Fido $50 Plan with 4GB Data, Unlimited Canada-Wide, Available at Select Dealers


Some Fido dealers have launched a $50 promo plan with 4GB of data, that comes with unlimited Canada-wide calling, plus 1000 bonus international minutes, and usual extras like call waiting, caller ID, etc.

The promo will offer the $50 per month price for six months, and after that it goes up by $10 to $60 per month, with 4GB of data.

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Not sure where to get my unlimited worldwide text ‘massage’

The plan was spotted at Pacific Mall in Markham (GTA), while others have stated Markville Mall’s Fido dealer is also promoting this plan.

This plan normally costs $50 per month with 1GB of data.

Others in the RFD thread have stated Koodo Mobile and Virgin are also offering this plan, but that is unconfirmed at this point. It’s your best bet to call a local dealer and find out what they’re offering in-store.

Let us know where you spot this $50/4GB plan and if you’re able to sign up.


  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    fido roam enabled ?

  • NOHoldsBar

    Cr ap. After 6 months you’re paying more. Talk about bait and switch

  • Cornfed710

    Just switch to Public Mobile already ????

  • Omis

    Does the text massage come with a happy ending?

  • Jason M

    Can anyone confirm if this is available in BC too?

  • Geoff

    Looks like Virgin has similar plans right now

  • LeSong

    Wait, So it’s 50$ for 10 month then it becomes 60$ !!
    And I have the same deal for 38$/month from Public Mobile ??
    Sorry Fido, You gotta play it smarter 🙂

  • Tim

    6 months, not 10.

  • Richard V. Martin

    I tried to sign up for this today here in London and found it is for people who want a new line. But they did give me something else, so it was worth calling in for.

  • Jason Penner

    its a rogers company so I don’t think the Massage ending will be a happy one. You will just get billed for it 🙁

  • jay

    i got the boxing day deal. most important for some are the 1000min international

  • Seb

    It’s the normal price in Québec 🙂

  • LeSong

    even worst ..

  • Eye21_Shippuden

    Does it still work this month or it’s already expired?