Fido Launches $94 Unlimited Canada-Wide Plan with 5GB Data


Back in May, Koodo launched a $94 Tab Small plan with 5GB, then Virgin followed suit in June. Fast forward to today and now Fido has entered the game by adding the same plan to its website, offering unlimited Canada-wide calling and 5GB of data ($5/250MB overages):

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Those who bring unlocked phones can take 10% off their monthly plans, taking this down to $84.60. For Smart Plans, which offer up to a $350 subsidy on contract, the plan is $5 more at $99. Merry Christmas!

Earlier today, we told you about a new Fido promo targeting select customers offering $0 early upgrades.


  • Bob J

    Lol… how is this even a deal

  • Not sure lol

  • aftoy

    Virgin in Sask, platinum plan unlimited Canada wide minutes, 5GB, $65. Bring your own phone, 10% off. $58.50? Who in Sask would be in their right mind to even consider this goofy pricing. Can’t believe the prices In Ontario. What gives?

    Lol, let you know if we jump on these plans! Maybe give a bit more info and more research on which province has this plan.

  • Yeah in the future we’ll be sure to mention this excludes SK/MB, as they are the exceptions, along with Quebec.

  • Jesse

    Hey!! It’s the same as my plan but mines $55 regularly but 49.50 with my 10% BYOD.

  • Tobi

    When the phone bill is more expensive than gas for the car per month…

  • K3

    ..they hand out actual golden knee pads?????????

  • gtasscarlo

    And I thought my $69 unlimited talk+text+ 6GB plan was a rip-off.

  • gtasscarlo

    What do you drive……

  • Marty

    he probably moves the car in and out of the garage only… lol

  • Tobi

    I’m a lady that drives a 2014 Corolla to and from work, picking up my kids from school, and the weekly grocery stops. I guess you could say I’m a typical soccer mom. I fill up about twice a month totaling now about $80/month now with gas being around $1/L. About 850km/month. I guess I’m lucky to have everything fairly close by.

  • hub2

    Not a bad idea, but one downside would be locals, either with landlines or cell phones without Canada-wide calling (like mine), can’t call you without incurring long distance charges.

    Of course there’s an easy workaround for cell phones: text to say they want to talk and you call them back. Those with landlines don’t have that option though.

  • Tim

    would be nice if there was competition outside of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, $55 for the same plan there. bleh

  • JMCD23

    Even at 1000km/month in any 4 banger car, worst case scenario is 10L/100km. So 100 litres of gas, costs less than $100 in many places now.

  • NuclearMayhem

    Way to go Fido. You must have worked extra hard to copy koodos plan. Sigh, I wish we’d get mb/sk prices here.