Fido $60/10GB Promo Plan Can Be Added via Online Self Serve [u]


The current $60/10GB promo plans being offered by Rogers/Fido, Telus/Koodo and Bell/Virgin are on fire right now (or, “lit”; is that the proper usage?!), but carrier employees are unable to keep up with demand from customers wanting to switch to these plans.

Customers of the ‘Big 3’ calling on the phone are seeing wait times of 1-3 hours, while even social media channels are overwhelmed, not even responding to queries today. Some poor Koodo customers found out the hard way phone lines disconnect after waiting two hours on hold (that is when the Virgin 1-800 number is not saying it’s not in service). Ouch.

To help alleviate pressure on phone and retail employees, Fido announced earlier tonight customers can now jump on the $60/10GB plan by switching to it themselves via My Account on

“Make sure to get in on our Holideals while they’re hot! Skip the wait times and stay one step ahead with our self-serve options. Select our $60 5GB BYOP Pulse plan, and a 5GB bonus will be automatically added!”, reads the tweet from @FidoSolutions.

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These promo plans are set to be available until December 18 (Fido/Virgin/Koodo goes until Dec. 19; double check yourself too), so it’s in your best interest to switch to it before they ‘expire’.

If you’re having trouble with wait times on the phone, try visiting a Rogers/Telus/Bell dealer such as Best Buy, or visit smaller kiosks such as The Mobile Shop within Superstore, or other wireless kiosks such as those found at Walmart or Costco.

What method did you use to switch over to these $60/10GB promo plans? Phone? Social media? Visiting an actual store? Click here to vote and tell us which carrier you picked for this popular 10GB plan.

Update: Rogers customers can also switch to this plan via the Rogers website and logging into their account.

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  • Stacey Clarkson Cardoso

    Can’t log into my account online. Looks like that’s been overwhelmed as well.

  • Ken

    I used MyRogers online to select the plan. It was so easy that I question the sanity of everyone trying to call in on the phone.

  • Andrew

    Which plan were you on before you switched?

    I don’t get to change to the new plan when my existing plan is a share everything plan.

  • 00cojo

    I walked into a mall, went to the virgin kiosk, 10 minutes later I had left rogers because they raised my rate 18% to the $65 6gb loyalty plan, had a plan they refused to grandfather before. I had made it clear when dealing with them that I would leave as soon as I had a better offer. Didn’t even want to talk to them.

  • Christopher Jones

    Wireless Wave always has excellent service. Walked in, was SUPER busy, but was able to discuss advantages and disadvantages with each carrier and add-on options, all while the rep was balancing two or more other customers. Impressive, and they really know their stuff. Walked out after no more than 20 mins with a new plan.

  • KNewman

    Which provider did you go with? Fido?

  • Christopher Jones

    I went with Rogers. I was with Fido, I know it’s technically the same company though. Didn’t want to go with Bell/Virgin or Telus/Koodo (they are on Bell’s network, plus WW doesn’t even deal with Telus), because I haven’t had as good an experience with those carriers, in terms of fast reliable data. Others may disagree with me about Rogers/Fido, but I’ve jumped around so different carriers so many times, I feel rather experienced with each carrier.

  • Ken

    I was on a very old Corp plan with no share everything or tab. Maybe that’s why I was able to do it online?

  • So Young

    I think it just depend where you live. I was with Telus for 10 years, and last year I switched to rogers. At home I have a much stronger LTE signal with Rogers, but in my sister’s house, its the opposite.

    Overall, networks are just better for some people than others.

  • Parksy

    I used MyRogers to switch my plan. Took me a long time to figure how to do it but then I realized my Issue. I was on a share plan and tried to change my primary number first but was only given other share plan options. I had to move the secondary numbers to the 10GB $60 plans first. When they were off the share plan, the non share plans were available on my primary line. Cash wise I’m spending the exact same as before but now have 3X more data then we had before.

  • Si2k78

    5gb bonus? Not this again. Is it permanent? Or does it expire after 24 months?

  • Riley Freeman

    all carriers need to do this. My friend did the online chat with telus and he was number 787 in the queue. Thats insane

  • Sean

    Permanent on all carriers.

  • Si2k78


  • migs

    Where does it say it’s permanent? Been trying to find this info

  • Si2k78

    Anyone on a corporate plan try to use this to negotiate for extra data?

  • Sean

    All carriers are now permanent. Check their websites. This website’s twitter account confirmed it yesterday as well.

  • Andrew J. Hutton

    You forgot to label this as a Paid Advertisement.

  • Hosaka

    Is there fine print to this? I can see carriers expiring/cancelling the bonus 5GB data in the near future because it’s just a bonus and not part of the actual plan.

  • Michel Plante

    It’s sucks that this offer doesn’t apply to all Canada 🙁

  • khiladi420

    I confirmed with bell when i was getting the plan. The data is permanent so is the plan as it’s a loyalty plan. It will stay on your account till you make a change to it.

  • Have a great day

  • khiladi420

    I don’t think you can. You’d have to change the account type from business to personal.

  • speedracer99

    It does. 60$ 10GB in Ontario Virgin Mobile

  • Michel Plante

    I mean Quebec province

  • KNewman

    Do a live chat and get it in writing from them that the plan n rate will not change after 24 months.

  • Makool


  • speedracer99

    Virgin Mobile 56$ 10 GB in Quebec

  • Joe Medeiros

    After switching to this $60/10GB plan… How much is your monthly payment after taxes?

  • disqus_kssZdS2chW

    Hello Everyone. Which service provider got the best value when it comes to features? Is there a chart somewhere that we can compare? Thanks

  • karinatwork

    How did you do that? It doesn’t give me the options.

  • Shalan Crivellari

    Anyone managed to get any of the big 3 to match Freedom’s price cut on this plan?

  • John Smith

    Christopher Jones, Telus is not on Bell’s network. You’re spreading misinformation. There is a tower sharing agreement but both Telus and Bell operate their own networks and towers. Wireless wave and tbooth do not sell Telus/Koodo as well. You’ll have to go to a Telus/Koodo, WoW mobile or Best Buy mobile.

  • Christopher Jones

    I have been told otherwise by Telus reps. You’re partially right though, they are not EXCLUSIVE to Bell’s network. Also, I don’t base a network coverage on where I LIVE, but rather all the areas that I am. I am literally all over the GTA almost every day. I need fast reliable network, and I’ve found that only Rogers/Fido sufficient enough

  • Ace

    I just spoke with Bell and was told the 10GB is non shareable data and while im eligible for the plan i cannot use it with my apple watch LTE plan which makes it pointless, was anyone else told that this is just for one device?? is it just Bell that offers the plan as non shareable?

  • warskull

    Wondering if anyone has gotten through to Business line as I want to know if the 30% off will be applied to this new plan