Fido to Launch New $49 Standard Plan, $55 Smart Plan with 800MB Data [u]


Fido is set to revamp its plans, with changes coming in the form of a $49 Standard Plan and $55 Smart Plan, with the following features:

800 anytime minutes
Unlimited weekends and evenings starting at 5 pm
Canada-wide long distance
Unlimited SMS/MMS
Call Display
Mini Voicemail
Unlimited circle calling
800 MB data (with additional data $5 per 250 MB)

The current $55 Smart Plan includes 1GB of data, same as the $50 Standard Plan. These updates show a reduction of data by 200MB and minutes by 200.

Customers can bring their own devices for 10% off these plans. Smart Plans and Standard Plans differ based on the subsidy customers receive towards handsets.

Also new is the $60 Standard Plan at a dollar cheaper at $59, while the $30 Standard Plan also has been reduced, now at $29.

The changes appeared briefly on Fido’s website but disappeared, however they were noted down by a member over at RedFlagDeals. Stay tuned as the website should update with these new plans, probably today or this week.

Update Jan. 15/14: The Fido website has been updated and the new plans are listed below.

Screenshot 2014-01-15 06.59.34

fido standard plans


  • kilowiko

    How’s about introducing plans that actually reflect what people want nowadays? Like minimum voice minutes and more data?
    I could care less if I had more than 100 minutes a month, but it would be great to have 10gb as a standard base to start from. Not to mention more realistic.

  • adam

    i agree. i used to have a 60$ 6gb 200 min plan and it was great, with a subsidized plan. i would call every 2 years, get a discount on early upgrade, sell my old iphone and fund my new one, now everyone screwed that over….

  • mcfilmmakers

    Unlimited voice & unlimited data for 60$. No excuses.

  • Chrome262

    I just renewed, I was just going to let my contract expire and use my fido dollars to get a new phone. Go month by month because I didn’t want to lose my 6 gig data plan. They looked at my plan, and said I am paying to much for my voice and text. So they offered to continue my 6 gig plan for 2 years and change me to the 35 dollar voice plan (500min, unlimited weekend and evenings, starting at 5) unlimited text and picture messages and internation incoming text. So I said sure. both me and my wife. And they took our old phones in trade giving us about 360 for them, plus our 300 fido dollars, we paid less then 100 bucks for two phones and new plans. Most of that were service fees. Oh yeah got all the call waiting and display and visual voice mail too, I think that was 4 bucks. So what I am saying is, you should just call them and see what you can get, especially if you have a decent data plan now.