Fido Black Friday: Internet 60 Unlimited for $60/month


Fido has posted a Home Internet deal, where you can get their Internet 60 Unlimited plan for $60 per month. It comes with a free Wi-Fi modem, no contract or activation fee—plus comes with three months free, according to one RFD user who just got this deal.

Fido internet promo

There’s also an existing Rogers promo, which offers Ignite Gigabit Internet plus Popular TV for $99.99 per month, but you really need to work employees to get the offer.

Back in September, Fido offered the Internet 60 deal for $55/month for 12 months. The offer looks to be only available in Ontario, where Fido Internet is offered.

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  • Olley

    pretty good deal for home internet. too bad it’s not available in BC, but hey, can’t complain when those in ON couldn’t get 4GB for 40 deal last week 😛

  • Daniel Bley

    I never new Fido had home internet. Is it over LTE or wired (cable, dsl)?

  • Janker

    I jumped on this, for $10/month more I move from TekSavvy Cable Pro 25 with 400GB limit to this deal. Not bad. Thanks for sharing!

  • SV650


  • Cheers! Looks like a good deal for you.

  • Hehe we can’t win ’em all 🙂

  • Martini

    Can anyone chime in on quality of service, thx

  • Hoinam

    That’s if the network service doesn’t keep dropping like their mobile networks =(

  • @CykfCyyz

    Wired with a cable connection that runs on Rogers.
    I’ve had it for a few months now (300Gb for $50) without any issues downloading movies on my laptop while streaming HD to my TV.

  • Christian

    Be careful Rogers Bell fido all have the tendacy to raise price after 2 months , I signed up had it installed and they raised my price 5$ painful bs

  • raslucas

    It’s the same type of thing as Teksavvy but Rogers only. So anywhere that has teksavvy that uses Rogers network would have Fido home and it would work the same. Well maybe similar. I have TekSavvy in bc and I get teksavvy DNA servers populated. So that’s different I guess.

  • Martini

    Jumped on this deal last night over live chat. Thanks for the post. Cut the cord with Rogers two days ago and now Internet. No more contention with retention !!!!

  • Boom!

  • NOHoldsBar

    Gary is treading toward the dark side with his clickbait tweets and captions. He could’ve easily indicated in his tweet and headline this is geographic specific. That’s why I recommend everyone use an a D D B Locker so the unscrupulous don’t capitalize on these tactics.

  • thomaus

    The text I got with this deal said it’s on until November 30.
    We’re looking to change from Teksavvy for a dollar different.
    Almost double speed and no cap. Modem included.

  • Janker

    Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers, so you really just moved the cord 😉

  • Martini

    No Contract
    No Setup Fee
    No Modem Fee
    NMR……..No More Rogers for me .