Fido Offering $50 Canada-Wide Retention Plan with 3GB Data


If you’re not already aware, one of the best ways to negotiate with your carrier is to talk to their Retentions department, as they usually have ‘powers’ to offer unlisted plans to keep your business.

Right now, Fido is offering a ‘retentions’ plan to customers offering the following:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • 3GB data ($5/250MB overages)
  • Unlimited global SMS/MMS
  • Spotify Premium; Daily Vice; Fido Roam
  • Caller ID, Voicemail (lite); (Visual Voicemail is $5 extra)
  • BYOD plan for $50 per month (SK/MB/QC–YMMV)

We were able to get a customer service rep to offer this right off the bat, without the need to talk to the Retentions department.

While the plan is not bad for $50 per month, data overages cost more, and the voicemail included is not visual voicemail for iPhone users (it’s a $5 add-on), compared to some grandfathered plans (i.e. the Canada-wide $56/2GB plan from a few years ago).

Let us know if you’re going to call into Fido and get this plan.

[via RFD]


  • Widohmaker

    Is this for Ontario as well?

  • Yes

  • 1_andrew_1

    They won’t offer this to you if you’re a current Rogers customer.. just tried.

  • Marco

    Not for me as I got subsidized phone and still 7 months to go before contract expiry. Wish I could get this… oh well

  • bbousquet

    You can always pay off your balance. That’s what the girlfriend did a few weeks ago to take advantage of the 40$ 2GB promo plan (QC).

  • K.

    Nope…Will wait until my contract with 6GB plan is up in Sept and will use Fido$ to get a 6S.
    Will likely switch to 75$ for 4GB.

  • Chris Zhu

    Thanks Gary! They were able to change my plan after I mentioned ‘switching to wind’. Was on the $57 3GB plan but now it’s even cheaper!

  • zeiesfirdaus

    i am an existing Fido Customer; they offered it to me once I threatened suggested that I will leave…

  • Jason Chu

    You say this is a retention plan. So this would be useless for someone under Telus. Or can I walk into a store willing to port to Fido.

  • Chris Zhu

    same here!

  • BCEd

    Fido $ expire July 6

  • joe

    shame..I was under the impression that we can still use it after the expiration date but just not being able to accumulate more Fido $ after that day.

  • K.

    You are correct. Can still use mine until 2018 I was told.

  • Dehop

    Enticing since my grandfathered plan doesn’t have Canada-wide calling, or unlimited text, but not enough to get me off my $55 6GB plan.

    And it wasn’t enough to keep me switching a family member from Fido to Koodo. All the discount carriers are offering 1 GB for $40 “for a limited time” (a major step up from the 50 MB for $34 she was on), but Koodo lets you get Visual Voicemail for $2/mo instead of in a $5 bundle with other useless stuff that Fido makes you get.

  • Marco

    Thanks, I was thinking about that as well. I reached out to fido and the buyout is $147 for me as of now, so not sure if it’s worth it.

  • jumpy

    Same here called to inquire about it and the rep said that only way I can get this plan is to mention Wind…Of course I did and I’m on the plan now…Only thing is that I had to pay out reminder of my contract which I did…now from $56/2GB I pay $50/3GB….works for me 🙂

  • Nice 🙂


  • Tami

    Is this a bring your own device plan? Can it also work if you are trying to upgrade your phone?

  • It’s a BYOD plan

  • Joanna

    I just switched over no problem, it helps that I’m not on contract right now. Thanks for saving me $25/m AND for getting me an extra gb of data. Also, thanks to the previous commenter for the tip about telling them about the Wind plan. 🙂

  • Steve

    I know they are the same company, but did you threaten to leave to Fido?

  • Cheers! 🙂

  • Steve

    1GB is pretty much useless. 3GB is even barely enough, but is absolutely worth it for $50. An extra $3 a month (for VV), is really peanuts seeing as you are getting an extra 2GB of data.

  • Steve

    It’s retention only. Although you could call Fido and tell them you would transfer over only IF you can get that retention deal.

  • Anon

    Is this retention plan only specifically for MB and SK? Will it work if I’m in Vancouver, BC?

  • Ron

    You got to be a Fido member for 90 days in order to get this “Loyalty Plan”. You also have to mention you are switching to a similar Wind plan, in order for them to even offer you it.

  • Yes. I called from BC and was offered it

  • Kiwi

    i just called to switch (I am in AB), initially the rep said I don’t meet their requirement for this retention plan, but then I said I will switch to WIND then she said this is what she needs to hear!! (so the requirement is you have to mention WIND)

  • mrnngg

    This is sick!

    All I did was start a live chat

    mentioned friend received a “wind competitive price plan” and the rep was able to pull it up within minutes

    signed up for $50/3gb in Vancouver

    Better hurry, Fido is changing their plan structure again!

  • Guidome

    Not offered in QC. They said to me “The $50 plan you’re referring to is a response to a Wind plan, it cannot be offered in Quebec as Wind is not a competitor”

  • N.

    So, got all fees waived and managed to keep my 6GB plan for 30$ AND use my Fido $ on a new phone…

    Best call ever with Fido…

  • Dehop

    You’re missing the point. This isn’t for me, in which case yes 1 GB would be useless (kinda; I have 6 GB, but truthfully rarely go above 1GB anyway), it’s for someone who’s been on Fido’s 50MB plan the last year. She’s a light user, but 50MB was just low enough that going over was always a concern. 1GB for a few dollars more, is more than sufficient. No need to waste an extra $10 a month for 2GB more data that she’ll never use.

  • ipostic

    Got online with Fido. Richard (customer rep) is denying that $50 3GB exists. Who am i to believe? 🙂

  • Say adios to Richard and get another rep…

  • tomm

    Hey Gary

    Fido just refused to give me the plan because I am in Victoria and Wind is apparently only in Vancouver, so we get discriminated against because we are in 250 area code. You are also SOL because you are in Sidney. I am on hold now to the retention department. They are also taking away my 10% loyalty discount – I’m on the $56 plan with 2 gb, my 10% expires today I am told by the regular rep – the loyalty guy said that is not correct, my 10% discount is staying and overages will remain at $10/gb because my plan is grandfathered.

    So it’s a no go for the $50/3gb plan for you and me Gary.

  • Hey Tomm, the rep I spoke with on the phone yesterday said the plan was available to me and made a point to jot down the offer in my account notes. So maybe I got lucky early before the barrage of calls after this post was made and on RFD…

  • tomm

    that sounds like a good idea, but I talked to the loyalty department and they confirmed that i’s not available here in Victoria. Should I also try another rep?

  • tomm

    Should I also try another rep? They might have put in the notes “Do NOT give this guy the 3 gb plan”, ha.

  • Yes, or try online chat too.

  • It’s worth a shot, be persistent and it might pay off 😀

  • Guidome

    Where do you live? This offer only applies (e.g. “exists”) where Wind is well established. Not in QC, for instance.

  • ipostic

    I talked to 3 reps. Finally Amanda on Twitter DM was able to switch both of my lines to $50 3GB Retention BYOD plans. Not sure if other 3 reps were lying or just had no clue how things work. She did it without any questions or hesitation.

  • ipostic

    I paid off my balance of $60 to switch earlier. Compare to what you are paying now and $50/month and see if it’s worth to pay things off earlier.

  • ipostic

    Red Deer, Alberta. No Wind service but still got $50 3GB BOYD after several attempts to talk to different reps.

  • tomm

    I persisted, but it did not help. They somehow always find out that area 250 does not qualify. One rep suggested that I could switch to area 604 and than it should work. I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle for 1 gb of data. I do retain my 10% discount apparently so my bill will be $50.40 and overages are $10/1 gb.

  • Jer

    So apparently the “wind plans” have expired at Fido. They tried to throw a $75/month plan with 3gb/unlimited at me that seems to be similar to the above. Doh.

  • Steve

    I thought the same way with my daughter a year ago. Her current needs were satisfied with a low data plan. That was until she started streaming music, and suddenly required more data on the go – but too late, locked into a 1GB plan. The overages were insane. My point is, needs change. Sometimes a when a deal comes up, might just be worth it to take it. But if your footing the bill, I guess you could care less 😉

  • Dehop

    Fortunately, this family member doesn’t listen to music much… or watch videos on the road. She has better self-control than a teenager 😛

    Also, this plan isn’t on a contract, it’s month-to-month.

  • M Lev

    I called Fido and was told the “wind” plan expired June 30th…

  • Fantôme de la Mémoire

    Can I still talk to Fido rep about this plan? I tried to call last week without knowing about this article and they didn’t offer me anything. I haven’t used data plans but planning to. I asked the rep if I can add-on and they told me ‘No.’ and asked me to sign up with current BYOP data plans. Any tips so I can talk this through?

  • Lesley

    Is this still a plan?