Fido My Account for iOS Launches ‘DeviceAid’, Here’s How to Find It


Fido has launched a new customer service tool called DeviceAid, found within their My Account iOS app. The company says DeviceAid “is like a personal smartphone expert at your fingertips that self-diagnoses your device issues and provides quick and personalized advice.”

Customers can type questions into DeviceAid and it’ll auto populate with questions with answers you might be looking for. The only thing about DeviceAid is it’s not exactly highlighted within the app, as you need to navigate through the Help menu to find it, as seen below:

IMG 2361 IMG 2362

For example, you can ask DeviceAid a question like “How do I turn off data?” and it’ll show possible answers to your question:

IMG 2365 IMG 2366

If you agree, DeviceAid asks to send you push notifications, plus when you use the service, the following device information is sent to Fido:

IMG 2363 IMG 2364

I can see how DeviceAid may be useful for smartphone beginners, but if you have a burning question a quick Google search may be easier and faster.

Yesterday Fido also announced Fido Faves, which are smartphones priced at $50 or below on contract, that come with a two-year warranty, with the first devices being the ZTE Axon and Huawei Y6.


  • Wall Man

    So how has the new Fido ios app been working for people? I’ve not upgraded since it came to the app store in Jan 12/16. The reviews in the app store are really bad. Last time I updated right away and it took a few days for it to actually work. But I have to enter my password everytime.

    Does it work on wifi or is it back to just cell? Can you actually get into the app to see your usage and billing info? Like what you would expect?

  • bbousquet

    Works OK for me. It’s just a mobile version of the “My Account” web page wrapped into an iOS app. I wish they would support TouchID instead of requiring the password every time. Data usage notifications would be cool, too (when you reach set percentages of your monthly quota). At least the French translation is decent this time around (the old app was horrible and they never fixed it, even after multiple complaints).