Fido BYOD Promo: $53 Gets 1GB, 300 Canada-Wide Mins, 5pm Evenings


If you’re about to switch to Fido with your unlocked smartphone, the company launched a new promo plan on Friday for new customers, offering 300 Canada-wide daytime minutes, 5pm evenings and weekends, plus 1GB of data ($5/250MB overages).

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The plan also includes unlimited international SMS/MMS, call display, voicemail (limited to 3 messages), Canada-wide Circle Calling and for those looking to sign a contract, it qualifies for free Spotify.

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The price of this plan is $7 below the $60/1GB plan, but the latter includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes.

Fido’s fine print says this $53 promo is “Available to customers who bring in an unlocked phone with new activation of Fido service.” So it doesn’t look like existing customers can call in and jump on this.


  • bbousquet

    Canadian cell providers are crooks. That’s a horrible price for something inferior to last year’s Black Friday promo (unlimited Canada-wide + 2 GB for 34$).

  • winnertakesteve

    yup. everything is getting more and more data heavy, providers keep citing “improving the network” for increasing prices, and yet data caps are going DOWN!?

    not even my retired dad can stay under 1gb, and all he does is text and share photos with his sisters using imessage.

    i’ve even managed to use up my 6gb several times, and if i they ever discontinue that, well i don’t know what i’ll do, because they have us over a barrel with zero competitive options. 🙁

  • Melody Springer

    Is that a joke??? What are we supposed to do with 1GB???? And you guys promote that like if it was the most amazing news ever? Did they pay you to feed us that BS? Come on…

  • Widohmaker

    I think Fido needs to grab a dictionary and check the meaning of ‘deal’ and ‘rocks’.

  • Eric

    you can download 1 song or send 1 iMessage with 1GB

  • Wall Man

    Not really, but I know what you are really trying to say.

    Would you believe that I have actually gone a month with under 100 MB of use? Sure it was a pain but a nice challenge. I tethered at work and home as well as used hotspots.

    My average is actually 1GB/mth. I’m not a heavy user outside of wifi. I typically clock about 40GB on wifi.

    So can it be done, yes. But the experience is far from ideal and new users can easily go over the 1 GB with a video or 2.

    Also. In the face of current rates, a $53 1GB deal is still a deal in comparison to what is available today.

    Do we all want more, sure. Do I wish I got in on the 6 GB for $30 deal from years ago? Sure, but I can’t get it. If some others can, good for you, but I have not. I’m happy with my 2GB plan that is over 2 years old. I’m not giving it up and I paid full price for my phone so I wouldn’t lose it.

    So thanks Gary for posting up these deals. At least I help guide friends looking for something better than they have now. I’d rather point someone who is coming off a ROBELUS plan over to Fido if it can save them $20-$30 per month. Or any other provider that is offering a good discount.

  • Tim

    $53 for 1GB? I pay $54.24 for 5GB. Ontario really needs a provincial carrier