Fido Boxing Day Promo: $60 BYOD Plan with 6GB Data


­Update: There are now rival plans from Koodo Mobile and Virgin Mobile, both offering $65/6GB plans with $10/month credits for 12 months, taking the plan down to $55/6GB for the first year.

Recovered from stuffing your face full of Christmas turkey yet? If you have, then you might want to check out Fido’s offer for Boxing Day, which is a $60 BYOD plan with 6GB of data ($5/100MB overages), with unlimited Canada-wide calling, SMS/MMS worldwide, call display, mini voicemail, circle calling and call waiting.

According to RFD, the plan is available to both new and existing subscribers in BC, Ontario and more. The plan is only available from Dec. 26 to 27th, so jump on this if you’re looking for a 6GB plan again. It does not qualify for Fido Roam.

ImageHow to switch to this plan? Call Fido or use online customer chat. If you’re a new customer, try to get a referral to get a $25 bill credit, and activate at a store like Best Buy as you could qualify for free gift cards or other extras. People are saying these plans are being advertised at dealers like Best Buy and Real Canadian Superstore.

If you previously switched to Fido’s $40/4GB plan, which they launched to target Public Mobile, this plan offers you 2GB more data for $20, and comes with unlimited nationwide calling versus just province-wide.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Update: Koodo has responded with their own Boxing Day Promo, offering a $65 plan with 6GB and $120 in bill credits.


  • Corey Beazer

    Just when I thought I was going to avoid all Boxing Day shopping.
    That’ll shave the $5 robbers just added to my old 6GB superplan, plus add unlimited nationwide calling.

  • Lol this was definitely unexpected. It’s a decent plan and surely aimed at signing people up at Fido stores and dealers for Boxing Day.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Let’s see if Virgin & Koodo answer back

  • Olivier

    FYI, the 8GB for $58.5 is still available as a BYOD plan if you’re in Quebec.

  • tomm

    I wonder how much more visual voice mail would be to add to this AND also if I would loose my 10% loyalty discount if I switched to it,

  • Drew

    Just switched from Rogers to Fido with this plan.. Had an existing account with Fido so the rep gave me 10% discount on this plan. So.. $54/mth. Thanks Gary!

  • tdotcspot

    Signed up at my local Best Buy. This is available in Alberta.

  • Nice

  • Even better! Cheers

  • #movingtoquebec

  • Shane Sparky

    Sadly doubt it, they didn’t with the $40/4GB plan earlier offered.

  • Jason

    Stop it Gary, you’re drunk!

  • tomm

    I just called Fido and talked to them about the 10% discount and I was told I would loose it, and visual voice mail would cost me $5/month more, so altogether this plan would cost me $65 rather than $51 I now have from 2 gb. So it’s a no go for me.

  • KonstantinRD

    Had $50 3GB loyalty plan in Alberta. Switched to $60 6GB today via Chat. Had to wait a while online but worth it. A few details:

    * $60 6GB plan is not a Fido Pulse plan so no Spotify included
    * This plan includes 1,000 minutes to these countries:
    1000 international LD minutes to: ? Australia
    ? Bangladesh
    ? China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan)
    ? Germany
    ? India
    ? Italy
    ? Mexico
    ? UK

    * 10% discount for second line applies only if you open a second line now. I have another line and that line is not eligible for 10% discount per rep. I”m sure some other reps would let it through 🙂

  • Andrew

    “The plan is only available from Dec. 26 to 27th”

    Is this INCLUSIVE of December 27th or should I be headed to the store before close tonight?

  • Pouet

    If you are in ottawa or quebec… You get better deal with videotron 6gb @ 66$… and you can get an S7 @ 0$ with porting credit !

  • Dehop

    And not be able to enter over 90% of the contests that come up?? 😉

  • AFAIK includes Dec 27, but of course make a call to confirm 😉

  • pc

    Just finished Live chat. Waited 30mins and the guy finished switching in 10 mins.

  • Nice, easy

  • Boom123

    For Ontario new customers, it is more beneficial to sign up via phone or do it in store at BestBuy? What are the benefits of each?

  • Nice!

  • #okaynotmovingtoquebec

  • I got nuthin but love for Quebec

  • Update: Koodo has answered back but for Ontario only. $65 plan with 6GB, plus $120 in bill credits:

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Let’s move Gary. Lol. good to see these plans , I wish these prices were not promos but regular but hey still better than nothing. Right!!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    That’s sucks. Montreal should fix it. Lol.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    True. I got nothing but love for Quebec. #chargeslessfordata

  • Tuan Bui

    1 hour wait.. But got 2 lines up and running. They sending the sim now!

  • coolspot

    Got this deal – thanks!

  • Cheers 🙂

  • YoGoerz

    I had signed up for the $40/4GB plan and am currently having the rep draft the paperwork for this.
    Thank you for the great reporting!!

  • Ya boiiii

  • Awesome!

  • Sometimes at Best Buy they will have promos where you can get a free gift card with new activations, best to go check or call and ask.

  • Jason

    signed up over the online chat yesterday, i’m in BC. Thanks for reporting!

  • Cool, enjoy the plan, Jason!

  • gtasscarlo

    I signed up for this. Fido sales rep on the phone was extremely fast and friendly.

  • Nice work!

  • Jeff Brown

    Can anyone send me a referral code?

  • Sam

    I just swapped all three of my lines to this plan, called in mentioned it it and they did it pretty quick… when did it become where you dont have to argue with a rep for an hour lol..

  • Jeff Brown

    I need a Fido referral code. Can anyone share?

  • SV650

    Just curious as to why this is a Sticky, but the plans from other providers just slide down the page?

  • When the Fido plan was offered, no matching plans were available from Koodo/Virgin, but that’s no longer the case. Hence why it was stickied so people could see it. We’re not shills or anything, relax 🙂

  • David Hannigan

    i signed up for this today at Superstore in Coquitlam BC. i am waiting on line to speak to someone if they will waive the $15 activation and or give me the $120 promo…. the guys at the kiosk didn’t think it would happen…

  • Raptors24

    Deal has been extended to December 28 (I’m at Fido employee)

  • Thanks!

  • MathieuM

    Hi Jeff, if you don’t already have one, shoot me an email at and I will send you a referral code. Cheers!

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    I am looking forward that fido launch the function “Wi-Fi Calling on supported iCloud-connected devices” . That would be very cool ????

  • tomm

    So I checked again and I’d definitely loose my 10% discount (from the $56/2gb plan) if I switched to the $60/6gb plan. Plus I’d have to pay $5 more for Visual Voice Mail, so $65 and no discount. The rep offered to switch me to the customer relations = retention or loyalty dept I think. After 1 hr wait I got to talk to a nice woman in customer relations and she searched for a good deal and came up with unpublicized deal $50/4 gb with mini voice mail, so I added $5 visual voice mail and while she was doing the work, she discovered that with this deal, I can retain the 10% discount, so I am back to $50 with 4 gb data, exactly the same as I had before but with double the data, pretty good deal .

  • Nice!

  • bbousquet

    WiFi calling has been working for months on Fido.

  • christine

    hi what is the referral code?

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    Yeah, I mean Wi-Fi Calling on supported iCloud-connected devices. It means even your phone is closed, you can also make wifi calling on your iPad or MacBook or iPod which you signed in the same iCloud account with your iPhone . You can google it” Wi-Fi Calling on supported iCloud-connected devices”

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    If your carrier supports Wi-Fi Calling on iCloud-connected devices, you can also make and receive Wi-Fi calls on other devices. You can use Wi-Fi Calling on these devices, even if your iPhone isn’t on the same Wi-Fi Network or turned on:
    iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9 or later
    Apple Watch with watchOS 2 or later
    Mac (2012 or later model) with OS X El Capitan
    Wi-Fi Calling isn’t available on Mac Pro (Mid 2012).
    Make sure that you’re signed in to iCloud and FaceTime with the same Apple ID that you use on your iPhone. Also make sure that your devices have the latest software.
    To place a Wi-Fi call from your iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Mac, follow these steps.
    Call from your iPad, iPod touch, or Mac

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    Wi-Fi Calling on supported iCloud-connected devices

  • Moka09

    Just got the plan here in BC. I’m a former customer relations consultant with rogers and so I know the systems very well. Got it with FIDO.

  • MathieuM

    Hi christine,

    Shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to help!

  • Okay, finally decided to take the plunge and jump on this one…. It’s basically exactly what I had on Rogers that I was paying $90/month for, but for $60/month instead, and the Rogers plan I was on was actually a loyalty plan.

    Hold times weren’t too crazy, although I originally landed in the wrong department, but everybody knew what I was talking about and what I wanted, it was just a matter of putting me through to the person who could do it for me. Once I got the right guy on the phone, it was about five minutes to set it up. I also added the iPhone Visual Voicemail package for an extra $5, which also includes Name Display — essentially the same thing I had on Rogers at the same additional price point.

    I guess I lose Roam Like Home, but I really don’t make it down to the U.S. all that often anymore (especially at a 1.35 exchange rate), so I realized that holding onto that was kind of pointless.

  • Joe

    So I got the $80/10GB data loyalty plan…not sure which one is better…

    $80/10GB of data
    • Unlimited local and Canada-wide minutes
    • Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, US and International numbers
    • Fido Roam
    • Call Display
    • Mini Voicemail
    • Call Waiting

  • KBlazer07

    Upgraded 2 lines for my kids. Called in, used callback feature, spent 10 minutes on phone. They gave 10% off both lines as well. Thanks, great offer. Also did Virgin offer for my phone, although didn’t get the $120 discount because it’s only an upgrade – either way, 2GB and unlimited calling for $5 more. Sweet deals.

  • Good savings for a tiny bit of work!

  • gtasscarlo

    I was pretty much in the same boat as you.

  • techfollower

    If anyone still wants this deal, I signed up for it but only wanted to use it as leverage to negotiate a plan with Rogers. I needed a new phone and so couldn’t really take this. When I went to cancel it, the Fido rep said that they had been getting a lot of angry calls cause the deal wasn’t available anymore and suggested that I should transfer mine to someone just cause it was in such high demand. Let me know if anyones interested – I would be willing to transfer my account to someone for a small price

  • That’s a heck of plan for Canada!

  • Nick

    For those who activated the $60 6GB plan with Fido on boxing day, if you call in Fido and get a hold of the retention department, they will add in an extra 2GB for 2 years no contract for being a loyal customer.