Fido Offers $80 Loyalty Plan with 10GB Data to Select Customers Again


Select Fido customers are receiving emails noting a loyalty offer, which offers an $80 Pulse Plan (unlimited Canada-wide minutes) with 10GB of data ($5/100MB overages), according to RFD:

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The offer reads “Set your sights on the one,” and “This special plan is made for you (it’s exclusively for <customer name>).” Recipients are told to call Fido’s 1-800 number to redeem the offer—which is available until Feb. 24—or visit a store.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this offer appear, as users spotted this same offering last September.

This plan is only available for residents in Ontario according to the original poster, but if anyone else has received one of these emails outside of the province, share it with others in the comments below. You could also try contacting Fido if you’re an existing user and ask if you can get this loyalty plan.


  • wahgee88

    I wonder what Plus category?

  • K.

    Plus15 (at least that’s what i was offered).

  • winnertakesteve

    A friend of mine was sent a similar email with an “exclusive” (read: terrible) offer of 1GB for $55. Then another email saying the previous email was sent in error and to please delete. Telcos really feel like massive shysters.

  • Dave

    It’s funny(and sad) I have been a Fido customer for 18 years and the best I could get recently was 90$ unlimited with 6Gb of data. I was assured this was the best possible deal for a valued customer like myself.

  • Aaron

    There was a Boxing Day promo which was $60 for 6Gb through fido

  • wahgee88

    That would be my guess. Thanks for the reply. I haven’t heard any friends of mine being offered this is BC.

  • K.

    Fido didn’t reach out to me. They offered this plan when I contacted them trying to resolve unrelated issue. I’m in BC as well.