Fido Launches $90 ‘Loyalty’ Max Plan with 4GB Data, Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling [u]


Fido has started to target customers who have pre-ordered the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with a new ‘exclusive’ $90 Max Plan which includes 4GB of data. Here’s what’s included, as confirmed to us by Fido over the phone:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes
  • 4GB of data; $10/500MB overages
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS to any cellphone number worldwide
  • Caller ID, mini voice mail (3 messages kept for 3 days max), etc
  • Requirement: you’ve been a Fido customer for at least 6 months

This plan has been sent out to customers via text message, urging them to call Fido to jump on this plan (but no price was given).

Fido msg: Thank you for making a reservation on the Fido Reservation System. As a loyal Fido customer, we would like to offer you an exclusive Max plan with up to 4GB of data. Call us today at 1-888-481-3436 to discuss your price plan options.

Fido is requiring existing users to have a minimum $60/month to be eligible for iPhone 6/6 Plus hardware upgrades. This ‘loyalty’ plan looks to drive existing customers to a more expensive plan with 4GB of data, currently not offered on the company’s website (excluding MB, SK, QC of course).

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Back in August, Fido launched a $65 Canada-wide plan with 5GB data to lure back ex-customers.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. If you’re on a current Max Plan, you can call in and try switching to this plan too.

Update: Looks like Rogers is offering something similar. Users are telling us the company is approaching customers with grandfathered plans to jump on $90 plans with 2GB or $95 with 4GB of data (thanks Chi Yan). 

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  • puffy03

    what a joke, plans are getting worse and worse as time goes by.

  • Oli

    Haha, I’ll stay with my 6GB for 30$. Sorry Fido

  • Bart

    Where you getting 6GB for 30 bucks?

  • GAH!

    My $67 Max plan has 2GB data, and overages are $10/1GB … so at 4GB is $3 cheaper, and more than that if I use less or more data. NOPE!

  • Luke

    Koodo $55 plan for the win 😉

  • Paul Voth

    I’m with Fido as well upgraded to the iPhone 6 and kept my 6gigs for $30

  • FragilityG4

    Legalized crime.

  • Jesse

    I’ll stick with my 50 bucks a months with unlimited everything + 5gbs of data..

  • K_pow3ll

    i got 6GB unlimited everything sms picture messaging unlimited nation wide unlimited local for 94.07 a month including tax

  • HeySamantha

    I landed a good Fido plan when they opened here in Halifax last June.. $65 Max Plan with a $10 credit on every bill as a “Thank you for joining us”. I pay $55 + tax, about $63 with either 1 or 2GB, I can’t remember. I only use about 750/month anyway.

    These plans are getting worse and worse. The prices are disgustingly high. Holding onto my plan with a death grip.

  • Riddlemethis

    The general public wanted 2 year contracts, the Conservatives pretended to listen to the consumer when in fact they are on the side of the Teleco’s they just aren’t public about it. Now, the Telecos with their 6 figure analysts recommended to management to capitalize on this and blame the 2 year contracts on the rate increases. Any sensible person knows this isn’t true. #sigh

  • Riddlemethis

    what does that give you?

  • Varto

    Freaking expensive lol… Clowns haha

  • Riddlemethis

    you’re lucky that Fido/Rogers didn’t screw up your account and cause you to lose your $30/6 GB like it happened to a some unfortunate people.

  • Riddlemethis

    wasnt it suppose to jump to $35 as of August 1?

  • Riddlemethis

    just watch…they’ll be purging these codes from their system, forcing people to jump to higher priced plans. it’s coming!

  • Riddlemethis

    it will hit us all eventually…make no mistake.

  • ????Dennis

    Fido only offers the iPhone 6 on plans over $60 if they are MAX plans. My smart plan is $65 with 5gb of data, but iPhone 6 doesn’t qualify.

    I don’t understand the how they define a standard/smart/max plan. I understand that they give different subsidy but how does a plan get categorized by that?

  • Shameer Mulji

    Finding a sensible person, these days, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

  • HeySamantha

    Nothing more than a money grab, I’m sure. iPhones are popular, so why not force the customer to pay one of the more expensive plans…

    Meanwhile in the states, Sprint is offering to buy out your current contract and give you unlimited everything for $50/month. Thanks, Canada.

  • k.

    I have a 30$/6GB with a 35$ voice plan…
    I’d take the 65$/5GB plan if I could though…

  • eileen

    Talked to Fido, staying with my 6 gb for $30.00. Usually runs about $60.00/mo. 6 is reserved.

  • Joe

    sigh..yea right contract expired and they increased mine to $35/6GB ..they said is the policy and I can’t take that back :/

  • Longo

    Prices have gone up while content lessens. They’re using the new 2 year contract as an excuse to gouge you more.

    Im paying $35 voice + $30 6gig because Im an existing customer. Just renewed for full iphone subsidy.

    $90 is a joke. I much rather buy the phone outright and shop around.

  • oli

    I have the exact same plan. 65$/month with 6gb and a subsidized iPhone 6. I upgraded, so I was able to keep my 6GB/30$

  • frank

    Rogers just emailed me a 8GB, $110 plan

  • STFU

    OK FIDO B*TCHES i already have 6GB data and unlimited calling for $65 a month..maybe the new losers will fall trap. good luck

  • Tim

    $35 per month for 5gb of data and unlimited voice, etc.

  • MleB1

    Crazy. This is a ‘deal’? Currently with Rogers (I know, I know…) I’ve got

    – unlimited local calls (in/out)
    – 500 minutes North America
    – 3 GB data
    – Canada-wide SMS – text, pics, video
    – visual voicemail


    Not an offer they are going to advertise willingly or in store, but it does exist talking to the right people on the phone.

  • Eric

    Horrible.. to spend $90 a month on a phone

  • v4porized

    So after complaing for quite a bit to a rogers rep. I was able to get 110$ for 6GB .. i kept trying and trying to get the 95 for 4 but just would’t budge on it.

  • Tim M

    if he’s in SK or MB, $55 gets him 5GB data plus the same voice/text stuff the rest of us get. Unlim. Canada-wide calling, unlim. Canada/International text, etc

  • Jesse Frank

    When Fido came to the Maritimes a little over a year ago I managed to grab a plan that includes unlimited texting, 450 minutes, call display, voicemail, early evenings, and 600 MB for $29.

    I don’t think I will ever be able to give it up.

  • HeySamantha

    Keep it for sure, just buy new phones outright. Would cost less in the long run.

  • MrBambinoDent

    This is ridiculous! That’s why I’m holding on to my Koodo $60 6gb plan with dear life! Yes I only have 250 day time minutes but still with unlimited incoming, 5pm unlimited I’ve never gone over for two years now! Data is far more important now imo! Of course they try to kick me out of it by refusing to upgrade my tab unless I get shafted with one f their new shitty plans but I’d rather buy my phone outright than pay $100 a month!

  • Anon

    Depends, where you are located?

  • john

    I have a good plan with fudo. 50 bucks unlimited data unlimited calling unlimited long distance calling and pics and video all because I threatend to leave to wind because of competitive Better prices. I’ve been with fudo for 10 years so they gave me this one in a lifetime deal. Screw these companies, they charge so much so what’s suggest to all of you is if you have the time keep calling and threatning to leave until you find someone nice who will do something about it (credit you offer you more for less). That’s what I do and i find one everytime.

  • john

    Omg you’re getting hustled. Call back and threaten to leVe to wind becUsr they offer better prices. I did that with Fido and since I’ve been. Long standing customer they give me s whole year uinited data (last month I usssd 14 gb) and everything unlimited for 50 bucks. Once my year is up im going to wind. You just have to keep calling until you find a right person

  • john

    Yeah I feel you. I hustled Fido. I kept cabing saying I was leaving to wind because they offer me better prices and I asked what can you do for me to stay. Most went along with protocol “well you have to pay cancellation fee” but I kept calling with the hopes of finding a nice person that would help which I did. 50 dollars a month Nd everything unlimited even data. (Last month used 14gb) . People don’t take the time to look at ways to save and just take whatever is offered. Even though I have the amazing deal 50 dollars Is still too much. Wind offers 35 dollars for what I have with fdo and had i not got the deal and paid like everyone else id be paying 90 dollars a month with 3 gbs depending if they gave the 6gb promotion. These companies are out to gouge us for as much as they can and its up to us to do our due dilligence in trying to find good deals

  • john

    I have that with Fido too. 50 dollars Unlimited everythibg with iphone 5s. A little loyalty ( 10 years with them) and a threat to leave to wind will do the trick.

  • MleB1


  • Biggy604

    Nope I like my 6GB granfathered plan thank you very much.