Fido Launches $55 Unlimited Canada-Wide Plan with 5GB for MB, SK


Fido has launched a new $55 per month unlimited Canada-wide talk and text plan with 5GB of data for residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Normally, this plan is priced at $60/month, but it’s been cut by $5. Those who bring their own devices can save 10% off their monthly plans as well.

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Virgin Mobile and Koodo offer a similar plan for $55/month, while comparable plans in the region from competitors such as Bell are $65/month; Rogers is $65/month; and Telus at $70/month.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this plan. If you’re a Fido customer in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, time to call in and get your plan changed to this!

Update: This is listed under Standard Plans and you may have to scroll to the right.

[via RFD]


  • Supacon

    Wow, great plan. Too bad us Albertans always seem to get screwed. Apparently there’s no real competition here.

  • Jesse

    Just saw this and was like omg phoning Fido now!! Then noticed that its only MB/SK. I currently have the 56 dollar promotion plan ($50.40 with the 10% off) with 2gb. It would be awfully nice to get this plan so I can shave 90 cents off and then add 3 GB of data. But one can only dream….

  • Supacon

    Out of curiousity… how hard would it be to sign up for a number with, say, some random address in Saskatchewan, then port your number and address later to an Alberta address? Surely they wouldn’t make you change your plan once you ‘moved’.

  • Guest

    Gary, I’m on Fido’s website right now and it appears that the price of this plan is $60. Did this already change since you posted? Was this an error?

  • Victor

    holy f… I’m still trying to get out of my $70 everything plan 2gb data for ages… painful

  • Supacon

    That’s the ‘smart’ plan, which doesn’t seem smart at all considering it requires a contract and is more expensive than the equivalent standard plan. I’m still scratching my head over what the difference is.

  • Chrome262

    agreed, some goes for us here int Toronto, apparently the big three have it so locked down that they can do whatever they want.

  • You need to go to the Standard Plans and it’s on the very right. Make sure the region selection is SK/MB. It’s still there

  • I have read on RFD others have tried this, not sure how it will work though.

  • I am on this $56/mo plan which has worked out quite well.

  • Erik Kappel

    Yea I’m on that plan as well, with the 10% off also. It’s a good plan, but I still feel like I’m waisting money on stuff I barely use. I have a plan to rid myself of most of my phone bill while maintaining all of the functionality. I’ll be sure to share my experience once I get it all sorted!

  • Nice. What I like is the $56 plan has not resulted in any overages so far, in particular long distance for me. The data itself acts like a flex plan at just $10/GB should I need more.

  • Erik Kappel

    Yea there has been only one month in which I went over data. The flex style extra kicked in and charged the extra 10$, not too bad.

  • Jesse

    Yeah that’s exactly how it is for me! I think I only went over once since I’ve had it.

  • It works. I have the $55 in Vancouver with a 604 number. FYI address is irrelevant. You only have to sign up with a SK or MB number and then port in your own number later. And you can only port at certain dealer stores. Call center and corporate store systems won’t allow it and Fido has no online porting.

  • Max Power

    Is it still possible to do this? I don’t see the deal listed anymore.