Fido Texting Users with Free Bonus 1GB Data Per Month Offer Again


Last month, Rogers and Fido started texting select users to offer up 1GB or 2GB of free bonus data per month, in an attempt to retain customers from switching carriers.

As of today, it appears Fido has started sending out bonus data texts again, as many of you have alerted us of having received the standard message, which reads below:

“Hi, it’s Fido: Thanks for being with us! Here’s an extra 1GB of data per month just for you at no extra cost for 604-xxx-xxxx. It’ll start on 12-Jun-15, so enjoy it as long as you have your current plan or until you upgrade your phone, for up to 12 months. Reach us at”

The bonus data is good for up to 12 months and stays as long as customers are on their current plan or until they upgrade. It’s quite the incentive to have customers remain with the company considering today is being dubbed “Cellphone Freedom Day” thanks to the Wireless Code of Conduct, ending three year contracts and offering wireless users more protections.

Those receiving the texts range from BYOD customers to those on contract still, customers that have been with the company for as little as 1-2 years.

Did your receive a text from Fido (or Rogers) today gifting you 1GB of bonus data per month?

Thanks Josephine, Krishna!


  • BrodieTheDog

    I wish they would send me a couple extra gigs of data a month. I use 6+ gigs every month. I’ve also been receiving worse and worse customer service from Fido as of late. I’ll be changing providers for sure.

  • ????Dennis

    Yeah, I just got the same text an hour ago. Got excited for a moment there and thought it was for as long as you have your plan. Then I re-read it and caught the “for up to 12 months” part.

    I have the $65 unlimited 5gb plan.

  • ????Dennis

    Oh yeah, their customer service is horrible to say the least. I cringe every time they make a billing error. If it’s not that much of an over charge, I don’t even bother calling; that’s how horrible it is. With that being said, my plan is just too good to jump ship. However, if something better is available; I’m gone in a heartbeat!

  • DC

    I’ve been with Fido since almost the beginning so after keeping silent for the longest time,… Fido offered me the free 1gb or Unlimited Canada wide talk and text for 12 months. Since I already have plenty of minutes, unlimited texts and 6gb data on my plan, not sure if I got offered much at all. $60 grandfathered retention plan with $30 6 gb add on.

  • FragilityG4

    I got the message a few weeks ago. I think it’s only going out to those on three year contracts as a way for them to not opt out without re signing.

  • ipostic

    Dennis, i started using their chat to talk to CS. That way you can do it during work and not be on teh phone for an hour.

  • ????Dennis

    Not sure how people get selected, but I’m not on a contract and don’t have a subsidized phone.

  • ????Dennis

    Great tip, will give it a try next time they charge me for bogus international usage. Thanks ipostic.

  • FragilityG4

    Hmm perhaps they are also sending them to people out of contract in hopes that you will resign. I can’t imagine it’s purely for good faith. The only good faith Rogers extends is to the shareholders.

  • poopchute

    I got the same thing from Rogers.
    I already have the grandfathered 6gb for $30. So it’s pretty meaningless to me.

  • kd7iwp

    Yes, I’ve had much much better experience over chat than phone and I can do it while at work. I feel like I also get more intelligent people on the other end via chat.

  • Xew

    I got the same message from Rogers, but with a choice of either Unlimited Canada wide Talk & Text, or the addtional 1GB/mo. on data usuage

  • Torsen

    I have been a Fido customer for 15 years, I haven’t heard a thing from them. I wonder how they determine who gets these offers. Like others here, I have noticed poorer customer service of late and the odd billing issue.

  • Biggy604

    Since I upgraded in January I doubt I’ll get the offer since Im already locked for a two year contract, i think its only fot those who are nearing their two years in their three year contracts.

  • Rick

    They Offered me by text unlimited Canada-Wide Talk and text, I don’t talk a lot and usually my 200 minutes its ok, but sometimes when someone call me I feel the pressure to end the call . Text ,I already have WW unlimited.No extra data for me I already have 6 gb