Fido Dollars to End in April, Redemption Deadline in July 2016


Fido has informed customers its FidoREWARDS program is coming to an end, with the last day to earn FidoDOLLARS set to take place on April 6, 2016, with the last possible day to redeem dollars set for July 6, 2016.

The notice was added to the third page of Fido customer e-bills, titled “Important notice regarding discontinuation of the FidoREWARDS program”.

Fido explains why this is happening, saying “since participation in FidoREWARDS is going down and interest in services like Spotify Premium and DAILY VICE is going up, we are phasing out our current FidoREWARDS program to refocus our efforts on creating value for you.”

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The company spells out a few scenarios for month-to-month users, users on contracts and others:

1. FidoREWARDS members, if subscribed to a monthly plan as of April 6, 2016, will no longer earn dollar rewards—and be able to redeem dollars until July 6, 2016.

2. If on April 6, 2016, you’re on a term agreement that earns FidoDOLLARS, “you’ll no longer earn FidoDOLLARS as of the end of your current term,” and will be able to redeem these rewards until July 6, 2018.

3. For those on Fido plans that do not earn FidoDOLLARS, but have a balance, they will have until July 6, 2016 to redeem these dollars.

What about those people with multiple lines? Fido says “If on April 6, 2016, you have multiple lines that earn FidoDOLLARS and at least one of them is subscribed to a plan on a term agreement, each line will stop earning as set out above, however you’ll be able to redeem your accumulated FidoDOLLARS balance under the program until July 6, 2018.”

The bottom line—no matter what happens, if the redemption date passes, your FidoDOLLARS will be gone as the program will end.

Users have been able to apply accumulated FidoDOLLARS to new contracts to reduce the initial cost of smartphones. Looks like Rogers, the parent company of Fido, no longer wants this to happen as they lose out on cash up front when people are upgrading.

Last March, Fido ended the program for customers when they made changes to their plans. FidoDOLLARS allowed customers to earn 4% of their bill every month.

Are you sad to see the end of Fido dollars? How many dollars do you have accumulated so far?

Thanks Krishna


  • Eric Yu

    very sad that this is happening, being a person who gets a new phone every 3-4 years, I have used fidodollars to drastically reduce the price of my iphone 4 and iphone 6. paid only about $100 for each phone on release day.

  • Larry

    I have $460 Fido dollars I’ve accumulated, but my last 2 iPhones I have bought outright from the Apple store, in order to be free to use Roam Mobility and also it saves me $350+ over two years. I have to find a way to get the cash out. I’m thinking of ordering an Android phone and selling it on Craigslist. I don’t know what’s hot and what’s not in Android. Any suggestions?

  • sully54

    That’s a good idea. Id like to know more as well

  • Wall Man

    Hmm, I’ve got just over $80 right now plus the few $ over the next couple of months. I wonder what I can get without having to go into a new contract.

    It would pain me to see these dollars go to waste.

  • KS

    Larry, you may go with Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or Note 4. Wait till March 2016 and you can get the S6 and S6 Edge at bargain prices (because their next iteration will launch by the end of this month).

    Alternatively, you may buy the iPad Air 2. Let us know what you decide 🙂

  • Chris Johnson


  • Chris Johnson

    I enjoyed fido dollars as it lowered the cost of getting a phone for myself every couple years. I probably will either stick with fido and renew this year to use my fido dollars. And then in 2 years raise a stink to customer retention and possibly switch providers.

    If anyone else has suggestions I would love to hear them.

  • Chris Johnson

    I like the idea of getting an iPad…

  • Eric

    my contract is up sept 9, 2016… so my fido dollars ends by july then? i currently earn them

  • Larry

    Good ideas. Saw yesterday that the S7 is going to be released, so will watch the S6 price. I have an iPad Mini 2 and an iPad 1 with cellular. I like the Mini size better, but kept the iPad 1 because I can always put a SIM card in when I travel. It was great in Switzerland a couple of years ago to have Google Maps, train schedules, hotel bookings, all at hand. Don’t know how much it’s changed, but finding free wifi in CH or Paris was hopeless. iPad Air 3 will no doubt be out by July. I will have just under $500 Fido $ so iPad might be the answer. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Anthony ?

    Well that sucks. Not a whole lot you can get with them aside from device upgrades, travel packs, or add-ons. I chatted with them and the selection is pretty limited. You can check for a complete list. Prepare to be underwhelmed unless you need a new phone.

  • Anthony ?

    You might want to chat with them and get an idea of what you can actually get with your dollars. I did and they basically told me I could use them for hardware upgrades (so not tablets), travel packs, or add-ons. The iPad doesn’t appear to be an option, and off-contract hardware doesn’t seem to be an option either.

  • Larry

    Thanks. Just read their Terms and Conditions for Fido Dollars and yes, looks like I can’t do anything without a “commitment period”. In no way am I getting into a contract of any sort with Rogers & Co. when they can change the game whenever they want as we’ve seen on a number of occasions recently.

  • Tim

    That means you’ve given Fido (Rogers) roughly $11,500.

  • Larry

    More than $11,500. I’ve been with Fido since July ’97 when they launched in Vancouver. I started collecting Fido$ from the beginning of the program and used some of what I had accumulated in 2008 to get an iPhone for free. At the time I had 2 phones on my account, one for business. I made calls across Canada and to the U.S. daily, plus also didn’t have Canada-wide calling until I got my current $56 plan in 2011. My monthly bill then was easily around $200+ and I was accumulating Fido $ rapidly. I dropped the second line when I changed my business model in late 2009. Since then I add about $2.24 Fido$ per month.