  • Thanks, updated.

  • kd7iwp

    Call them again! They gave me the $5 off for 9 months. I’m still disgusted that they would change it on me.

  • Olley

    Thanks. Talked to their twitter team and they will extend my discount to 9 months. Again this shouldn’t happen in the first place.